pronunciation: IPA: /ˌɡʊd ˈmɔː.nɪŋ/ /ˌɡʊd ˈmɔːr.nɪŋ/        

Translations into Latin:

  • salvē   
    when seeing someone for the first time in the morning
    when seeing someone for the first time in the morning
  • salve   
    (Interjection  ) (adverb   )
    when seeing someone for the first time in the morning
  • bonum diem   

Other meanings:

(by extension, informal) Said to someone who has come to a belated realization.
(by extension, humorous) used to greet someone who has just awakened (irrespective of the time of day).
A greeting said when parting from someone in the morning.
A greeting that is said when meeting or departing in the morning.
An exercise performed by bending forward at the waist and then returning to a standing posture, while bearing a barbell across the shoulders.

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en Early on the morning of the following day he entered the place, summoned an assembly of the people, and thanked them for the affection they had shown to his cause. At the same time he censured severely, and enlarged upon the crime of the Roman citizens and merchants, and the rest of the three hundred, who had furnished Scipio and Varus with money; but concluded with telling them, that they might show themselves without fear, as he was resolved to grant them their lives, and content himself with exposing their effects to sale; but that he would give them notice when their goods were to be sold, and the liberty of redeeming them upon payment of a certain fine.
la Postero die mane in oppidum introit contioneque advocata Uticenses incolas cohortatus gratias pro eorum erga se studio agit, cives autem Romanos negotiatores et eos qui inter CCC, pecunias contulerant Varo et Scipioni multis verbis accusat et de eorum sceleribus longiore habita oratione ad extremum ut sine metu prodirent edicit: se eis dumtaxat vitam concessurum; bona quidem eorum se venditurum, ita tamen qui eorum ipse sua bona redemisset, se bonorum venditionem inducturum et pecuniam multae nomine relaturum, ut incolumitatem retinere posset.
en Good morning, doctor!
la Salve, doctor!
en She got up at seven in the morning.
la Septima hora antemeridiana experrecta est.
en From nine in the morning to nightfall the enemy were slaughtered, and ten miles were covered with arms and dead bodies, while there were found amid the plunder the chains which the Germans had brought with them for the Romans, as though the issue were certain.
la quinta ab hora diei ad noctem caesi hostes decem milia passuum cadaveribus atque armis opplevere, repertis inter spolia eorum catenis quas in Romanos ut non dubio eventu portaverant.
en Pharnaces perceiving this, next morning ranged all his troops in order of battle before his camp.
la Pharnaces, cum id repente prima luce animadvertisset, copias suas omnis pro castris instruxit.
en It's a quarter after nine in the morning.
la Quindecim minuta post nonam horam antemeridianam sunt.
en On learning these facts, he set out from the camp secretly at midnight, and reached the camp of the enemy early in the morning.
la Quibus rebus cognitis media nocte silentio profectus ad hostium castra mane pervenit.
en Mother goes to the hospital in the morning.
la Mater mane ad nosocomium it.
en I will call you tomorrow morning.
la Cras mane te per telephonum adibo.
en I reached Nagoya early this morning.
la Hodie mane mature Nagoiam adveni.
en Scipio had sent two legions thither to forage; which Caesar having intelligence of from a deserter, removed his camp from the plain to a hill, for the greater security; and leaving a garrison there, marched at three in the morning with the rest of his forces, passed the enemy's camp, and possessed himself of the town.
la Huc Scipio legiones duas frumentandi gratia misit. Quod postquam Caesar ex perfuga cognovit, castris ex campo in collem ac tutiora loca collatis atque ibi praesidio relicto ipse quarta vigilia egressus praeter hostium castra proficiscitur cum copiis et oppidum potitur.
en As they repeated this often, pressing upon our troops when we marched, and retiring when we endeavored to engage, always keeping at a certain distance, and with singular care avoiding a close fight, and considering it enough to wound us with their darts, Caesar plainly saw that their whole aim was to oblige him to encamp in that place, where no water was to be had; that his soldiers, who had tasted nothing from three in the morning till four in the afternoon, might perish with hunger, and the cattle with thirst.
