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Alternative spelling of sovereigntist.

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The situation in Kingston has convinced and will continue to convince many young Quebeckers in the military to become sovereignists
The sovereignists would do well to note this speech expressing common sense and the realities of our country
Is the truth not found in the letter written by Canada Day president, Serge Savard, where he says that the federal government must ensure greater visibility in sovereignist strongholds
This is something sovereignists will continue to ponder
This is a democracy of disallowance, a sick democracy because it wants to disallow the national assembly, to disallow a national assembly that always had the privilege and the authority to adopt a question, to decide what Quebecers would be consulted on, to frame a question which was debated by the national assembly for ‧ hours, which was debated by majority and opposition parties, sovereignist and federalist parties, and which was finally adopted by the assembly, the seat of the sovereignty of the Quebec people, who must continue to freely decide its own future
Four years ago, when we arrived here as sovereignists, everyone said we would show no respect for the House of Commons
Speaker, on the eve of the meeting in Calgary to discuss the social union framework, Ottawa's unilateral decisions were providing fodder for sovereignists' claims that Canada was inflexible
After denying the existence of the Quebec culture, and now having his minister deny the existence of Quebec's traditional demands, will the Prime Minister confirm that, whoever the Quebec premier is, whether this person is a federalist or a sovereignist, and regardless of the promises made by him in the last referendum, his only vision of federalism is his own and that he will not change it one bit?
Speaker, there must have been an error in translation because I kept hearing the member opposite use the word liberate, as though the Nisga'a want to be liberated in the same sense that some sovereignists want to separate from the rest of Canada
Squabbles between federalists and sovereignists must not be allowed to detract from the generous feeling of fellowship that is the reason the international Francophonie exists
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