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The Commission will examine, together with the regulators of commodity markets and in close contact with other non-EU regulatory authorities (in particular the US where the most important exchanges are located), what measures contributing to a reduction in price volatility in agricultural commodity markets could be taken
Labour shortages, commodity price volatility and the impact of the slowing US housing market on BC’s lumber industry have been identified as key risks and challenges in the year ahead.
Future high price volatility was expected to continue as stocks become a very low percentage of use.
This addresses the fact that as Governments have withdrawn from the sector, commodity-sector participants have become increasingly exposed to the notorious price volatility that has long afflicted global commodity markets
Year ended December 31, Expected option life (years) Risk-free interest rate Expected stock price volatility Average dividend per share 2003 5.0 4.12% 30% $÷1.00 2002 7.0 5.79% 30% $÷0.86
To obtain an adequate level of risk control measures, the Eurosystem evaluates, in line with best market practices, parameters such as current and potential price developments and related price volatilities.
Governments often reduced the impact of commodity price volatility with programs designed to stabilize price, yield or revenue.
The report noted that in 2000-2001, the natural gas market was severely tested by low storage inventories, record cold weather, and marginal production increases, resulting in unprecedented price volatility.
Therefore, the lesson for LDCs and the international donor community is clear: commodity price volatility is a source of instability that undermines prospects for steady economic growth and need be addressed
a) Individually and through multilateral institutions and international organizations, to take measures to prohibit non-commercial stock exchange speculation by financial investors on, restrict the use of derivatives in relation to staple foods prices through regulations, in order to limit price volatility and ensure market stability, and consider re-establishing international buffer stocks to stabilize the price of food commodities, following the model developed in ‧ by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
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