la Cum hoc saepius facerent et proficiscentes Iulianos insequerentur, refugerent instantes, propius non accederent et singulari genere pugnae uterentur eosque iaculis convulnerare satis esse existimarent, Caesar intellexit nihil aliud eos conari nisi ut se cogerent castra eo loco ponere, ubi omnino aquae nihil esset, ut exercitus ieiunus, qui a quarta vigilia usque ad horam X diei nihil gustasset, ac iumenta siti perirent.
en I work in the morning.
la Mane opus facio.
en This affair being concluded, having retained only two legions in his camp, he marched the rest of his army out at three o'clock in the morning by several gates, and sent them forward by the same route; and in a short space after, that the military practice might be preserved, and his march known as late as possible, he ordered the signal for decamping to be given; and setting out immediately and following the rear of his own army, he was soon out of sight of the camp.
la His explicitis rebus duas in castris legiones retinuit, reliquas de quarta vigilia compluribus portis eductas eodem itinere praemisit parvoque spatio intermisso, ut et militare institutum servaretur, et quam serissime eius profectio cognosceretur conclamari iussit statimque egressus et novissimum agmen consecutus celeriter ex conspectu castrorum discessit.
en Caesar, being informed of the ambuscade of Labienus by deserters, delayed there a few days, till the enemy, by repeating the practice often, had abated a little of their circumspection. Then suddenly, one morning ordering eight veteran legions with part of the cavalry to follow him by the Decuman gate, he sent forward the rest of the cavalry; who, coming suddenly upon the enemy's light-armed foot, that lay in ambush among the valleys, slew about five hundred, and put the rest to flight.
la Caesar interim de insidiis Labieni ex perfugis certior factus paucos dies ibi commoratus, dum hostes cotidiano instituto saepe idem faciendo in neglegentiam adducerentur, subito mane imperat porta decumana legiones se + VIII + veteranas cum parte equitatus sequi atque equitibus praemissis neque opinantes insidiatores subito in convallibus latentes [ex] levi armatura concidit circiter D, reliquos in fugam turpissimam coniecit.
en Let me no longer tremblingly experience the madness and perils of the forum, and the pallors of fame. Let me not be aroused by a tumult of morning visitors, or a freedman's panting haste, or, anxious about the future, have to make a will to secure my wealth.
la "Ne vero ""dulces,"" ut Virgilius ait, ""Musae,"" remotum a sollicitudinibus et curis et necessitate cotidie aliquid contra animum faciendi, in illa sacra illosque fontis ferant; nec insanum ultra et lubricum forum famamque pallentem trepidus experiar."
en I wake him up at 6 every morning.
la Sexta hora antemeridiana eum e somno excito.
en Next morning Cerialis formed his front with the cavalry and auxiliary infantry; in the second line were posted the legions, the general reserving a picked force for unforeseen contingencies.
la Postera luce Cerialis equite et auxiliariis cohortibus frontem explet, in secunda acie legiones locatae, dux sibi delectos retinuerat ad improvisa.
en I drink coffee in the morning.
la Mane coffeam bibo.
en I don't wash my hair in the morning.
la Mane capillos non lavo.
en It's two o'clock in the morning.
la Secunda hora antemeridiana est.
en The two armies thus facing one another in order of battle, with a space of no more than three hundred paces between, continued so posted from morning till night without fighting, of which perhaps there was never an instance before.
la Sic utrorumque excercitus instructi non plus passum CCC interiecto spatio, quod forsitan ante id tempus acciderit numquam quin dimicaretur, a mane usque ad horam X die perstiterunt.
en I wake up at half past six in the morning.
la Triginta minutis post sextam horam antemeridianam expergiscor.
en Upon this intelligence he set out by night with five cohorts of the twenty-first legion, and came up with them in the morning.
la Cognita re noctu cum V cohortibus unetvicesimanorum egreditur, mane pervenit +noctu+.
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