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Present participle of scrunt.

Example sentences with "scrunting", translation memory

She said the story her grandmother told said, the Scrunt has a poison to kill a Narf, but, she said Narf can protect themselves
What is the Jaygee Scrunt' s reaction?
The guardian has instincts as much as it attacks the scrunt
A scrunt will do anything to kill a Madam Narf...... even forget his fears of the Tartutic
The Guardian can hypnotize a scrunt
She said only a Rog Scrunt will break the law of that night because most Scrunts are afraid
The Guardian has instincts of when the scrunt will attack
It is only through a mirror that one can see the eyes of a scrunt in the grass
I think I might know why the scrunt needs to get you so bad
I can still sense the scrunt' s presence near
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