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The project components include the construction of a concrete dam approximately 4 m high that will be founded on bedrock at the crest of Big Falls and will raise the upstream water levels by approximately 4.00 m to create a head pond with an inundation area of approximately 12Ha, inclusive of the existing water bodies.
quality and extent which more than compensates for any loss of river channel and flood plain fish habitat in the inundated areas and any habitat modified by channelization downstream of the dams.
The damages are caused chiefly by a reduction in the natural ability of river basins to hold back water, and also by the careless intervention of man in the environment, for example by regulating flows, by placing buildings and businesses in flood-prone areas and by reducing the size of natural inundation areas.
Local populations of all these plants are also found in the general area outside the inundation areas.
Flooding was at previously unknown levels, inundating areas that people normally treated as safe high ground
Should the channel return to an aggrading habit the elevation of the channel will rise and the 200 year inundation area will then increase in extent across unit PFP-D.
5.6 Mineral Resources The Panel notes that the SBDA has proposed to initially keep the reservoirs filled at a level such that the oil resource within the inundation areas can be fully utilized in both reservoirs.
The great landscape value of this region is marked by a gradation of human activity , from very little in the inundation areas of the river , to much more intensive at the edges of the areas .
The first priority is to reactivate large swathes of the former inundation areas and to protect valuable ecosystems.
Top Biology This annual plant is usually found in periodically inundated areas.
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