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(ecology) the transformation or adaptation of the environment to meet the needs of humans, or by human activity.

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Amendment by Marie-Noëlle Lienemann Amendment 118 Annex -I, point (e) (new) (e) concentrations of ecotoxic substances of anthropic origin (including synthetic substances and chemicals which disrupt hormonal functioning) are near zero and ensuring that they cannot directly or indirectly harm the environment or human health; Or. xm Justification Language is more in line with international conventions.
Mr President, Madam Commissioner, the Kyoto meeting provides the opportunity to face the problem of climate change caused by anthropic activity with greater rigour.
Its content in the earth's atmosphere varies according to periods and individual regions of the planet (oscillating between 40 and 95 %), owing to the water cycle in the environment due to evaporation, condensation, sublimation and resublimation processes and anthropic sources.
The Archaeobotany is the discipline that studies the vegetables; obtain as paleoenvironmental data (vegetables groups evolution and climates evolution) as anthropics data (human action upon the vegetables and agricultural practices).
So, I' d like your definitions of weak and strong anthropic principles on Wednesday
• Protect the health of Canadians and ecosystems by nearly completely eliminating toxic, anthropic, persistent and bioaccumulative substances from the environment, while preventing pollution, protecting fragile ecological zones and reducing the risks and effects of dangers caused by the environment.
An intact nature in an area chosen and created by people, in perfect balance between anthropic events and natural environment.
In many cavities, resulting from both natural excavation and anthropic action, the phenomenon of the collapse of blocks from the cavity roof presents a serious safety hazard.
During the seminar several specialists will reveal the most significant changes to the landscape, from the last glaciation to anthropization (past and present), with the added variable of global warming.
So, I' d like your definitions of weak and strong anthropic principles on Wednesday.That' il be all
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