Translations into Spanish:

  • autótrofo   
    organism that can synthesize its food
  • nutrición autótrofa   
    (Noun  )

Other meanings:

(biology) Any organism that can synthesize its food from inorganic substances, using heat or light as a source of energy

Similar phrases in dictionary English Spanish. (5)

autótrofo; autotrófico
autotrophic bacterium
bactería autótrofa; bacteria autótrofa; bacteria quimiolitotrófica
autotrophic organism
nutrición autótrofa
autotrophic respiration
respiración autotrófica
nutrición autótrofa; autotrofia

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Example sentences with "autotroph", translation memory

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en Micro-organisms include both heterotrophic (consumers), autotrophic (primary producers or photosynthetically active organisms) and mixotrophic (mixed nutritional strategy) prokaryotes (bacteria) and microbial eukaryotes
es Los microorganismos comprenden tanto a las procariotas (bacterias) heterotróficas (consumidoras), autotróficas (productoras primarias u organismos fotosintéticamente activos) o mixotróficas (estrategia nutricional mixta) como a las eucariotas microbianas
en * The autotrophs began to drool, Neanderthals developed tools *
es Los autótrofos surgieron, Los Neandertales construyeron herramientas
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