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very shell shall be provided with not less than two independent spring-loaded pressure-relief devices
Should each vacuum-relief device and spring-loaded safety valve be fitted with flame arresters?
This is a spring- loaded captive bolt stunner
To obtain fragmentation, a spring-loaded centre punch or a hammer of ‧ g ± ‧ g, each with a point having a radius of curvature of ‧ ± ‧ mm, shall be used
The spring-loaded pressure-relief device required by ‧.‧.‧ shall have a minimum cross sectional flow area equivalent to an orifice of ‧ mm diameter
Parks Canada uses low-flow showerheads, timed showers and spring-loaded taps to conserve water in many of its campgrounds.
a) To avoid unnecessary confinement, each portable tank constructed of metal shall be fitted with a pressure-relief device that may be of the reclosing spring loaded type, a frangible disc or a fusible element
The device is then shaken briefly by hand, and the whipped cream (or any other food product under pressure from the N2O in the bottle) is dispensed through another valve by activating a hand-operated, spring-loaded trigger or lever.
The blade' s spring- loaded and it' il kill a man at ‧ feet
Every shell shall be provided with not less than two independent spring-loaded pressurerelief devices
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