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The framework provides internal cohesiveness, aligns resources to outcomes and results, and improves corporate discipline by focusing the department and its partners on performance.
Better results had often been recorded in northern Europe than in southern Europe thanks to good internal cohesion and despite the often heavy tax burden.
The economic recession had proved the vital importance of the Nordic welfare system, which had provided a safety net for citizens, maintaining the society's internal cohesion during the difficult employment situation
The Donors' Conference, scheduled for 24 October in Madrid, will be a good opportunity to consolidate this international cohesion, provided - and I appeal urgently to the countries taking part - that as many countries as possible are generous and willing to help.
Its world vision was the revealed message of Islam, and its historical system was an ingenious synthesis of Arab, Roman, and Persian legacies. The combination produced a world that had its own internal cohesion, local specificity, and universal appeal.
I voted in this way because I believe that the proposed purpose of this label should not be just the goal of promoting the internal cohesion of the European Union but also of demonstrating European unity and values outside its borders.
We know that success in the day-to-day battle against terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction demands unwavering determination and firm international cohesion on the part of all countries for whom freedom is precious.
Therefore, we have more or less serious fears that, behind the unquestionably good ideas and guidelines, lurk strategies which aim at making it more difficult to restore the balance and or at impeding genuine economic competitiveness rather than being truly interested in defending and promoting internal cohesion in the European Union.
The credibility of common policies and cooperation arrangements depends on the preservation of internal cohesion, which is difficult to achieve using the methods and means currently available (explicit reference is made to Article K.1, which is said to be too superficial, and Article K.9 - regarding the 'crossover' ( passerelle) procedure -, which is difficult to apply).
The introduction and observance of new and better rules in the environment field is, of course, something positive: to achieve and reinforce controls and actions underpinning their respective implementation is something which can only, obviously, be supported. Giving support to products and transfers of ecological technologies is something which is relevant and a natural approach for developing a European Union with greater internal cohesion.
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