pronunciation: IPA: ˈmʌðə /ˈmʌðə/ ˈmʌðɚ /ˈmʌðɚ/ , SAMPA: /"mVD@/ /"mVD@`/          

Translations into Latin:

  • mater   
    (Noun  f) (noun, noun (f.; 3rd declension)   feminine )
    female (human) who parents a child, gives birth to a baby, or is pregnant
    one’s female parent
  • genetrix   
    (  f) (noun, noun (f.; 3rd declension)   feminine )
    one’s female parent
  • maximus   
    (Noun  ) (adjective, adjective (2-1-2)   )
    something that is the greatest of its kind
    something that is the greatest of its kind
  • māter   
    (  f)
    one’s female parent
  • alumnus   
    (adjective, noun, noun (m.; 2nd declension)   masculine )
  • creatrix   
    (noun, noun (f.; 3rd declension)   feminine )
  • dux   
    (noun, noun (c.; 3rd declension)   masculine )
  • mamma   
    (noun, noun (f.; 1st declension)   feminine )
  • matrix   
    (noun   feminine )
  • parens   
    (adjective, noun, adjective (3rd 1-termination), noun (c.; 3rd pure I-stem declension)   masculine and/or feminine )
  • procreatrix   
    (noun (f.; 3rd declension)   )
  • regina   
    (noun, noun (f.; 1st declension)   feminine )
  • rex   
    (noun, noun (m.; 3rd declension)   masculine )

Other meanings:

(figuratively) Any person or entity which performs mothering.
(euphemism, colloquial) A striking example.
(figuratively) A female ancestor.
A woman who runs a brothel.
A (human) female who (a) parents a child or (b) gives birth to a baby. Sometimes used in reference to a pregnant female, possibly as a shortened form of mother-to-be (c).
Give birth to.
mother (term used in samurai families prior to the Meiji period)
The source of a substance, structure, object.
(figuratively) A source or origin, viewed affectionately.
A country, region, etc. in relation to its inhabitants.
mother (term commonly used until the end of the Meiji period)
(figuratively) Any elderly woman, especially within a particular community
(when followed by a surname) A title of respect for one's mother-in-law.
The Christian Church (usually as "holy mother")
The source of something.
A female parent of an animal.
(transitive) To treat as a mother would be expected to treat her child; to nurture.
Term of address to an old or elderly woman.
To care for and protect in a motherly way.
A woman acting like a mother.
The female animal that gave birth to an animal.
Something that is the greatest or most significant of its kind.
The female head of a religious organization.
Title of respect for one's mother-in-law
A female parent.
A mean, despicable person.
to treat as a mother would be expected to
A woman who has at least one child.
A female ancestor (usually in reference to Eve).
(euphemism, vulgar, slang) motherfucker.
(polite term for another’s) mother
mother (address term)
mother (quoting term)
A term of address to someone who is a female parent (a biological mother or a woman with parental responsibility).
The first mold from which other molds are made for the manufacturing of music discs.

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Similar phrases in dictionary English Latin. (59)

A coward's mother does not weeptimidi mater non flet
adoptive mothermater adoptiva
affectionate term for mothermatercula
be mother ofconcipio
cousin by the mother's sidesobrinus
cousin on the mother's sidesobrina; sobrinus
daughter of father's sister or mother's brotheramitina
foster motheraltrix; mater; nutrix
foster-mothereducatrix; altrix
goddess of nursing mothersRuminalis
having mother livingmatrimus
having two mothersbimatris; bimater
in mother tonguepatrioticus
in right of his motheriure matris
little mothermatercula
mother citymater; Roma
mother EarthNerthus
mother of AchillesThetis
mother of atavus or ataviatritavia
mother of EvanderCarmentis
Mother of GodDeipara; Virgo Maria; Mater Dei; Dei Genitrix
mother of HerculesTirynthius
mother of Ptolemy Epiphanesoenanthe
mother of the MusesMoneta
mother of twinsgemellipara
mother superiorantista
Mother TeresaMater Teresa
mother's borotheravunculus
mother's brotheravonculus; aunculus; avunculus
mother's murderermatricida
mother's or father's sisteramitta
mother's sistermatertera
mother's sister's childsobrinus
mother's sister's husbandaunculus; avunculus; avonculus
mother's sister's sonconsobrinus
murder of a mothermatricidium
nourishing motheralma mater
of a mothermaternus
of a step-mothernovercalis
one of two joint mothers-in-lawconsocrus
one's child's mother-in-lawconsocrus
orphan without motherpupillus
peace of mothers, therefore peace of familiespax maternum, ergo pax familiarum
pious motherpia mater
Prague, Mother of CitiesPraga mater urbium
remote ancestor's mothertritavia
repetition is the mother of studyrepetitio est mater studiorum
slaying of a mothermatricidium
son of father's sister or mother's brotheramitinus
son of mother's sistermatruelis
surrogate mothermater surrogata
The mother is always certainMater semper certa est
the mother of the familymater familias
tough motherdura mater
with a living mothermatrimus
worshipped as mother of the godsCybele

