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The act of compromising

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For me, this is a reason to approve the compromise whereby Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria can continue to levy tax at source for another seven years while the other Member States adopt a scheme for the cross-border exchange of information.
The reason I call for a compromise is that the European Union is in urgent need of a clear vision of the future and the financial capacity to take action.
At this stage, it is vital to conduct a dialogue and seek compromises through formal and informal channels
*142 Does the CA ensure that its CPS or a publicly available document and appropriate agreements contain provisions outlining the means it will use to provide notice of compromise or suspected compromise?
He forwarded all manner of information, some overtly important, some merely amusing, though potentially useful in compromising otherwise important people with embarrassing foibles.
In Kigali, the members of the PPE-DE Group also agreed to this compromise, so I simply cannot understand why everything should now be postponed for further debate when, together, Members of this House had already reached an agreement.
If a national supervisory authority finds that the holder of a certificate no longer satisfies such requirements or conditions, it shall take appropriate measures while ensuring continuity of services on condition that safety is not compromised
Speaker, Canada is a very decent nation, capable of understanding, of diplomacy and of compromise
You wouldn' t compromise your feelings like I have...... or live this kind of lie
The Ezulwini Consensus was the result of mutual compromises by all African States, whether they supported models A or B
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