pronunciation: IPA: /mæn/ /mɑn/ mæn mɛn , SAMPA: /m{n/                

Translations into Latin:

  • vir   
    (Noun  m) (noun, noun (m.; 2nd -R declension)   masculine )
    adult male human
    man (adult male)
  • homo     
    (Noun  m) (noun, noun (c.; 3rd declension)   masculine )
    man (human being)
    An adult human member of the sex that begets young by fertilizing ova.
  • mas   
    (Noun  m) (adjective, noun, adjective (3rd 1-termination)   masculine )
    adult male human
  • homō   
    man (human being)
    man (adult male)
  • hūmānum   
    man (human being)
  • viri   
    it means man
  • Homo   
  • Homo sapiens   
  • coemptio   
    (noun, noun (f.; 3rd declension)   feminine )
  • compleo   
    (verb, verb (2nd conjugation)   )
  • conpleo   
    (verb   )
  • humana   
  • humanus   
    (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
  • mortalis   
    (adjective, adjective (3rd 2-termination)   )

Other meanings:

A person, usually male, who is extremely fond of or devoted to a specified type of thing.
A member of the human species.
A mensch; a person of integrity and honor.
(humble) man
An abstract person; a person of either gender, usually an adult.
man (a ship)
(polite for) man
All human beings.
A piece or token used in board games such as chess.
piece in board games
to supply with staff or crew
An interjection used to place emphasis upon something or someone.
The generic name for a piece used in board games.
(Geordie) Giv'is a bottle of dog man!
to take up position in order to operate something
A person, often male, with duties or skills associated with a specified thing.
An adult male human.
(transitive) To supply with staff or crew (of either sex).
(transitive) To take up position in order to operate something.
(usu. in compound words) man
(Geordie) Hoo man woman!
(collective) All humans collectively; mankind, humankind. Also Man.

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a country-man
any man
armed man
blessed is the man who finds wisdom
beatus homo qui invenit sapientiam
city man
crafty man
dead man
ferry man
first created man
first man
Adamus; princeps
foremost man
great man
magnas; procer; magnatus; rex
hungry man|person
esurio; esuritor
impious man
in manner unworthy of free man
illiberaliter; inliberaliter
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
in regione caecorum rex est luscus
laws of man are born, live and die
leges humanae nascuntur, vivunt, et moriuntur
le mans
Let no man be another's who can be his own
alterius non sit qui suus esse potest
light the life of man
lux hominum vita
like a man
virilis; humaniter
little man
homullus; homunculus; salaputium; homuncio
look-out man
proreus; proreta
made man
man by man
man of means
man with two skins
bisbellio; bispellio
man woman
androgynus; fornicator; fornicarius
middle man
military man
militans; militaris
On the word of no man
nullius in verba

