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However, despite the withdrawal of Papua New Guinea troops from the island and the re-establishment of national and provincial courts, the Papua New Guinea parliament had thus far failed to adopt the legislation required for the holding of provincial elections
It is important to ensure that the obligations, which flow from the Espoo Convention and other international agreements, are met in a manner that is consistent with domestic environmental assessment policy and legislative requirements.
This will enable PCO to better respond to HR legislative requirements as well as support management in attaining its business results.
Provincial governments ensure that drinking water supplied to the public meets their own legislated requirements based upon the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality.
HMIRC makes decisions on the compliance of MSDSs and labels within WHMIS= regulatory and legislative requirements.
Canada is the first country to introduce this legislative require-ment for a systematic and iterative approach to priority setting for risk management for all existing substances, though legislative proposals whose intent is similar have been developed in at least one additional jurisdiction (European Commission, 2003).
The major driver for this project was to replace a number of existing Human Resource (HR) systems which were becoming increasingly difficult and costly to support, especially in the context of changing business and legislative requirements.
State initiatives include the implementation of landfill bans on mercury-containing batteries and NiCd batteries and the introduction of legislation requiring proper collection, management and labeling of targeted batteries.
Commission shelves proceedings brought against France over legislation requiring co-owners to inform managing agents of their address in France (IP/07/906) 24.01.2007 Commission refers Spain to European Court of Justice over law extending the functions of the Spanish electricity and gas regulator (IP/07/82)
The European Union must therefore shoulder its responsibility and introduce the legislation required to put an end to the violence.
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