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(ecology) the transformation or adaptation of the environment to meet the needs of humans, or by human activity.

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So, I' d like your definitions of weak and strong anthropic principles on Wednesday
Only very limited results have been achieved, as the oversight agencies are poorly equipped and lack the human resources required to prevent or mitigate the negative effects of anthropic activities on the environment
• Management of research on the cumulative impact of anthropic pressures (stress) on aquatic ecosystems
Environment: changes or deterioration in the environment, of natural or anthropic origin, accidental or permanent, actual or anticipated 1.2.
Research relevance Facilitating national and regional efforts to prepare for and adapt to anthropic climate change by producing high-resolution climate forecasts that can be used immediately by government managers and experts on climate impact.
The effects of balancing among genetic intermixing, isolation and reproduction barriers, and differential anthropic and natural selection pressures are discussed to better understand the evolution and the maintenance of the polymorphism of Pennisetum glaucum.
'I hate to be anthropic about this,' he said to the strange thing behind the desk at the Resettlement Advice Centre on Pintleton Alpha, 'but I'd quite like to live somewhere where the people look vaguely like me as well.
With a permanent exhibition area of 1,000 m2 visitors have the opportunity of appreciating the great variety of South Tyrol's landscape: from its geological genesis to its morphological configuration, from its repopulation after the ice ages to its anthropization.
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