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(biochemistry) Any volatile antimicrobial compound given off by a plant, especially one that prevents in being eaten

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The complex “SALVEO” consists of 27 energetically powerful medicinal herbs arranged in a biologically well–matching proportion and restores the whole of the organism, for it fights the destructive affects – acid reaction in blood, lack of calcium, phosphorus and selenium, deficit of iron, chlorophyll, phytoncids and fibre, which cause such consequences as disbacteriosis, anaemia, osteochondrosis, coxarthrosis, teeth caries, dysfunction of gland system – by the disaster of civilization – refined substances: sugar, white flour, salt and broth.
Air is saturated with phytoncides of relic Sudak pine-tree, juniper, that favorably affects man's organism.
The Lakes of Smolyan are among those places in the world with the biggest negative air ionization, with high parameters in the UV spectrum; the air has low microbe number and high phytoncide density.
- pitch and phytoncide on the walls of wooden houses, bath houses and summer houses made of cylindrical logs create favorable atmosphere in the house.
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