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Alternative spelling of sovereigntist.

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By doing this too often, we open the door for sovereignists and that hurts our cause.
At the same time, I am proud to be a sovereignist, because sovereignty will be the only way to stop a federal government, a federal system that wants to use our money, my money, the money of all Quebeckers, for something we have no need of
He would often say ``I am a sovereignist with hopes and dreams''
The journalist who wrote this article mentions that the legislative committee responsible for examining the clarity bill has not shed light on much of anything, except the deep antipathy between federalists and sovereignists
Speaker, the Prime Minister uses the term ``partners'' because he thinks it is a popular term and would give it the same meaning it was given by the sovereignists
Speaker, once again we have a fine example of the ``Do as I say not as I do'' politics of the sovereignist government of Lucien Bouchard
These are not the words of a Bloc Quebecois member or a sovereignist, far from it
Those of us who are sovereignists and defend the freedoms and rights of countries to decide for themselves reject these methods.
First, my colleague across the way suggested sovereignist members from the Bloc were lucky to receive a salary
We in the Bloc Quebecois are sovereignists and we insist that this government at least uphold its Constitution
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