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Alternative spelling of sovereigntist.

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When he approached Mr. Landry, did the Prime Minister tell him that this intervention in the field of education was raising hackles in Quebec and that everyone involved-students, the academic community and federalists and sovereignists alike-strongly opposed the federal government's intrusion into an area of provincial jurisdiction?
Those of us who are sovereignists and defend the freedoms and rights of countries to decide for themselves reject these methods.
The sovereignists want out, it's clear
As for Linda Williamson, she compares the sovereignist movement in Quebec to ethnic nationalism in Yugoslavia
The Prime Minister truly reached out to the sovereignists
Before breaking, can the minister tell us clearly whether one sovereignist vote is equal to one federalist vote?
Let me just quote the Chairman of the International Law Commission of the United Nations, who is not a sovereignist and who is not beholden to Quebeckers
I intend to keep doing a good job, as Mr. Duplessis once said, and to try to represent my constituents to the best of my ability by taking to heart their hopes and their problems, and by devoting a good part of my energy, for this is also fundamental for me, to promoting, in keeping with the Bloc Quebecois' mandate, the sovereignist proposal, which we feel is the best status for the people of Quebec in the international community
Whether one is a sovereignist or a federalist, the hon. member for Chicoutimi knows well that, when Quebec's interests are close to one's heart, one cannot ignore certain things on the federal level when the government wants to interfere in provincial jurisdictions
Instead, we were treated to the prospect in the months to come of nothing but disdain and confrontation from the sovereignist government
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