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en Every day the man cultivated more assiduously than ever the favour of Caius Caesar, which, indeed, he had never neglected, and after the death of Claudia, who had, as I have related, been married to Caius, he had prompted his wife Ennia to inveigle the young prince by a pretence of love, and to bind him by an engagement of marriage, and the lad, provided he could secure the throne, shrank from no conditions. For though he was of an excitable temper, he had thoroughly learnt the falsehoods of hypocrisy under the loving care of his grandfather.
la Acerronius C. Pontius, magistratum occepere, nimia iam potentia Macronis, qui gratiam G. Caesaris numquam sibi neglectam acrius in dies fovebat impuleratque post mortem Claudiae, quam nuptam ei rettuli, uxorem suam Enniam imitando amorem iuvenem inlicere pactoque matrimonii vincire, nihil abnuentem, dum dominationis apisceretur; nam etsi commotus ingenio simulationum tamen falsa in sinu avi perdidicerat.
en Clearly, the very last man marked out for empire by public opinion, expectation and general respect was he whom fortune was holding in reserve as the emperor of the future.
la quippe fama spe veneratione potius omnes destinabantur imperio quam quem futurum principem fortuna in occulto tenebat.
en He is the only man who cares not for your safety, honours not your accomplishments.
la et habet sectatores vel potius satellites, qui nondum contumaciam sententiarum, sed habitum vultumque eius sectantur, rigidi et tristes, quo tibi lasciviam exprobrent.
en While they were seeking a suitable time and place, and for that which in such an affair is the great difficulty, the first man to speak, while hope, fear, the chances of success or of disaster, were present to their minds, one day, on Vespasian quitting his chamber, a few soldiers who stood near, in the usual form in which they would salute their legate, suddenly saluted him as Emperor.
la Dum quaeritur tempus locus quodque in re tali difficillimum est, prima vox, dum animo spes timor, ratio casus obversantur, egressum cubiculo Vespasianum pauci milites, solito adsistentes ordine ut legatum salutaturi, imperatorem salutavere: tum ceteri adcurrere, Caesarem et Augustum et omnia principatus vocabula cumulare.
en "Will you, on the contrary, possessed of these honors, and the reputation acquired by your father, sufficiently distinguished by your own industry and greatness of mind, not bestir yourself, join your father's friends, and give the earnestly required assistance to yourself, the republic, and every man of worth?"""
la Tu contra et patris nobilitate et dignitate et per te ipse satis animi magnitudine diligentiaque praeditus nonne eniteris et proficisceris ad paternas clientelas auxilium tibi reique publicae atque optimo cuique efflagitatum?'
en His productions are as empty and ephemeral as they are replete with folly. Nothing serious or alarming is to be apprehended from the man who is the betrayer of his own shame and works on the imaginations not of men but of silly women.
la studia illi ut plena vaecordiae, ita inania et fluxa sunt; nec quicquam grave ac serium ex eo metuas qui suorum ipse flagitiorum proditor non virorum animis sed muliercularum adrepit.
en The son of a freedwoman, who had prostituted a handsome person among the slaves and freedmen of the emperors, he gave out that he was the offspring of Caius Caesar, for he happened to be of tall stature and to have a fierce look, or possibly Caius Caesar, who liked even harlots, had also amused himself with the man's mother.
la igitur matre libertine ortus, quae corpus decorum inter servos libertosque principum vulgaverat, ex C. Caesare se genitum ferebat, quoniam forte quadam habitu procerus et torvo vultu erat, sive C. Caesar, scortorum quoque cupiens, etiam matri eius inlusit. * * *
en I am a man.
la Ego vir sum.
en "To prevent the war commencing among them, he remonstrates [in the following language]; ""that they ought to follow the precedent set by all Italy, rather than submit to the will of any one man."" He made use of such arguments as he thought would tend to bring them to reason."
la Cuius orationem legati domum referunt atque ex auctoritate haec Caesari renuntiant: intellegere se divisum esse populum Romanum in partes duas; neque sui iudicii neque suarum esse virium discernere, utra pars iustiorem habeat causam.
en Who is the man who was talking with you?
la Quis est vir qui tecum loquebatur?
en The man, maddened by remorse, and terror-stricken by the popular voice, which menaced him with the dungeon, the rock, or a parricide's doom, fled from Rome.
la qui scelere vaecors, simul vulgi rumore territus robur et saxum aut parricidarum poenas minitantium, cessit urbe.
en The man kisses the woman.
la Vir feminam osculatur.
en Yet he had a certain frankness and generosity, qualities indeed which turn to a man's ruin, unless tempered with discretion.
la inerat tamen simplicitas ac liberalitas, quae, ni adsit modus, in exitium vertuntur.
en Their strength and speed are extraordinary; they spare neither man nor wild beast which they have espied.
la Magna vis eorum est et magna velocitas, neque homini neque ferae quam conspexerunt parcunt.
en There was at Rome one Sabina Poppaea; her father was Titus Ollius, but she had assumed the name of her maternal grandfather Poppaeus Sabinus, a man of illustrious memory and pre-eminently distinguished by the honours of a consulship and a triumph.
la erat in civitate Sabina Poppaea, T. Ollio patre genita, sed nomen avi materni sumpserat, inlustri memoria Poppaei Sabini consularis et triumphali decore praefulgentis; nam Ollium honoribus nondum functum amicitia Seiani pervertit.
