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(computing) The condition of being modular in a variety of ways

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In Case C-‧/‧: reference for a preliminary ruling under Article ‧ EC from the House of Lords (United Kingdom), made by decision of ‧ November ‧, received at the Court on ‧ November ‧, in the proceedings between Celtec Ltd and John Astley and Others- the Court (First Chamber), composed of P. Jann, President, K. Lenaerts (Rapporteur), N. Colneric, E. Juhász and E. Levits, Judges; M. Poiares Maduro, Advocate General; L. Hewlett, Principal Administrator, for the Registrar, gave a judgment on ‧ May ‧, in which it ruled
During ‧ the Working Group was composed of the following experts: Ms. Soledad Villagra de Biedermann (Paraguay), Ms. Leïla Zerroügui (Algeria), Mr. Tamás Bán (Hungary), Mr. Seyyed Mohammad Hashemi (Islamic Republic of Iran) and Mr. Louis Joinet (France
[Index] Parks Canada Strategic Planning Framework Parks Canada delivers its mandate through a Program Activity Architecture composed of eight program activities (see Figure 3 for details).
The exhibition is composed by 45 works produced from the early eighties until recent times.
As the composer himself praised very highly , ' Cho-Cho-San ' was the role for which she gained a reputation , and she was regarded highly for her orthodox and exemplary performance .
The post-survey focus groups were composed of members from the general public recruited from the survey with three in English and two in French.
We are working with an editorial board, composed of representatives from several provincial Commissioners' offices, including the Commission d'accès à l'information du Québec to complete and eventually publish this work.
Feedback on a preliminary version of the Draft EA report will be solicited from the provincial and territorial governments and from an EA Advisory Group composed of representatives from academia, industry and NGOs.
CPHA listened to feedback and input from previous campaign participants (through an evaluation survey sent with last year’s campaign materials), Canadian youth (through focus groups that evaluated messaging and imaging), and a national advisory committee composed of a dozen health information and youthserving professionals.
The Double Concerto shows Brahms the composer as even more austere and reserved than in his previous instrumental concerti.
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