pronunciation: IPA: /mæn/ /mɑn/ mæn mɛn , SAMPA: /m{n/                

Translations into Latin:

  • vir   
    (Noun  m) (noun, noun (m.; 2nd -R declension)   masculine )
    adult male human
    man (adult male)
  • homo     
    (Noun  m) (noun, noun (c.; 3rd declension)   masculine )
    man (human being)
    An adult human member of the sex that begets young by fertilizing ova.
  • mas   
    (Noun  m) (adjective, noun, adjective (3rd 1-termination)   masculine )
    adult male human
  • homō   
    man (human being)
    man (adult male)
  • hūmānum   
    man (human being)
  • viri   
    it means man
  • Homo   
  • Homo sapiens   
  • coemptio   
    (noun, noun (f.; 3rd declension)   feminine )
  • compleo   
    (verb, verb (2nd conjugation)   )
  • conpleo   
    (verb   )
  • humana   
  • humanus   
    (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
  • mortalis   
    (adjective, adjective (3rd 2-termination)   )

Other meanings:

A person, usually male, who is extremely fond of or devoted to a specified type of thing.
A member of the human species.
A mensch; a person of integrity and honor.
(humble) man
An abstract person; a person of either gender, usually an adult.
man (a ship)
(polite for) man
All human beings.
A piece or token used in board games such as chess.
piece in board games
to supply with staff or crew
An interjection used to place emphasis upon something or someone.
The generic name for a piece used in board games.
(Geordie) Giv'is a bottle of dog man!
to take up position in order to operate something
A person, often male, with duties or skills associated with a specified thing.
An adult male human.
(transitive) To supply with staff or crew (of either sex).
(transitive) To take up position in order to operate something.
(usu. in compound words) man
(Geordie) Hoo man woman!
(collective) All humans collectively; mankind, humankind. Also Man.

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a country-man
any man
armed man
blessed is the man who finds wisdom
beatus homo qui invenit sapientiam
city man
crafty man
dead man
ferry man
first created man
first man
Adamus; princeps
foremost man
great man
magnas; procer; magnatus; rex
hungry man|person
esurio; esuritor
impious man
in manner unworthy of free man
illiberaliter; inliberaliter
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
in regione caecorum rex est luscus
laws of man are born, live and die
leges humanae nascuntur, vivunt, et moriuntur
le mans
Let no man be another's who can be his own
alterius non sit qui suus esse potest
light the life of man
lux hominum vita
like a man
virilis; humaniter
little man
homullus; homunculus; salaputium; homuncio
look-out man
proreus; proreta
made man
man by man
man of means
man with two skins
bisbellio; bispellio
man woman
androgynus; fornicator; fornicarius
middle man
military man
militans; militaris
On the word of no man
nullius in verba

