Translations into Hindi:

  • मलाईरहित दूध   
  • वसा रहित दूध   

Other meanings:

Milk with a very low percentage of fat.
milk with removed cream
(UK) Milk that has had the cream removed.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Hindi. (3)

dried skim milk
शुष्क वसा रहित दूध
skim milk
मलाईरहित दूध; वसा रहित दूध
skim milk powder
वसा रहित(स्किम) दूध पाऊडर; शुष्क वसा रहित दूध

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Example sentences with "skimmed milk", translation memory

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en I need some milk.
hi मुझे दूध चाहिए।
en I want some milk.
hi मुझे दूध चाहिए।
en I bought two bottles of milk.
hi मैंने दूध की दो बोतलें ख़रीदीं।
en I can't drink milk.
hi मैं दूध नही पी सकती।
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