Definition and similar words in English:

  • na-type adjective   
    A type of adjective in the Japanese language. Its dictionary form ends in na (な).
  • adjectival noun   
    na-adjective (adj-na)
    A type of adjective in the Japanese language. Its dictionary form ends in na (な).
  • quasi-adjective   
    na-adjective (adj-na)
  • nominal adjective   
    na-adjective (adj-na)

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Nov�anom kaznom od 10.000,00 kuna kaznit �e se za prekr�aj sudionici u gradnji ako se neopravdano ne odazovu na tehni�ki pregled (�lanak 133. stavak 1.
O balé, que também envolve teatro, será encenado dias 19 e 20 de novembro na Casa da Ribeira... >> More...
Tor- no- dos, tor- na- dos
In 1990, the federal government established the National AIDS Strategy (NAS) to help organize the various players – which now included professional associations, the medical community researchers and the private sector – , into a more formal, interconnected approach.
Via Provinciale Schito ‧ I-‧ Torre Annunziata/NA Italy
There was a positive correlation between the V ion and Na+ contents, while there was a negative correlattion between both ions and the relaxed rate of the high K+ induced contraction.
Cellular levels of ATP, Na+ and K+ are close to those in intact hearts and glucose oxidation rates and succinate exclusion are also close to normal.
r l n ffe na fra o t io c e er er ra len m m to to pe l O xce ze us us C C Si e
The overall specific activity of Na,K-ATPase in the membranes of transfectants was not significantly different from that in control cells, suggesting that there was a partial replacement, rather than an addition, of introduced α1 for the endogenous subunit in the functional enzyme.
In this minireview, we summarize our current knowledge of paracellular permeability, its regulation by contractility, and the various signaling events that link apical Na+-glucose cotransport to myosin phosphorylation.
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