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(US, Canada) The Mi'kmaq First Nations people of Gaspé.

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"The Gaspesian British Heritage Village allows visitors to discover the contributions of our British ancestors to the history and culture of the Gaspé," said Mr. Farrah.
Gestion des collections $ 25,000.00 Gaspesian British Heritage Village Collection Cataloging and Reserve $ 15,000.00 Corporation de mise en valeur de la Résidence Vachon Vidéo promotionnel $ 10,000.00 Centre d'histoire de Montréal Les nuits de jazz.
In the Gaspé, there is less of a tradition of doing things cooperatively, and more of a tradition of "rugged individualism" among English Gaspesians.
An initial amount of $96,500 will allow the Gaspesian British Heritage Village to set up a plan for managing its collections, to inventory and research more than 8 000 of its artifacts, and to develop a plan for on-site activities.
After graduating from Collège de Sainte-Foy in Quebec City in the early 1980s, Florence took makeup courses offered by the Gaspesian set designer Yvan Gaudin.
Supplying a perfect visual analogy of the strength and adaptability that the Gaspesian Mix has created.
It works to increase the visibility of Gaspesian cultural products and stimulates excellence in the fields of art and culture.
This story is based on unpublished material prepared by Marie Battiste and J. Youngblood Henderson for the Mi'kmaq Grand Council and on material from Father Chrestien Le Clercq, Nouvelle Relation de la Gaspésie (Paris: 1691), chapter X. The French original and an English translation are found in William F. Ganong, trans. and ed., New Relation of Gaspesia with the Customs and Religion of the Gaspesian Indians (Toronto:
May all Gaspesian women recognize one of the most magnificent of them: a sparkling beacon giving and sharing joy: Françoise Bujold of Bonaventure.
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