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. The accession of ten new countries has presented the EU’s internal cohesion with one of its greatest challenges.
In some cases, this fragmentation was caused by the imperative of mobilizing resources, leading to a loss of internal cohesion and external coherence, potentially crowding out coordination and brokering roles.
Moreover, this should be done in such a way that we do not forget to integrate the tried and tested common policies, such as the common agricultural policy or the cohesion policy. This is because Europe can hardly be successful in the world if it lacks internal cohesion and safe food production.
An unprecedented challenge for the competitiveness and internal cohesion of the Union is presented by enlargement.
It takes as its starting point the dramatic events of the Iraq war and the effect that had on the European Union’s internal cohesion, on transatlantic relations and also on the state of affairs within the United Nations and NATO, as well as on the international order as a whole.
This disqualifying argument is used by those who would prefer to confine themselves to an objective of solidarity between countries, with the consequence of a commitment by the national authorities to follow a more active internal cohesion policy.
An enlarged monetary union requires, in fact, greater internal cohesion.
Eixo Atlantico led numerous studies and debates on cross-border cooperation within its network in the perspective of an internal cohesion of its territory.
Not only has the territory controlled by the Transitional Federal Government been shrinking; over the past ‧ months the Monitoring Group has also witnessed a steady degeneration of the internal cohesion of the Transitional Federal Government, and the collapse of its fiscal oversight mechanisms
Internal cohesiveness and more specifically, between-project cohesiveness, therefore posed a major challenge because the Canada–France Program was not designed with a specific purpose.
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