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whereas the European Union and the world have recently experienced high food-price volatility with sometimes significant price rises and ambiguous effects on the agricultural sector, with some gaining from the rise in prices and others – mostly stockbreeding farms and companies on the food-processing side – incurring much greater costs
The result of this liberalisation policy has already been demonstrated: the unstoppable abandonment of production by millions of small and medium-sized farms, income insecurity and increased price volatility, and the exacerbation of food dependence in countless countries and regions.
Moreover, fossil fuel importing, medium- and low-income economies are particularly vulnerable to price volatility and price increases, which could upset their external payments balance, cause economic instability at the macro level and prevent Governments from investing in technical and social infrastructure, resulting in higher energy costs for households
The first set of measures is designed to achieve more equitable commercial conditions on international cotton markets by giving priority to market access, the reduction of internal support, support for exports and trade-related technical assistance. The second concerns support for African regions and countries producing cotton, and comprise measures intended to consolidate the competitiveness of the African cotton sector, help the regions dependent on this product to diversify, and mitigate the effects of price volatility.
Over much of ‧ global stock markets were subject to relatively large price fluctuations. As a consequence, average stock price volatility in the major markets increased further in ‧ continuing a tendency that has been apparent for some years
This has resulted in price volatility and great financial losses for farmers.
We recognize that multiple financing for development challenges and opportunities have emerged since the Monterrey Conference, including the impact of the financial crisis, additional costs of climate change mitigation and adaptation and damage to the earth's environment, price volatility in international markets of key commodities, expanding economic cooperation and the growing needs for reconstruction and development of post-conflict countries
At the same time, rapidly increasing price volatility is on the cards
We are concerned by evidence that many low and middle-income developing countries are vulnerable to negative effects as a result of fuel price volatility
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