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This psychosomatic awakening that causes a high level of anxiety, nervous energy and strong apprehension took the name of Kundalini Syndrome in transpersonal psychology, by the growing popularity of people affected, they understood that these symptoms were supposed to transpire in correlation with protracted and rigorous meditation, breathing exercises, introspective techniques or as a consequence of extreme and severe shocks like an accident, deep sadness, confined imprisonment or near death experience ( as in a flat line patient).Este despertar psicosomático que puede causar un alto nivel de ansiedad, energía nerviosa y una fuerte aprensión tomó el nombre entre psicólogos transpersonales de los setentas de “Síndrome de Kundalini”.
" I thought he was doing them deep- breathing exercises... "" ¡ Creía que estaba haciendo ejercicios de respiración profunda! "
In addition we also integrate deep breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques.Adicionalmente se integran ejercicios de respiracion profunda, junto a tecnicas de meditacion y relajacion.
But I think you need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and really look at what you' re doing herePero creo que necesitan calmarse, respirar ondo,...... y ver realemente que hacen aqui
He took a deep breath and tried to put his uneasiness to rest.Respiró hondo e intentó tranquilizarse.
Take a deep breath and say what needs to be saidRespiras hondo y dices todo lo necesario
Breathe deep, Mrs. DunneRespire profundo señora Dunne
Take a deep breathRespira hondo
Deep breathsRespira tranquilo, por la nariz
Hotel in Quickborn: Our Romantikhotel Jagdhaus Waldfrieden with a park and a pond invites you to enjoy a relaxing break, take a deep breath and enjoy your stay to the full. Built in 1902 as the stylish home of a famous ship owner, the Romantikhotel Jagdhaus Waldfrieden has still preserved its original charm.Hoteles en Quickborn: Este hotel de 4 estrellas dispone de 25 habitaciones adecuadas de manera confortable.
Everybody take a deep breath nowCoged mucho aire
Breathe deepRespira hondo
Just take a deep breath down that one, there, MaxwellDe acuerdo.Respira profundo...... y tranquilízate, Maxwell
Early symptoms (symptomatic hyperlactataemia) include benign digestive symptoms (nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain), non-specific malaise, loss of appetite, weight loss, respiratory symptoms (rapid and/or deep breathing) or neurological symptoms (including motor weaknessLos primeros síntomas (hiperlactacidemia sintomática) consisten en manifestaciones digestivas benignas (náuseas, vómitos y dolor abdominal), malestar inespecífico, pérdida del apetito, adelgazamiento, síntomas respiratorios (respiración rápida y/o profunda) o síntomas neurológicos (incluida debilidad motora
"When the air burns, only death breathes deep."Cuando el aire quema, sólo la muerte respira profundo.
Take a deep breathRespira profundo
OK, take a deep breath inTrata de inspirar profundo
Take a deep breath and hold itToma aire profundamente y sostenlo
Then take a deep breath and it will go awayEntonces, respira que se te pasa
Now take a deep breath, Come on,- (baby criesRespira profundo
Otherwise, I think we should take a deep breath and move onDe lo contrario, debemos respirar hondo y seguir adelante
Take a deep breath, missyRespire hondo, señorita
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