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lease convey the steps banks and/or other financial institutions are required to take to locate and identify assets attributable to, or for the benefit of, Osama bin Laden or members of al-Qa`idah or the Taliban, or associated entities or individuals
Canadian BMSS Collected Dust (1998) Site Process Source Detailed Description Annual Quantity Generated (tonnes) Characteristics/ Comments Noranda CCR Copper Refinery Baghouse Dust
He took them out of the palace by a way so long disused that the dust lay inches thick and the postern door had almost rotted away.
Towards Jerusalem is not about a chronological recording of history or a clear-cut evaluation of the short and conflict-laden history of Israel; it is a snapshot, an instantaneous portrait which seems to set itself the Marker principle as a leitmotif: "One never knows what one is filming".
And yet, to me, what is this quintessence of dust?
10.2.2 After grinding, wipe off the remaining tobacco particles into the sample using a cotton swab, then vacuum the grinder to remove any tobacco dust.
But other than a coating of Kandahar dust still clinging to his lungs, the 19 Wing Air Reservist has no complaints about the most exciting operational deployment he’d ever undertaken.
Methylated manganese (MMT) in gasoline and automobile emissions are increasing levels of Mn in air, soil and dust in Canadian cities.
Our Cordless Car Truck 12V Vacuum Cleaner Dust Collector have been tested,are brand new and have a 30-day money back guarantee.
Technically permissible maximum laden mass stated by the manufacturer (maximum and minimum) (y
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