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Legislation requiring adaptation may be found
Provinces and territories that do not have legislation requiring vehicle inspections do not appear to share this level of concern.
Equity of Canada The Department operates two programs which under legislation require that the revenues be earmarked to offset the expenses of the program.
The Delegation considered it important to include in the work plan a clear statement that nothing in the future SPLT should be construed as implying that a party was not free to introduce legislation requiring applicants to furnish information concerning the geographical origin of biological material in an application, provided that the consequences of non-fulfillment lay outside the context of patent law and were not unreasonable.
This process must seek to minimize the risk of payment errors at a reasonable cost while treating all Participants in a consistent manner; 11.8.3 to ensure the Administration meets the legislative requirements for the expenditure of public monies as required under the federal Financial Administration Act for the federal contribution and similar provincial or territorial legislation for the provincial or territorial contribution.
Thus there is room for improvement in providing the PPP staff, partners and stakeholder, the information and direction they need to ensure that the Program's work plan and legislative requirements are being met.
• Present legislative requirements and any new regulations being considered need to be addressed when preparing objectives.
In accomplishing this aim, the General Safety Program contributes to the minimization of personal suffering and financial losses, adds to the operational effectiveness of the CF and efficiency of DND, meets legislative requirements, and contributes to the morale and well-being of all departmental personnel.
Ongoing dialogue with the FEAC, RA(s) and MOE is encouraged in order to help facilitate the completion of good quality EAs that meet federal and provincial legislative requirements.
Due to this legislative requirement, commissions cannot hear representations from persons who simply show up at hearings without having provided the required written notice.
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