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A decisive role has been played by factors of attraction or deterrence vis-à-vis areas of the country- factors relating, in the main, to opportunities for employment, or lack thereof, for immigrants- and by certain ethnic peculiarities, such as the intensity with which family ties are felt, the group's internal cohesion, the type of specialization in occupation, but also such factors as the type of “migratory project”, particularly with regard to length of stay and thus the intention of becoming established in the receiving society
However, aware of the multiplying effect of this type of investment on economic growth and the creation of jobs, and also on the internal cohesion of the Union, these same Member States still want to take this forward.
But it is still a challenge to strengthen the internal cohesion of our societies.
I only hope that after the year 2000, with the enlargement of the European Union, we will be able to maintain internal cohesion for the Fifteen at current levels, over and above the short-term electoral interests of certain Member States.
However, this has come at the cost of a diverse stream of initiatives, in some cases lacking internal cohesion and external coherence, and potentially crowding-out the key coordination and brokering roles that UNDP had found so effective in Ethiopia.
Yet these clear limitations and insufficiencies were quite clearly foreseeable, since, the budgetary resources provided for the period from 1994 to 1999 were and are insufficient, thus confirming the appropriateness of the ceiling for the Community Budget in 1999 as proposed by Jacques Delors in Edinburgh, or the essential need for the even greater sums suggested at that time by various economic fact-finding studies, which proved that such sums were vital to ensure a real convergence rate that could deliver genuine internal cohesion.
We appeal to the Palestinians to take firm steps to stop maverick rocket attacks, secure the release of the captured Israeli soldier, achieve internal cohesion and establish a national unity Government with powers delegated to the Palestinian Authority and to President Abbas, to negotiate peace with Israel
The Venice conference in November brought together ‧ experts from all over the world and successfully promoted awareness of the need for greater investment in cultural heritage as a vehicle for development and international cohesion
The fact that I am doing so today, beside the High Representative, Mr Solana, and also Commissioner Patten, I believe is a good demonstration of the internal cohesion existing between us all.
This phenomenon has led to an exponential growth of conflicts that menaces the internal cohesion of States as well as international peace and security
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