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Any administrative or legislative action, procedure or enactment designed to redress disruptions of ecological integrity or damage to the supply of natural resources. (Source: BLD / RHW)

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As regards NR’s own contribution to the restructuring, the UK authorities point out that the caps on lending and the active redemption policy in the initial restructuring plan were intended as compensatory measures instead of own contribution
The Commission judges that Compensatory measures No ‧ and No ‧ above impose the same type of restriction in a more proportionate way
In circumstances such as those in the case in the main proceedings, that possibility is neither excluded by reason of the application of the derogation laid down by the final subparagraph of Article ‧ of that directive nor is it conditional upon the applicant first complying with any compensatory measures that may be required pursuant to Article ‧ of that directive
Since their remoteness handicaps their development, the European Union must adopt specific compensatory measures.
The Commission underlined that restructuring needed to be financed in significant part from own resources free of State aid, which was not envisaged in the draft plan submitted, and that meaningful compensatory measures needed to be implemented
The findings cannot but give rise to compensatory measures and moves to call to account those who have dared to turn an entire people into guinea pigs for military experiments
Moreover, the repayment agreement supporting BGB in case of a then non-decided but possible recovery order in the Landesbank Berlin proceeding was an additional aid measure that had to be taken into account for the compensatory measures.
While accepting that this measure constitutes a compensatory measure, the Commission considers that it cannot on its own outweigh the adverse effects of the aid described above
In so doing, it will be urging Valencia to improve the law – a process that was set in motion after a visit by a European inquiry committee – and to set up a procedure for assessing the situation of house owners on a case-by-case basis, including compensatory measures.
compensatory measures must be taken to prevent or to minimise the risks of distortion of competition (divestment of assets, reductions in capacity or market presence, etc.);
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