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Any administrative or legislative action, procedure or enactment designed to redress disruptions of ecological integrity or damage to the supply of natural resources. (Source: BLD / RHW)

Example sentences with "compensatory measure", translation memory

In the course of the proceedings, Germany stated that BGB had examined very closely the possibility of further compensatory measures
Poland asked the Commission to enter into talks on the issue of compensatory measures
But, in the decision initiating the procedure, the Commission had already expressed doubts as to the adequacy of the planned compensatory measures
As indicated in the Banking Communication, such a plan will be assessed according to the principles of the rescue and restructuring guidelines for firms in difficulties, and will have to include compensatory measures
On the Commissions side, we have already indicated to the Polish authorities our position in assessing the compensatory measures needed to comply with EC state aid rules.
It shall inform the C ommission of the compensatory measures adopted
The compensatory measures plan has received a favourable statement of the Regional Ministry of Environment of Andalucia and the Spanish Ministry of Environment
States should undertake and effectively implement preventive and compensatory measures to tackle forced evictions of people of African descent, in particular in the light of the inextricable links between poverty, the right to adequate housing and forced evictions as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living
When assessing whether the compensatory measures are appropriate the Commission will take account of the market structure and the conditions of competition to ensure that any such measure does not lead to a deterioration in the structure of the market [...]
Insofar as the project concerned will not have any significant impact on the site, Community legislation does not require the adoption of compensatory measures
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