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en Appointed Quæstor, the ballot gave him Asia for his province, Salvius Titianus for his proconsul. Neither the one nor the other corrupted him, though the province was rich and an easy prey to the wrongdoer, while the proconsul, a man inclined to every species of greed, was ready by all manner of indulgence to purchase a mutual concealment of guilt.
la Sors quaesturae provinciam Asiam, pro consule Salvium Titianum dedit, quorum neutro corruptus est, quamquam et provincia dives ac parata peccantibus, et pro consule in omnem aviditatem pronus quantalibet facilitate redempturus esset mutuam dissimulationem mali.
en The emperor in the same letter crushed Sextius Paconianus, an ex-praetor, to the great joy of the senators, as he was a daring, mischievous man, who pryed into every person's secrets, and had been the chosen instrument of Sejanus in his treacherous designs against Caius Caesar.
la isdem litteris Caesar Sextium Paconianum praetorium perculit magno patrum gaudio, audacem maleficum, omnium secreta rimantem delectumque ab Seiano cuius ope dolus G. Caesari pararetur.
en At the same time he lavished on his friends tribuneships and prefectures; and then, when he had filled the vain heart of the man with hope and ambition, he destroyed his power by sending into winter quarters the 7th legion, whose affection for Antonius was particularly vehement.
la dein postquam inanem animum spe et cupidine impleverat, viris abolet dimissa in hiberna legione septima, cuius flagrantissimus in Antonium amor.
en I'm a man.
la Ego vir sum.
en But in days gone by, as there was a greater inclination and a more open path to the achievement of memorable actions, so the man of highest genius was led by the simple reward of a good conscience to hand on without partiality or self-seeking the remembrance of greatness.
la Sed apud priores ut agere digna memoratu pronum magisque in aperto erat, ita celeberrimus quisque ingenio ad prodendam virtutis memoriam sine gratia aut ambitione bonae tantum conscientiae pretio ducebantur.
en I am a man.
la Ego vir sum.
en For he exerted his interest both cheerfully in favor of a man strongly attached to him, whom he had sent home before him to attend the election, and zealously to oppose the faction and power of a few men, who, by rejecting Marcus Antonius, wished to undermine Caesar's influence when going out of office.
la Contendebat enim gratia cum libenter pro homine sibi coniunctissimo, quem paulo ante praemiserat ad petitionem, tum acriter contra factionem et potentiam paucorum, qui M. Antoni repulsa Caesaris decedentis gratiam convellere cupiebant.
en Is it the peace throughout the world or victories won without loss to our armies which vex him? A man who grieves at the country's prosperity, who treats our public places, theatres and temples as if they were a desert, and who is ever threatening us with exile, let us not enable such an one to gratify his perverse vanity.
la pacem illi per orbem terrae, an victorias sine damno exercituum displicere? ne hominem bonis publicis maestum, et qui fora theatra templa pro solintdine haberet, qui minitaretur exilium suum, ambitionis pravae compotem facerent.
en While they were seeking a suitable time and place, and for that which in such an affair is the great difficulty, the first man to speak, while hope, fear, the chances of success or of disaster, were present to their minds, one day, on Vespasian quitting his chamber, a few soldiers who stood near, in the usual form in which they would salute their legate, suddenly saluted him as Emperor.
la Dum quaeritur tempus locus quodque in re tali difficillimum est, prima vox, dum animo spes timor, ratio casus obversantur, egressum cubiculo Vespasianum pauci milites, solito adsistentes ordine ut legatum salutaturi, imperatorem salutavere: tum ceteri adcurrere, Caesarem et Augustum et omnia principatus vocabula cumulare.
en There was among the Carnutes a man named Tasgetius, born of very high rank, whose ancestors had held the sovereignty in his state.
la Erat in Carnutibus summo loco natus Tasgetius, cuius maiores in sua civitate regnum obtinuerant.
en "And when any of their chiefs has said in an assembly ""that he will be their leader, let those who are willing to follow, give in their names;"" they who approve of both the enterprise and the man arise and promise their assistance and are applauded by the people; such of them as have not followed him are accounted in the number of deserters and traitors, and confidence in all matters is afterward refused them."
la Atque ubi quis ex principibus in concilio dixit se ducem fore, qui sequi velint, profiteantur, consurgunt ei qui et causam et hominem probant suumque auxilium pollicentur atque ab multitudine collaudantur: qui ex his secuti non sunt, in desertorum ac proditorum numero ducuntur, omniumque his rerum postea fides derogatur.
en It was from sheer lust of slaughter and greed of gain that you, unknown as you were, you, who had never pleaded in any man's defence, steeped your soul in noble blood, when, though you had snatched from the very grave of your Country the spoils of a man of consular rank, had been fed to the full with seven million sesterces, and shone with all sacerdotal honours, you yet overwhelmed in one common ruin innocent boys, old men of illustrious name, and noble ladies, when you actually blamed the tardy movements of Nero in wearying himself and his informers with the overthrow of single families, and declared that the whole Senate might be destroyed by one word.
la libidine sanguinis et hiatu praemiorum ignotum adhuc ingenium et nullis defensionibus expertum caede nobili imbuisti, cum ex funere rei publicae raptis consularibus spoliis, septuagiens sestertio saginatus et sacerdotio fulgens innoxios pueros, inlustris senes, conspicuas feminas eadem ruina prosterneres, cum segnitiam Neronis incusares, quod per singulas domos seque et delatores fatigaret: posse universum senatum una voce subverti.
