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(US, Canada) The Mi'kmaq First Nations people of Gaspé.

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In the Gaspé, there is less of a tradition of doing things cooperatively, and more of a tradition of "rugged individualism" among English Gaspesians.
The 'Gaspesian British Heritage Village' is being consolidated into the section closest to the highway - Britville - which is now the 'animated' part of the site.
The Gaspesian British Heritage Village is dedicated to encourage harmony between the region's founding communities and to illustrate the British influence in the history, culture, and growth of the Gaspé.
The Gaspesian British Heritage Centre set up a strategic marketing campaign to promote the historic and cultural merit of this site that includes buildings dating back to the pre-Loyalist era.
The Great Gaspesian Word Search is on line. Go to Contest : you can get the grid on line!
This association brings together agricultural producers in the bio-food industry and several restaurants acting as "accomplices" that offer you products steeped in Gaspesian know-how, with that unique hint of salty sea breeze.
Nevertheless, whatever local development efforts there are, English Gaspesians tend to co-operate with the French-speaking majority.
Supplying a perfect visual analogy of the strength and adaptability that the Gaspesian Mix has created.
Many English-speaking Gaspesians are important producers in agriculture.
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