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The stress densification effect, however, was not prominent in the case of water-pluviated specimens.
Densification due to increasing confining stress (stress densification) significantly increased the cyclic resistance of loose air-pluviated sand, with strong implications for the interpretation of observations from centrifuge testing.
Although the observed trends in mechanical response were similar, air-pluviated specimens were more susceptible to liquefaction under cyclic loading than their water-pluviated counterparts.
Water-pluviated samples of Ottawa sand were tested in monotonic, undrained triaxial extension tests.
X-ray computed tomography (CT) methods and specialized triaxial equipment were developed to quantify void ratio distribution within saturated sand specimens reconstituted by water pluviation and moist tamping methods during undrained triaxial compression and extension.
Artificial glass beads were water pluviated to permit consistent repeatable uniform samples.
Shear banding in Santa Monica beach sand deposited by dry pluviation in hollow cylinder specimens is studied in 34 drained torsion shear tests with rotation of principal stress directions.
This situation suggests that differences in soil fabric, caused by the sample preparation technique (air pluviation), can influence the sand behaviour by inducing a significant contraction in extension.
The initial static shear stresses appear to reduce the cyclic shear resistance of loose air-pluviated sand in simple shear loading, in contrast to the increases in resistance reported on the basis of data from triaxial testing.
Key words: sand, moist tamping, water pluviation, undrained compression and extension, X-ray computed tomography.
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