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A preparation of chocolate containing about 50 percent hazelnut and almond paste.

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The Knamotto, reinterpretation of the famous “giandujotto”, produced with bitter chocolate, gianduja and Sarawak black pepper.
A box of mixed chocolates with 9 gianduja origin fillings.
The noble glasses of the Gianduja line should not be missed in any shelf.
Le Colonial Café – Authentic Mediterranean cuisine is served at the restaurant with its modern decor, white leather benches and long glass windows offering clear sea views. Sébastien Giannini’s signature dishes include steamed anglerfish, lobster sautéed in olive oil, supreme farm fowl cooked in a lemon flavoured stock, and soft chocolate cake with melted “Gianduja”.
Finely ground and mixed with chocolate, a Gianduja mass can be produced.
Business Type (e.g.: manufacturer) Manufacturer Main products Full line of bakeries and pastries ingredients pie and donuts filling and icing,.fondant, decorice, almond paste, kernel paste, hazelnut paste, chocolate filling as: hazelnut and almond pralines, nougat paste, gianduja, pistachio cream, cappuccino, coconut gianduja, toffee, caramel sauce, maple syrup, colours, flavors, gianduja, caramella, glazes and mirrors, piping jellies, assorted mousses, cold custard cream, no bake cheese cake, sponge cake mixes, donuts mixes, muffin mixes, chocolate glazes, compounds, dairy bar toppings, hazelnut and chocolate spreads Major Markets Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United States, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain Targeted Markets United Arab Emirates, Qatar, China, Egypt, Japan, Latin America, Sultanat of Oman, Sudan, Ethiopia, Japan, India, Pakistan, Korea, etc...
"Many customers would like to know more about the terminology we use: Praliné, Ganache, Nougatine, Caramel, Pâte d'amandes, Gianduja or Nougat.
Every Italian city has its own Carnival mask – Punchinello in Naples, Harlequin and Brighella in Bergamo, Doctor Balanzone and Fagiolino in Bologna, Ragantino in Rome, Gianduja in Turin, Meneghin in Milan, Stenterello in Florence, and Pantalone and Columbina in Venice.
• chocolate, plain chocolate, gianduja nut chocolate, milk chocolate, milk chocolate with high milk content, gianduja nut milk chocolate, white chocolate and filled chocolate in the forms of bars or tablets each weighing NOT less than 85 g and NOT more than 500 g shall be marketed in the following individual weights, or 85 g 100 g 125 g 150 g 200 g 250 g 300 g 400 g 500 g
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