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(US, Canada) The Mi'kmaq First Nations people of Gaspé.

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Alternative names for the Micmac, which can be found in historical sources, include Gaspesians, Souriquois, Acadians and Tarrantines; in the mid-19th century Silas Rand recorded the word wejebowkwejik as a self-ascription.
Canada’s New Government Allocates $74,789 in Funding to the Gaspesian British Heritage Village [ 2007-04-10 ] Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions:
Gestion des collections $ 25,000.00 Gaspesian British Heritage Village Collection Cataloging and Reserve $ 15,000.00 Corporation de mise en valeur de la Résidence Vachon Vidéo promotionnel $ 10,000.00 Centre d'histoire de Montréal Les nuits de jazz.
Government of Canada Announces Funding for the Gaspesian British Heritage Village NEW RICHMOND, May 27, 2003 -- Georges Farrah, Member of Parliament (Bonaventure-Gaspé-Îles-de-la-Madeleine-Pabok), on behalf of Minister of Canadian Heritage Sheila Copps, today announced funding of $116,500 for the Gaspesian British Heritage Village.
The Gaspesian Britisth Heritage Village acknowledges the contribution of Canadian Heritage through its Celebrate Canada program.
She was not only an outstanding multidisciplinary creator, with an orginality, an intensity and a luminosity filled with her native Gaspé Peninsula, she also invented the Gaspesian poetic language, and got involved in teaching children, which gave rise to the most exceptional children's art books in our literature, with young Micmacs: Une fleur debout dans un canot and La Naissance du Soleil.
An initial amount of $96,500 will allow the Gaspesian British Heritage Village to set up a plan for managing its collections, to inventory and research more than 8 000 of its artifacts, and to develop a plan for on-site activities.
Canada’s new government allocates $74,789 in funding to the Gaspesian British Heritage Village
How then do English-speaking Gaspesians contribute to the Peninsula's economy and to the Canadian economy?
"This support will serve to make our festival an absolute must for bluegrass music fans in the United States and elsewhere," added Gaspesian British Heritage Village President Ray Smith.
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