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(ecology) the transformation or adaptation of the environment to meet the needs of humans, or by human activity.

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Mr President, Madam Commissioner, the Kyoto meeting provides the opportunity to face the problem of climate change caused by anthropic activity with greater rigour.
So, I' d like your definitions of weak and strong anthropic principles on Wednesday
• Protect the health of Canadians and ecosystems by nearly completely eliminating toxic, anthropic, persistent and bioaccumulative substances from the environment, while preventing pollution, protecting fragile ecological zones and reducing the risks and effects of dangers caused by the environment.
The establishment of a protected area made it possible to save numerous species of animals and plants, which, thanks to the very low anthropic level and to the fact that it is very difficult to reach most of the area, have found their ideal habitat in the Park.
However, the disruption of such processes by anthropic disturbances could explain low animal abundance patterns observed by many investigators in certain landscapes.
The sole economic dependence on the resource "sun and sand" significantly increased the anthropic pressure on the area, squandering the limited water resources, reducing the available land area, fragmenting the territory (in particular the natural systems) and considerably simplifying the insular ecosystems.
The scientific proof is unquestionable. Karl-Heinz Florenz' report is exhaustive, proving that scientific data are sufficient in order to make firm political decisions and initiate concrete actions not only at European level, but also at a global level, for drastically reducing the anthropic phenomena responsible for the climate change and mitigate their effects.
Trasimeno lake: picture made of lake and hilly landscapes completed by some anthropic activities characterizing them, and at the same time an irreplaceable rest place for the migratory avifauna and a vital place for some important fish species.
Our data illustrate that anthropically disturbed areas devoid of cover, such as mined peatlands and agricultural fields, disrupt the ability of frogs to reach habitat patches and are likely explanations to their reduced abundance patterns in such environments.
The water used for irrigation has very low phosphorous and nitrogen contents, well below the permitted levels, and is therefore proof of the absence of anthropic pollution
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