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Drier, a catalyst used to promote drying.
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    Judgment of the Court (Fifth Chamber) of ‧ September ‧ in Case C-‧/‧ (reference for a preliminary ruling from the Tribunal de grande instance du Mans): Olivier Dupuy and Hervé Rouvre (Dangerous substances or preparations- Siccatives containing lead- Prohibition of placing on the market- Directives ‧/‧/CEE and ‧/‧/CE
    - Other : 15.18.0021 - - Tung oil and other similar wood oils; oiticica oil 15.18.0031 - - Siccative oils 15.18.0041 - - Linseed oil, boiled Cane or beet sugar and chemically pure sucrose, in solid form.
    . Refining . . by distillation Chemical modification of drying-oils (modifying by copolymerisation C08F; by polycondensation C08G; factice C08H) . by oxidising . by voltolising . by polymerisation . by isomerisation . by re-esterification . Apparatus therefor Compounds to be used as driers (siccatives) Preparation of French polish
    He noted that some aspects of First Nations culture were being used inappropriately such as ideas from First Nations culture being commercialized without the consent of the relevant community.2 Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre (SICC)3 Mr. Ralph Morin, President of the SICC, welcomed the workshop participants.
    The staffing of SICC is proposed at one Security Officer ( ‧ ), five Field Service and four local-level personnel
    Phytopharm Klęka S.A. 31/12/08 2955 Cratifar Crataegi inflorescentiae extractum siccum Film-coated tablets 135 mg P.P.H.U. ‘BIOFARM’ Sp. z o.o. 31/12/08 2956 Cratifar — plus Crataegi inflorescentiae extr.sicc + Ginkgo bilobae fol. extr. sicc.
    Krakowskie Zakłady Zielarskie ‘HERBAPOL’ S.A. 31/12/08 5986 Hypercin Hyperici herbae extractum sicc.
    However, we can also use other types of oils know as semi-siccative oils (Walnut, safflower or poppy seed oil) with the difference that these oils will take a longer time to dry than linseed oil.
    K.Z.Z. ‘Herbapol’ S.A. w Krakowie 31/12/08 5325 Ginkofar Ginkgo biloba Film-coated tablets 40 mg P.P.H.U. Biofarm Sp. z o.o. 1/08/06 5326 Ginkofar Ginkgo bilobae extr. sicc., Ginkgo bilobae tinct.
    Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcji Farmaceutycznej ‘HASCO-LEK’ 31/12/08 11227 Raphamax Raphani sativi extr. sicc., Curcumae rhiz. extr. sicc., Fumaraiae herb. extr. sicc.
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