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“ Tanks intended for the carriage of compressed or liquefied or dissolved gases of classification codes ‧ and ‧ shall be fitted with spring loaded safety valves
In 1990 in a California diabetic clinic, patients who underwent capillary blood sampling by fingerstick with a spring-loaded lancet device were more likely to contract hepatitis B infection than those who did not.
This SAS gripper arm is internally spring-loaded for part compliance.
The allowable tolerance at the discharge pressure for spring-loaded devices
Terrie Is Testing The Dolphins Tail To See If Is Spring- Loaded,Like A Kangaroo' S Legs
In order these junctions not to become loose during the game, we also use special system of two roves: “wider” (2) and “spring-loaded: (3). Also there is additional detail in cushions (1) for fixing cloth, which ensures that cushions nestle slate very precise.
To obtain fragmentation, a spring-loaded centre punch or a hammer of ‧ g ± ‧ g, each with a point having a radius of curvature of ‧ ± ‧ mm, shall be used
13/ 00 Hand shears; Scissors 13/ 02 . with moulded-in blades 13/ 04 . with detachable blades 13/ 06 . characterised by the shape of the blades 13/ 08 . . with cutting edges wavy or toothed in the plane of the blade 13/ 10 . . for producing wavy, zig-zag, or like cuts 13/ 12 . characterised by the shape of the handles 13/ 14 . . without gripping bows in the handle 13/ 16 . . . spring loaded, e.g. with provision for locking the blades or the handles 13/ 18 . . . without joint, i.e. having blades interconnected by a resilient member 13/ 20 . . with gripping bows in the handle 13/ 22 . combined with auxiliary implements, e.g. with cigar cutter, with manicure instrument (cigar cutters per se A24F 13/24) 13/ 24 . . to aid hair cutting 13/ 26 . with intermediate links between the grips and the blades, e.g. for remote actuation 13/ 28 . Joints (B25B 7/06 takes precedence)
Unless a portable tank in dedicated service is fitted with an approved relief device constructed of materials compatible with the load, the relief device shall comprise a frangible disc preceding a spring-loaded pressure-relief device
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