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(law) 'No one may set himself in contradiction to his own previous conduct.'

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The other branches of the third plea 244 As was pointed out above, by the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, ninth and tenth branches, the applicants allege, respectively, breach of: the principle of the protection of legitimate expectations and the principle of legal certainty; the prohibition against acting ultra vires; the duty to undertake a diligent and impartial assessment; the prohibition against a misuse of powers; the rights of the defence and right to be heard; the principle of the excellence and independence of scientific opinions; the principle of lex specialis; and the principle of estoppel or nemini licet venire contra factum proprium.
In this case, the court stated that there was an obligation, at both the international and domestic levels, to be consistent with one's own conduct, i.e., estoppel (a prohibition of venire contra factum proprium
In addition, the plea is inadmissible on the ground that it infringes the principle that noone may dispute what he previously acknowledged ( venire contra factum proprium).
[keywords: estoppel; knowledge; procedure; procedural default; venire contra factum proprium; waiver]
In addition, the applicant claims that there has been an infringement of the principle of nemini licet venire contra factum proprium (estoppel), because several Commission documents show that the Commission itself assumes that it does not have the authority to conduct an ex-post control without cause
This sub-paragraph has been cited as evidence of a general principle of estoppel (“venire contra factum proprium
252 Lastly, according to the applicants, supported by ECPA, by application of the principle of estoppel or nemini licet venire contra factum proprium, it is not possible to rely on a fact or an irregularity which may have been the consequence of one’s own behaviour.
venire contra factum proprium
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