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Kano had died years earlier in 1938 , aboard the SS Hikawa Maru.
Kawagoe Hikawa-matsuri Festival dashi float parade ( February 21 , 2005 ; Kawagoe City ; Kawagoe Hikawa Matsuri no Dashi Gyoji Hozonkai [ Association for the Preservation of the Kawagoe Hikawa-matsuri Festival dashi event ] )
Monkyakujin-jinja Shrine ( guest god shrine ) in Hikawa-jinja Shrine in Saitama Prefecture , whose worshippers are alleged to be descendents of the Mononobe clan , used to be called Arahabaki-jinja Shrine and is dedicated to a mysterious god called Arahabaki .
On March 20 , the advance party of the Satsuma army and the government army led by Colonel TAKASHIMA fiercely fought across the Hikawa River , and the Satsuma army advanced to the opposite bank .
According to ' Hikawa seiwa ' ( Quiet talks at the Hikwa mansion ) , which is an autobiography of Kaishu KATSU , Izo OKADA became Kaishu KATSU 's bodyguard owing to the mediation of Ryoma SAKAMOTO .
The Hikawa-jinja Shrine : Omiya Ward , Saitama City , Saitama Prefecture .
Stories of wandering gamblers : ' Tabi Sugata Sannin Otoko ' ( Three Men on Their Journey ) by Dick MINE , ' Itako Gasa ' ( Conical Straw Hat in Itako Area ) by Yukio HASHI , ' Hakone Hachiri no Hanjiro ' ( Hanjiro on the steep Hakone Road ) by Kiyoshi HIKAWA , etc .
The mystery about Hikawa-jinja Shrine has also led some people to discuss possible relationships between Yamatanoorochi , Arahabaki and the Mononobe clan .
Many followed the Gion-shinko faith , Tsushima-shinko faith or Hikawa-shinko faith .
In " Kojiki , " Okami no Kami has a daughter named Hikawa-hime , and Fukafuchinomizuyarehana no Kami was born between Fuwanomojikunusunu no Kami , the grandchild of Susanoo , and Hikawa-hime .
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