Definition and similar words in English:

  • na-type adjective   
    A type of adjective in the Japanese language. Its dictionary form ends in na (な).
  • adjectival noun   
    A type of adjective in the Japanese language. Its dictionary form ends in na (な).
    na-adjective (adj-na)
  • quasi-adjective   
    na-adjective (adj-na)
  • nominal adjective   
    na-adjective (adj-na)

Example sentences with "na-adjective", translation memory

Possible implications of flow-dependent extraction of NA in studies involving measurements of the uptake of exogenous NA by tissues or organs are discussed.
Kapetanu Chelseaja i engleske nogometne reprezenatcije klub je dopustio da na Dan zaljubljenih, 14. veljače, otputuje u Dubaiji, gdje mu je supruga s njihovo dvoje djece, te da je na koljenima zamoli oproštaj. Prevario ju je s djevojkom suigrača iz reprezentacije.
Along similar lines, translations of these words into other languages (e.g. the Italian adjectives ‘piccolo’ and ‘grande’) have their own pages that can be displayed in any language version, including English.
in Article 23 paragraph 4: add "and/or in which its victims were exploited" after "trafficking in human beings"; xiii. in Article 24 a.: delete the adjective "gross"; xiv.
Registaram-se esforços na elaboração de planos de financiamento dos investimentos. A capacidade administrativa foi reforçada.
The medium used for cultivation of cells in open units may be buffered with Tris-HCl (‧ mM) and Na-bicarbonate (‧ mM
Os teores m�dios de fibra em detergente �cido (FDA) s�o apresentados na Tabela 3 .
Relaxation of maximum NA-induced responses was consistently faster, and relaxation of KCl-induced responses generally slower with strips from SHR.
It is concluded that adsorption has an important role in presenting Na+ to the apical surface of gill ion transporting cells, since conditions which inhibit the branchial influx of Na+ also reduce Na+ adsorption.
Theoretical multiplet strengths for electric quadrupole transitions between 2S, 2P0, 2D, and 2F0 levels of Na I, Mg II, and Al III have been calculated using Hartree–Fock wave functions of frozen-core type.
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