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Drier, a catalyst used to promote drying.
  • dryer   
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    a) The Security Information and Coordination Cell (SICC) is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the Security Plan, as approved by the Security Coordinator for the evacuation of mission personnel in the event of an emergency, plans and conducts rehearsals of emergency procedures and collects and analyses information so that appropriate security measures can be taken
    The role of the SICC is to provide a forum where First Nations people can discuss these issues.
    Unlike other types of vegetable oils, siccative oils dry by oxidation to form a film both flexible and transparent, whose purpose is to bind the pigments on the support.
    "The goal of the SICC Language Strategy is to increase the use and preservation of our Indigenous languages in everyday First Nations' life."
    Within the SWAC's regional study on Security implications of climate change in the Sahel (SICCS) , draft vulnerability maps will be presented to a group of 25-30 experts.
    The binders of oil paints are known as siccative oils.
    K.Z.Z. ‘Herbapol’ S.A. w Krakowie 31/12/08 5325 Ginkofar Ginkgo biloba Film-coated tablets 40 mg P.P.H.U. Biofarm Sp. z o.o. 1/08/06 5326 Ginkofar Ginkgo bilobae extr. sicc., Ginkgo bilobae tinct.
    Cobalt shall also not be added as an ingredient with the exception of cobalt salts used as a siccative in alkyd paints
    Phytopharm Klęka S.A. 31/12/08 2955 Cratifar Crataegi inflorescentiae extractum siccum Film-coated tablets 135 mg P.P.H.U. ‘BIOFARM’ Sp. z o.o. 31/12/08 2956 Cratifar — plus Crataegi inflorescentiae extr.sicc + Ginkgo bilobae fol. extr. sicc.
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