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(computing) The condition of being modular in a variety of ways

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Tag Folders are just that, folders. They are composed only of the & descriptionrc; and TagXML files. Tag Folders carry the name of the mark-up language and version, if applicable. (For example, html-‧-strict
Composed of the ECB 's President, Vice-President and the governors of all EU national central banks
b) Chambers of first instance could be composed of three judges (two nationals and one non-national, or vice versa
In 1968, he was awarded the BMI trophy for best children's music composer.
This show has been getting rave revues on line from spectators. In 2005 I was in charge of composing and recording the music for 65 episodes of Kiri Le Clown, a well-known cartoon series for children aired every day on France 5 Television.
2) Associations / Not-for-Profit This category covers a wide variety of organizations representing various sectors of the industry including artists, composers, lyricists, music publishers, independent record labels, major labels, broadcasters, etc.
Ernst & Young noted that much of the foreign earnings comes from a very small group of composers and performers and concluded that "If there were another 20 Canadians with similar foreign acceptance, which is not beyond the bounds of possibility, these foreign earnings could be significantly increased — probably by at least 50 percent." 47
In the case of a prospectus drawn up according to Article ‧ the documents composing the prospectus may be published and circulated separately as long as the said documents are made available, free of charge, to the public, according to the arrangements established in paragraph
A cytopharyngeal structure composed of radially arrayed overlapping sheets of microtubules occurs at the anterior end and occasionally encompasses extrusomes.
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