en "The head of the murdered man was brought to Rome. At its sight the emperor exclaimed (I give his very words), ""Why would you have been a Nero?"" Then casting off all fear he prepared to hurry on his marriage with Poppaea, hitherto deferred because of such alarms as I have described, and to divorce his wife Octavia, notwithstanding her virtuous life, because her father's name and the people's affection for her made her an offence to him."
la "captum interfecti relatum; cuius adspectu (ipsa principis verba referam) ""cur,"" inquit, ""Nero * * *"" et posito metu nuptias Poppaeae ob eius modi terrores dilatas maturare parat Octaviamque coniugem amoliri, quamvis modeste ageret, nomine patris et studiis populi gravem."
en The old man fell down on the ground.
la Senex cecidit in terra.
en "The man, he said, ""familiar as he was only with profitless studies, and with the ignorance of boyhood, envied those who employed a lively and genuine eloquence in the defence of their fellow-citizens."
la simul studiis inertibus et iuvenum imperitiae suetum livere iis, qui vividam et incorruptam eloquentiam tuendis civibus exercerent.
en Their cause was pleaded by a man, famous among those nations and loyal to Rome, Boiocalus by name, who reminded us that on the Cheruscan revolt he had been imprisoned by the order of Arminius, that afterwards he had served under the leadership of Tiberius and of Germanicus, and that to a fifty years' obedience he was adding the merit of subjecting his tribe to our dominion.
la aderatque iis clarus per illas gentes et nobis quoque fidus nomine Boiocalus, vinctum se rebellione Cherusca iussu Arminii referens, mox Tiberio et Germanico ducibus stipendia meruisse, et quinquaginta annorum obsequio id quoque adiungere, quod gentem suam dicioni nostrae subiceret.
en Again, is there an accomplishment, the fame and glory of which are to be compared with the distinction of the orator, who is an illustrious man at Rome, not only with the busy class, intent on public affairs, but even with people of leisure, and with the young, those at least who have a right disposition and a worthy confidence in themselves? Whose name does the father din into his children's ears before that of the orator? Whom, as he passes by, do the ignorant mob and the men with the tunic oftener speak of by name and point out with the finger? Strangers too and foreigners, having heard of him in their towns and colonies, as soon as they have arrived at Rome, ask for him and are eager, as it were, to recognise him.
la Quid? fama et laus cuius artis cum oratorum gloria comparanda est? Quid? Non inlustres sunt in urbe non solum apud negotiosos et rebus intentos, sed etiam apud iuvenes vacuos et adulescentis, quibus modo recta indoles est et bona spes sui? Quorum nomina prius parentes liberis suis ingerunt? Quos saepius vulgus quoque imperitum et tunicatus hic populus transeuntis nomine vocat et digito demonstrat? Advenae quoque et peregrini iam in municipiis et coloniis suis auditos, cum primum urbem attigerunt, requirunt ac velut adgnoscere concupiscunt.
en The man is a woman.
la Vir femina est.
en At Rome meanwhile Lepida, who beside the glory of being one of the Aemilii was the great-granddaughter of Lucius Sulla and Cneius Pompeius, was accused of pretending to be a mother by Publius Quirinus, a rich and childless man.
la At Romae Lepida, cui super Aemiliorum decus L. Sulla et Cn.
en Firmius Catus, a senator, an intimate friend of Libo's, prompted the young man, who was thoughtless and an easy prey to delusions, to resort to astrologers' promises, magical rites, and interpreters of dreams, dwelling ostentatiously on his great-grandfather Pompeius, his aunt Scribonia, who had formerly been wife of Augustus, his imperial cousins, his house crowded with ancestral busts, and urging him to extravagance and debt, himself the companion of his profligacy and desperate embarrassments, thereby to entangle him in all the more proofs of guilt.
la Firmius Catus senator, ex intima Libonis amicitia, invenem inprovidum et facilem inanibus ad Chaldaeorum promissa, magorum sacra, somniorum etiam interpretes impulit, dum proavom Pompeium, amitam Scriboniam, quae quondam Augusti coniunx fuerat, consobrinos Caesares, plenam imaginibus domum ostentat, hortaturque ad luxum et aes alienum, socius libidinum et necessitatum, quo pluribus indiciis inligaret.
en I'm an old man.
la Senex sum.
en When he had censured Asinius, Caelius, and Calvus, I expected that he would show us a host of others, and name more, or at least as many who might be pitted man by man against Cicero, Cæsar, and the rest.
la Ego autem exspectabam, ut incusato Asinio et Caelio et Calvo aliud nobis agmen produceret, plurisque vel certe totidem nominaret, ex quibus alium Ciceroni, alium Caesari, singulis deinde singulos opponeremus.
en This usage he had himself revived in Labeo's case, but Labeo, being pressed by charges of maladministration in his province and other crimes, had screened his guilt by bringing odium on another, and had groundlessly alarmed his wife, who, though criminal, was still free from danger. Mamercus Scaurus was then for the second time impeached, a man of distinguished rank and ability as an advocate, but of infamous life.
la sed Caesar missis ad senatum litteris disseruit morem fuisse maioribus, quoties dirimerent amicitias, interdicere domo eumque finem gratiae ponere: id se repetivisse in Labeone, atque illum, quia male administratae provinciae aliorumque criminum urgebatur, culpam invidia velavisse, frustra conterrita uxore, quam etsi nocentem periculi tamen expertem fuisse.
en Nothing has happened why customs of long standing should fall into disuse, or why the honour due to the Emperor should be turned into an insult to any man.
la nihil evenisse cur antiquitus instituta exolescerent aut principis honor in cuiusquam contumeliam verteretur; sufficere omnis obsequio.
en Our soldiers, after the alarm of so great a war, for the number of the enemy amounted to 430,000, returned to their camp, all safe to a man, very few being even wounded.
la Nostri ad unum omnes incolumes, perpaucis vulneratis, ex tanti belli timore, cum hostium numerus capitum CCCCXXX milium fuisset, se in castra receperunt.
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