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In " Quiet talks at the Hikawa mansion " by Kaishu KATSU , a gossip story is recorded that a councilor hired a strong man to provoke a quarrel with Iemitsu in order to stop such practice .
On March 20 , the advance party of the Satsuma army and the government army led by Colonel TAKASHIMA fiercely fought across the Hikawa River , and the Satsuma army advanced to the opposite bank .
One case where Arahabaki is enshrined as a ' Maroudogami ' for example is the ' Hikawa-jinja Shrine ' in Omiya , Saitama Prefecture .
The monks at Hikawa-jinja Shrine are said to be a branch of the Mononobe clan , who were a clan of blacksmiths .
The Hikawa-jinja Shrine : Omiya Ward , Saitama City , Saitama Prefecture .
On May 22 , 1845 , he was born in Hikawa village , Kai Province ( current Yamanashi City , Higashi Yamanashi District , Yamanashi Prefecture ) .
Hikawa-jinja Shrine ( Omiya Ward , Saitama City , Saitama Prefecture ) : Bags containing things bought from the shrine give the name ' Hikawa Taisha . '
According to Hikawa SEIWA , Kaishu disparaged Shozan such as ' He was just as people said he was , a very thoughtless and restless man , but he was helped by the age he lived in . '
Worshiped as a goddess of paddy fields , she is enshrined in Hiromine-jinja Shrine ( Himeji City , Hyogo Prefecture ) , Hikawa-jinja Shrine ( Omiya Ward , Saitama City ) , Susa-jinja Shrine ( Izumo City , Shimane Prefecture ) , Yaegaki-jinja Shrine ( Matsue City , Shimane Prefecture ) , Suga-jinja Shrine ( Unnan City , Shimane Prefecture ) , Yasaka-jinja Shrine ( Higashiyama Ward , Kyoto City ) , Kushida-jinja Shrine ( Imizu City , Toyama Prefecture ) , Kushida-gu Shrine ( Kanzaki City , Saga Prefecture ) and shines named Hikawa-jinja Shrine all over the country .
I' m Shichibei from Hikawa
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