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For many countries in the region, a reversion to commodity dependence was unavoidable, with an attendant exposure to high price volatility, mainly from supply shocks, even as real prices continued their secular decline
Security problems and disruptions in production also increased price volatility
However, concerns were expressed concerning the long-term sustainability of the current rise in commodity prices and the adverse effects of high price volatility
The extent to which it contributes to price volatility is unclear, but there is a good reason to enhance transparency on the commodity markets.
The report that Mrs Sârbu has put in front of us underlines the issue of excessive price volatility, which is closely linked to food security because of the impact it has both on farmers and on consumers.
In this context, two of the main issues that this right should address are identified as price volatility in the markets, which are heavily influenced by speculation, and the fall in food reserves.
The current financial and energy crises, high food prices, volatility in energy prices and implementing actions related to climate change will require substantial additional resources./carry a deep developmental connection that needs to be addressed
However the nature of electricity may make prices volatile and there are some public good features to security of supply which imply the possibility of government intervention.
in writing. - (RO) The global economic crisis and the rise in food and fuel prices have caused poverty and hunger for millions of citizens, but especially for poor people living in developing countries, who are the most vulnerable to the adverse impact of price volatility and the food crisis.
The authors also document Canadian participants’ prevalent use of an order expansion protocol, whereby order size can be negotiated upward once a trade has been initiated; although Boni and Leach (2002) identify this practice as consistent with a market where there is relatively strong concern regarding information asymmetry, the authors observe no consistent link between the frequency of its use and observations of trading activity, market liquidity, or price volatility.
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