Definition and similar words in English:

(vulgar, slang) one's sexual partner
(vulgar, slang) vagina
(vulgar, slang) anus
(vulgar, slang) a mean, inconsiderate, unpleasant or rude person

Example sentences with "fuckhole", translation memory

So it was a pleasure for me to loose this game and of course all my 3 fuckholes have been filled with something.
Enjoy me here with the big and bigger toys in my fuckholes. Yours assfuck loving Ina.
The cold glass bottle in the fuckhole, ahhhh lovely and bizarre. Here right from Janniques horny cunt and direct from my asshole.
But I must not tell you, you guys really know what I mean and I learned early how much fun I can have with my lovely third fuckhole. Or is it the second?
Smile. Once a horny girl learned how much fun she could have with her third fuckhole.
You were playing them, fuckhole!
I must present my fuckholes and very slowly he pulls the gloves out of my fucking holes, just to put them on and fisting horny Jannique on the gynchair and I was invited to stay.
Like I got " Daddy' s Fuckhole " tattooed on my forehead
The second group got an advantage, they really know what their asshole is good for too. A real horny fuckhole and some hot pissing during and assfuck - wonderful.
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