en Do you, whom ties of blood or your own true-heartedness have made his advocates, help him in his peril, every one of you, as far as each man's eloquence and diligence can do so. To like exertions and like persistency I would urge the prosecutors.
la si quos propinquus sanguis aut fides sua patronos dedit, quantum quisque eloquentia et cura valet, iuvate periclitantem: ad eundem laborem, eandem constantiam accusatores hortor.
en The centurion had actually added, as something highly meritorious, his own language in all its brutality, and some utterances of the dying man in which, at first feigning loss of reason, he imprecated in seeming madness fearful things on Tiberius, and then, when hope of life was gone, denounced him with a studied and elaborate curse.
la obturbabant quidem patres specie detestandi: sed penetrabat pavor et admiratio, callidum olim et tegendis sceleribus obscurum huc confidentiae venisse ut tamquam dimotis parietibus ostenderet nepotem sub verbere centurionis, inter servorum ictus extrema vitae alimenta frustra orantem.
en Firmius Catus, a senator, an intimate friend of Libo's, prompted the young man, who was thoughtless and an easy prey to delusions, to resort to astrologers' promises, magical rites, and interpreters of dreams, dwelling ostentatiously on his great-grandfather Pompeius, his aunt Scribonia, who had formerly been wife of Augustus, his imperial cousins, his house crowded with ancestral busts, and urging him to extravagance and debt, himself the companion of his profligacy and desperate embarrassments, thereby to entangle him in all the more proofs of guilt.
la Firmius Catus senator, ex intima Libonis amicitia, invenem inprovidum et facilem inanibus ad Chaldaeorum promissa, magorum sacra, somniorum etiam interpretes impulit, dum proavom Pompeium, amitam Scriboniam, quae quondam Augusti coniunx fuerat, consobrinos Caesares, plenam imaginibus domum ostentat, hortaturque ad luxum et aes alienum, socius libidinum et necessitatum, quo pluribus indiciis inligaret.
en "I began to hate you when you became the murderer of your mother and your wife, a charioteer, an actor, and an incendiary."" I have given the man's very words, because they were not, like those of Seneca, generally published, though the rough and vigorous sentiments of a soldier ought to be no less known."
la nec quisquam tibi fidelior militum fuit, dum amari meruisti: odisse coepi, postquam parricida matris et uxoris, auriga et histrio et incendiarius extitisti. ipsa rettuli verba, quia non, ut Senecae, vulgata erant, nec minus nosci decebat militaris viri sensus incomptos et validos.
en These, attacking their rear, and pursuing them for many miles, slew a great number of them as they were fleeing; while those in the rear with whom they had come up, halted, and bravely sustained the attack of our soldiers; the van, because they appeared to be removed from danger, and were not restrained by any necessity or command, as soon as the noise was heard, broke their ranks, and, to a man, rested their safety in flight.
la Hi novissimos adorti et multa milia passuum prosecuti magnam multitudinem eorum fugientium conciderunt, cum ab extremo agmine, ad quos ventum erat, consisterent fortiterque impetum nostrorum militum sustinerent, priores, quod abesse a periculo viderentur neque ulla necessitate neque imperio continerentur, exaudito clamore perturbatis ordinibus omnes in fuga sibi praesidium ponerent.
en Cassius ordered all the accomplices of the conspiracy to be seized, and sent back the fifth legion to the camp, retaining the other three. By the confession of Minutius, he learned, that L. Racilius, L. Laterensis, and Annius Scapula, man of great authority and credit in the province, and equally in his confidence with Laterensis and Racilius, were concerned in the plot: nor did he long defer his revenge, but ordered them to be put to death.
la Cassius eos qui nominati erant conscii caedis iubet comprehendi; +legiones V in castra remittit cohortibus XXX retentis.+ Indicio Minuci cognoscit L. Racilium et L. Laterensem et Annium Scapulam, maximae dignitatis et gratiae provincialem hominem sibique tam familiarem quam Laterensem et Racilium, in eadem fuisse coniuratione, nec diu moratur dolorem suum quin eos interfici iubeat.
en Seldom have the affections of the army attached themselves to any man who sought to gain them by his virtues as firmly as they did to him from the indolence of his character.
la principatum ei detulere qui ipsum non noverant: studia exercitus raro cuiquam bonis artibus quaesita perinde adfuere quam huic per ignaviam.
en Even Vitellius himself did not refrain from threatening words and gestures, till at length Claudius Cossus, one of the Helvetian envoys, a man of well-known eloquence, but who then concealed the art of the orator under an assumption of alarm, and was therefore more effective, soothed the rage of the soldiers, who, like all multitudes, were liable to sudden impulses, and were now as inclined to pity as they had been extravagant in fury.
la ne Vitellius quidem verbis et minis temperabat, cum Claudius Cossus, unus ex legatis, notae facundiae sed dicendi artem apta trepidatione occultans atque eo validior, militis animum mitigavit.
en This legion was commanded by the tribune Vipstanus Messalla, a man of illustrious family, himself highly distinguished, the only man who had brought into that conflict an honest purpose.
la legioni tribunus Vipstanus Messala praeerat, claris maioribus, egregius ipse et qui solus ad id bellum artis bonas attulisset.
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