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If he failed in thwarting the war party, he did so, as Thoreau said, 'by making his failure so tragic by courage, that it did not differ from success. ' He died at sea in May, 1938, aboard the Hikawa Maru while returning from the Cairo International Olympic Conference.
Kano had died years earlier in 1938 , aboard the SS Hikawa Maru.
This success , however , could not change the previous evaluation for songs themselves significantly , as ' Mago ' became a hit among middle-aged and elderly people of similar age with Oizumi or older and Kiyoshi HIKAWA , who was popular even among teens and 20s , attracted young people with his outstanding looks for an enka singer .
Kawagoe Hikawa-matsuri Festival dashi float parade ( February 21 , 2005 ; Kawagoe City ; Kawagoe Hikawa Matsuri no Dashi Gyoji Hozonkai [ Association for the Preservation of the Kawagoe Hikawa-matsuri Festival dashi event ] )
Moreover , the tale of Prince Homuchi wake no miko that was collected in " Kojiki " includes a story of marriage with a snake woman at Hikawa , Izumo .
After Hikawa-jinja Shrine was referred to as Ichinomiya , the Kanasana-jinja Shrine ( the Gonomiya ) , was referred to as Ninomiya .
Other than Izumo Taisha Shrine , the Kamiari-sai Festival is held at Honomisaki-jinja Shrine ( Taisha-cho , Izumo City ) , Asayama-jinja Shrine ( Asayama-cho , Izumo City ) , Mankusen-jinja Shrine ( Hikawa-cho ) , Kanbara-jinja Shrine ( Unnan City ) , Sata-jinja Shrine ( Kashima-cho , Matsue City ) , Mezuki-jinja Shrine ( Saika-cho , Matsue City ) , Kamosu-jinja Shrine ( Oba-cho , Matsue City ) and Taga-jinja Shrine ( Matsue City ) ( Asakumi-cho , Matsue City ) .
However , there is also a theory that phonologically Hikawa came from ' Shikawa ' and Hikawa came from ' Bikawa ' and the two have no relation at all .
I' m Shichibei from Hikawa
Hikawa-jinja Shrine ( Omiya Ward , Saitama City , Saitama Prefecture ) : Bags containing things bought from the shrine give the name ' Hikawa Taisha . '
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