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Brass Inner Tube Valve (158744) The brass inner tube valves are designed for use in tires for agricultural machinery, passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, and trailers. They feature a spring-loaded plug that allows air to enter or escape when the plug is depressed.
Portable tanks for non-refrigerated liquefied gases shall be provided with one or more spring-loaded pressure-relief devices
Then the dead man on the ground lurched up as if spring-loaded.
Install a spring-loaded check valve with an opening pressure of 2 psi or less on the air line near the diffuser.
This is a spring- loaded captive bolt stunner
Unless a portable tank in dedicated service is fitted with an approved relief device constructed of materials compatible with the load, such device shall comprise a frangible disc preceding a spring-loaded device
19(f) Angling with spring-loaded hook 100 17.
The space between the frangible disc and the spring-loaded device may be equipped with a pressure gauge or a suitable telltale indicator
When no spring-loaded pressure-relief device is used, the frangible disc shall be set to rupture at a nominal pressure equal to the test pressure
“In the case of a combined spring loaded pressure-relief device preceded by a bursting disc device, the discharge flow through the bursting disc device shall not be less than the discharge flow rate through the spring loaded pressure-relief device
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