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I tried everything... you were inconsolable!
I always hoped that I would find... some way to change their minds, but...They were inconsolable
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Man' s inconsolable loneliness
Children who experience hypotonic-hyporesponsive events (HHE), febrile and nonfebrile seizures or prolonged, inconsolable crying after receiving acellular pertussis vaccines or any other vaccine may receive the next dose(s) of vaccines without delay, as these events are not associated with any long-term problems and therefore are not considered contraindications to further immunization.
God, I would be inconsolable
He was apparentluy inconsolable
There lies the only legitimate debate today for the millions of displaced persons, children crippled by shameful mines and inconsolable weeping mothers from countries that have been abruptly overwhelmed by rebellions that destroy our already fragile futures
Pierce on the other hand was still crushed; he wore a look of inconsol- able grief.
It slipped sideways, threw its head back and started to sob inconsolably.
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