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Mama missed Papa too much...... and seemed to be living between this world and the next
In either case, its evident rigidity must have been a reminder to its wearer of his place in this world, and the next.
Maybe they were trapped between this world and the next, and you happened to be in the right place, at the right time
I' ve paid my dues in this world, and the next one, too
Like others, I believe that the time between ‧: ‧ A. M. and ‧: ‧ A. M. is one where the veil between this world and the next is the thinnest
Ramadan's doctrine represents a significant departure from the views of such Muslim thinkers as Hasan al-Banna, the founder of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, who asserted that "the doctrines and teachings of Islam are all-comprehensive and govern the affairs of men in this world and the next."
Not that it happens every day, but we' re taught that our holy ones... can sometimes linger between this world and the next
In the Greek practice, the Priest says: "Whatever you have said to my humble person, and whatever you have failed to say, whether through ignorance or forgetfulness, whatever it may be, may God forgive you in this world and the next.... Have no further anxiety; go in peace. " The Slavonic formula of absolution, introduced by Peter Moghila, Metropolitan of Kiev and adopted by the Russian Church in the 18th Century, is as follows: "May Our Lord and Cod, Jesus Christ, through the grace and bounties of His love towards mankind, forgive you, my Child [Name] all your transgressions.
And we ask that we can now build a bridge between this world and the next so that we can once again go some way to proving that we survive death and the our loved ones in the spirit are forever with us.Amen
" A fine spring day.A carriage sprints between this world and the next. "
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