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When Arthur Hallam died, his best friend was shocked, grief- stricken, utterly inconsolable
It was harmless... until robert got drafted. and then a few months later, he went missing. i was inconsolable
Persistent, inconsolable crying lasting ‧ hours, occurring within ‧ hours of vaccination
Inconsolable, I fear
She died while giving birth to their fourteenth child, after which Shah was inconsolable for many months.
He was a blustering, intrepid bully who brooded inconsolably over the terrible ineradicable impressions he knew he kept making on people of prominence who were scarcely aware that he was even alive.
Stan Douglas’ two projector, single-screen film installation INCONSOLABLE MEMORIES uses the Cuban film classic MEMORIES OF UNDERDEVELOPMENT as its foundational text.
The deceased Meiji Emperor, just before he left us in inconsolable sorrow and despair, he wrote
"These are my grandchildren, my nieces, nephews and adopted children", she explains while one of her daughters walks around with a chubby baby that cries inconsolably.
Sounds definitely inconsolable... unless, there was no angry uncle
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