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The effects of this dependence are becoming clear to our farmers, firstly, in enormous price volatility, and secondly, in the lack of traceability among imported products.
Growing price volatility, inter alia in the energy sector, was another important area where UNCTAD could help to tackle challenges
The international community must improve developing countries' access to trade financing, protect countries that were adversely affected by trade liberalization or commodity price volatility and address balance-of-payment pressure in developing countries
As an illustration, computing this indicator for the ECB 's investment portfolio, using as parameters a ‧ % confidence level, a time horizon of one year and a sample of one year for asset price volatility, would result in a VaR of Euros ‧ million
The specific measures should also take account of special difficulties faced by commodity dependent countries such as depressed commodity prices, and large price volatility
I am delighted that one of the priorities of the French Presidency of the G20 in this area is to combat food and commodity price volatility.
Producing countries have also tried to contain price volatility by forming international cartels.
The price crisis in 2007-2008 highlighted the weak position of consumers with regard to price volatility. The agricultural crisis of 2009 is having a much more detrimental effect on farms than the indices reveal.
A situation like this is likely to lead to high price volatility over time when either of the curves shifts.
UNCTAD stated that uninformed trading combined with herd behaviour related to the managed funds that used technical-analysis tools, such as trend identification and extrapolation and algorithmic trading, for position-taking had resulted in increased short-term price volatility, as well as the overshooting of price peaks and troughs
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