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I feel that the Common European Security and Defence Policy on the contrary means increased confidence between European nations and an increased level of internal cohesion between member states.
Within months, the lack of strategic vision and the almost total absence of international cohesion in Kabul began to threaten the compact and the interim ANDS [Afghanistan National Development Strategy].
Furthermore, within the context of the establishment of the European Union, the right mechanisms must be found to guarantee a greater understanding of the languages spoken there, and thereby improve the internal cohesion of its member countries.
Yet these clear limitations and insufficiencies were quite clearly foreseeable, since, the budgetary resources provided for the period from 1994 to 1999 were and are insufficient, thus confirming the appropriateness of the ceiling for the Community Budget in 1999 as proposed by Jacques Delors in Edinburgh, or the essential need for the even greater sums suggested at that time by various economic fact-finding studies, which proved that such sums were vital to ensure a real convergence rate that could deliver genuine internal cohesion.
The report concludes that enlargement represents an unprecedented challenge for the Union’s competitiveness and internal cohesion, having led as it has to an increase in the economic development gap, an eastward geographical shift in disparities, and a more difficult employment situation.
Eixo Atlantico led numerous studies and debates on cross-border cooperation within its network in the perspective of an internal cohesion of its territory.
Furthermore, the Council' s internal cohesion remained firm the whole time, something that was obviously necessary for the Union to be able to approve the outcome of the talks.
Migrants would thus be able to contribute to international cohesion and stability and to the creation of wealth for the benefit of all
Thus the lack of convergence and internal cohesion in the state model in eastern Europe raises one of the biggest difficulties in implementing the charter.
If it is to be more than a tariff-free trading area, the continent’s internal cohesion and "creative diversity" will only be maintained by close cultural co-operation and the continuous free flow of ideas, cultural products and intellectual resources between its countries and regions.
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