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Several Balkan countries were still struggling on Monday (December ‧ th) to cope with the impact of massive flooding caused by days of torrential rains and blamed for at least three deaths and the evacuation of ‧ people from inundated areas
This was done to accommodate the archaeological examination of these now inundated areas.
Local populations of all these plants are also found in the general area outside the inundation areas.
The great landscape value of this region is marked by a gradation of human activity , from very little in the inundation areas of the river , to much more intensive at the edges of the areas .
El Pantanal, Swampland, is one of the largest inundated areas in the world.
Common carp can also be stocked into natural waters, reservoirs, and temporarily inundated areas, in order to utilize the natural food production of these waters for enhanced capture fisheries.
The Committee also noted that satellite data for water management needs could help to determine precipitation activity, snow cover, soil moisture, changes in underground water storage, flood inundation areas, surface temperature, wind speed and vegetation type and health and could even provide estimates of evaporation
The damages are caused chiefly by a reduction in the natural ability of river basins to hold back water, and also by the careless intervention of man in the environment, for example by regulating flows, by placing buildings and businesses in flood-prone areas and by reducing the size of natural inundation areas.
Should the channel return to an aggrading habit the elevation of the channel will rise and the 200 year inundation area will then increase in extent across unit PFP-D.
In this region, reportedly highly militarized, and in some of the areas affected by floods in Somalia, security concerns add to the difficulty of movement within the inundated areas
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