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The act of compromising

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He could not go further than the compromise text proposed by the representative of Ireland
Any modification, translation or reformatting that alters the meaning or context of the material or compromises its authenticity is also strictly prohibited.
Democracy is power by the people, for the people; it is thus based on the diversity of "truths" and on possible compromises between them.
The EU will have new waste legislation which includes targets for re-use and recycling of waste to be attained by 2020 if a compromise between Council and Parliament is adopted in plenary.
The of compromise to those assets, and the severity of the size of an operation and the potential threat level normally consequences.
In turn, its hopes and accomplishments were compromised by economic decline, the secularizing of social work and the backlash against PROHIBITION, while labour and agrarian factional strife undermined the basis of radical Social Gospel action.
We have now tabled a proposed amendment on precisely this compromise with the Commission on the text.
Indeed, we could say that we have improved upon the social partners' compromise here in the House.
The Commission Recommendation ‧/‧/EC of ‧ May ‧- Statutory Auditors' Independence in the EU: A Set of Fundamental Principles features a set of demanding, high level principles and in particular recommends that auditors should be prohibited from carrying out a statutory audit- one required by law- if the auditors have any relationship with their client that might compromise the auditor's independence
International development goals and the primary goal of poverty eradication would be compromised, in particular in sub-Saharan Africa, if the international community did not act and adopt the measures needed to ensure viable financing for development
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