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Any administrative or legislative action, procedure or enactment designed to redress disruptions of ecological integrity or damage to the supply of natural resources. (Source: BLD / RHW)

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Section ‧.‧.‧ of the ‧ Guidelines lays down the conditions for the authorisation of restructuring aid, subject to the special provisions of paragraph ‧, which, in the case of SMEs, states that the conditions in question are applied less strictly and, in particular, compensatory measures are usually not required
“Where legal or administrative protection is insufficient to ensure that the project will not directly or indirectly cause the deterioration of the physical integrity or legal status of the affected lands, territories or resources, the project will include the pertinent restrictions or corrective or compensatory measures
However, Schengen's rules are centred entirely on border controls, security controls and compensatory measures.
Also, while we are talking about agreements, banana producers are also following negotiations, in some cases bilateral negotiations with third countries, with a great deal of concern, because such dealings could have irreparable consequences if they do not go hand in hand with compensatory measures.
These divisions are not strategic and could therefore be sold as a compensatory measure. [...]
In addition, Slovenia argued that the need for compensatory measures must be assessed with due account to the fact that Javor Pivka is located in an area eligible for regional aid pursuant to Article ‧(a) EC (see point ‧ of the guidelines
The OECD Guidelines for Testing of Chemicals for the genotoxicity tests give some advice on the susceptibility of the individual tests to the physical characteristics of the test material and they give some advice on compensatory measures that may be taken.
The Commission should be informed when compensatory measures are applied to ensure equivalent levels of security
Approximately EUR ‧ per year (of which EUR ‧ is for compensatory measures and EUR ‧ is for aid towards insurance premiums
I would also like to underline the need for compensatory measures in the areas involved.
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