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Majestic spirals, absorbing dust lanes, violent collisions
Most of the dust is carried by wind currents and deposited over the Atlantic.
The Representative reminded other delegations that in order to have a creative vision, such as that of the film Red Dust, there was a need for a global context.
She walked toward her work; toward ghastly charade; toward the straw-stuffed, antic imitation of dust.
IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans; Volume 68, "Silica, Some Silicates, Coal Dust and para-Aramid Fibrils"; Silica [14808-60-7], crystalline (inhaled in the form of quartz or cristobalite from occupational sources) (Vol.
dust off! dust off!-open it wide
I must just say that if people in the candidate countries are reading our thoughts on nuclear energy they are almost certainly choking on the coal dust and their food is going down the wrong way as well.
Particular attention will be paid to ambient dust levels in areas where construction or mining activities may contribute to increased dust levels.
When she leaveth her eggs on the earth, thou perhaps wilt warm them in the dust.
I mean, not being able to have a dog or a cat or ice cream or dust
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