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This year's report builds on the first annual report developed under the new legislative requirements, which was tabled by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration in October of 2002.
Measuring instruments (i.e., scales, gasoline pumps, electricity, natural gas and petroleum meters) intended for use in commerce are evaluated for compliance with legislated requirements.
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Case C-‧/‧: Judgment of the Court (Third Chamber) of ‧ September ‧ (reference for a preliminary ruling from the Baranya Megyei Bíróság- Republic of Hungary)- Uszodaépítő kft v APEH Központi Hivatal Hatósági Főosztály (Sixth VAT Directive- Directive ‧/‧/EC- Right to deduct input tax- New national legislation- Requirements as to the content of an invoice- Retroactive application- Loss of the right to deduct
The rule governing transition between the two legislative regimes is that, if no regulations have been made concerning a particular program or legislative requirement, the provisions of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act apply, in their entirety, to all affected cases.
◦ (i) a service of filing, or processing an application to file, a document in the registration system of a court or in accordance with legislative requirements, (ii) a right to have access to, or to use, the registration system of a court, or any other registration system in which documents are filed in accordance with legislative requirements, for the purpose of filing a document in that registration system, (iii) a service of issuing or providing, or processing an application to issue or provide, a document from the registration system of a court or other similar tribunal, or (iv) a right to have access to, or to use, the registration system of a court or other similar tribunal to issue or obtain a document from that registration system,
Long-Term Forecast The Canada Pension Plan legislation requires a schedule of contribution rates with a review every three years by the federal and provincial finance ministers.
The PSC’s Appointment Framework helps deputy heads build appointment systems to meet their own organizational needs while respecting legislative requirements, the staffing values and PSC policies.
Four cities in Brazil have passed legislation requiring preference for "software libre" where an open-source option is available. The national health care system plans to release ‧ million lines of source code
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