Definition and similar words in English:

(vulgar, slang) one's sexual partner
(vulgar, slang) vagina
(vulgar, slang) anus
(vulgar, slang) a mean, inconsiderate, unpleasant or rude person

Example sentences with "fuckhole", translation memory

Let' s get out of this fuckhole
But I must not tell you, you guys really know what I mean and I learned early how much fun I can have with my lovely third fuckhole. Or is it the second?
Like I got " Daddy' s Fuckhole " tattooed on my forehead
The cold glass bottle in the fuckhole, ahhhh lovely and bizarre. Here right from Janniques horny cunt and direct from my asshole.
" that youse guys are a couple of little fuckholes. " ha ha ha!
If you can get out of this fuckhole... go
Smile. Once a horny girl learned how much fun she could have with her third fuckhole.
You were playing them, fuckhole!
So it was a pleasure for me to loose this game and of course all my 3 fuckholes have been filled with something.
Joana is a horny perveted slut with everytime kinky ideas and of course I presented my fuckholes for the candles, so that she can pee on them. Real birthday fun for all.
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