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(statistics) Any of the two points that divide an ordered distribution into three parts, each containing a third of the population.
(statistics) Any one of the three groups so divided.

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For ARE, four models with interactive effects were significant, highlighting the enhanced sensitivity of 3 sub-groups of subjects: 1) the oldest tertile (>48 years) of subjects exhibited a significantly larger decrement in SPES finger-tapping due to manganese exposure; 2) subjects in the highest tertile of alcohol consumption (>23.75 g/day) for the Luria Nebraska thumb-fingers test (non-dominant hand); and 3) subjects with more than 20 years of smoking for the Luria Nebraska hand-clench test (non-dominant hand) and the test of NVCST (left eye/1.5 cycles).
4 times higher in less fit vs. most fit tertile, p < 0.05).
(1999) dataset found that only the effect of manganese exposure on serum prolactin was more severe for individuals in the lowest tertile of serum iron status (i.e. <87 μg/dl).
The tertile with the steepest slope that was significantly different from the all-data model was reported and assumed to reflect the most sensitive of the groups.
Some arbitrary reassignments were made where the average earnings of cusp fields were closer to the adjacent grouping than the others in its original tertile.
Given the small number of exposed individuals in this tertile (n=15) and the wide divergence in estimates between mathematical models, these results should be interpreted with caution but they support the assumption that iron deficiency represents a risk factor for manganese neurotoxicity.
A recent study of neurobehavioral deficits associated with PCBs in 7-year-old children prenatally exposed to seafood neurotoxicants in the Faroe Islands now suggests that the PCB-associated neurobehavioral deficits detected within the highest tertile of mercury exposure involved a possible interaction between methylmercury and PCBs (Grandjean et al., Neurotox.
After adjustment, the odds ratio for leukemia in the upper tertile was 4.45 (95% confidence interval (CI) 1.01-19.7).
For each quarter, the average returns on equity are reported for the top, middle, and bottom tertiles.
The levels of sales obtained from calculating tertiles for 1994 were applied to the other years where data were available.
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