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Example sentences with "mother", translation memory

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Fittest for this seemed the perpetrator of the mother's murder, Anicetus, commander, as I have already mentioned, of the fleet at Misenum, who got but scant gratitude after that atrocious deed, and subsequently all the more vehement hatred, inasmuch as men look on their instruments in crime as a sort of standing reproach to visus idoneus maternae necis patrator Anicetus, classi apud Misenum, ut memoravi, praefectus, levi post admissum scelus gratia, dein graviore odio, quia malorum facinorum ministri quasi exprobrantes adspiciuntur.
I'm not your mother.Mater tua non sum.
She had, however, a public funeral, and Nero himself from the rostra eulogized her beauty, her lot in having been the mother of a deified child, and fortune's other gifts, as though they were virtues.ductae tamen publicae exequiae laudavitque ipse apud rostra formam eius et quod divinae infantis parens fuisset aliaque fortunae munera pro virtutibus.
Mother is cooking in the kitchen.Mater in culina coquit.
According to one account his mother's domineering temper drove him away; he was weary of having her as his partner in power, and he could not thrust her aside, because he had received this very power as her gift.traditur etiam matris impotentia extrusum quam dominationis sociam aspernabatur neque depellere poterat, cum dominationem ipsam donum eius accepisset.
Mother bought me a nice dress last Sunday.Mamma praeterito Solis die mihi pulchram stolam emit.
Without the mother's knowledge, then in spite of her opposition, they had crept into his favour by debaucheries and equivocal secrets, and even the prince's older friends did not thwart him, for here was a girl who without harm to any one gratified his desires, when he loathed his wife Octavia, high born as she was, and of approved virtue, either from some fatality, or because vice is overpoweringly attractive. It was feared too that he might rush into outrages on noble ladies, were he debarred from this indulgence.ignara matre, dein frustra obnitente, penitus inrepserat per luxum et ambigua secreta, ne senioribus quidem principis amicis adversantibus, muliercula nulla cuiusquam iniuria cupidines principis explente, quando uxore ab Octavia, nobili quidem et probitatis spectatae, fato quodam, an quia praevalent inlicita, abhorrebat, metuebaturque, ne in stupra feminarum inlustrium prorumperet, si illa libidine prohiberetur.
When, after the extinction of the family of the Caesars, Tiberius acquired the empire, he enticed Archelaus by a letter from his mother, who without concealing her son's displeasure promised mercy if he would come to beg for it.ut versa Caesarum subole imperium adeptus est, elicit Archelaum matris litteris, quae non dissimulatis filii offensionibus clementiam offerebae, si ad precandum veniret.
Cluvius relates that Agrippina in her eagerness to retain her influence went so far that more than once at midday, when Nero, even at that hour, was flushed with wine and feasting, she presented herself attractively attired to her half intoxicated son and offered him her person, and that when kinsfolk observed wanton kisses and caresses, portending infamy, it was Seneca who sought a female's aid against a woman's fascinations, and hurried in Acte, the freed-girl, who alarmed at her own peril and at Nero's disgrace, told him that the incest was notorious, as his mother boasted of it, and that the soldiers would never endure the rule of an impious sovereign.Tradit Cluvius ardore retinendae Agrippinam potentiae eo usque provectam, ut medio diei, cum id temporis Nero per vinum et epulas incalesceret, offerret se saepius temulento comptam in incesto paratam; iamque lasciva oscula et praenuntias flagitii blanditias adnotantibus proximis, Senecam contra muliebris inlecebras subsidium a femina petivisse, immissamque Acten libertam, quae simul suo periculo et infamia Neronis anxia deferret pervulgatum esse incestum gloriante matre, nec toleraturos milites profani principis imperium.
"She might as well now turn her poisonings, and her devices which had proved so successful, against Agrippina and her children, and thus sate this exemplary grandmother and uncle with the blood of a most unhappy house."" Two days were frittered away over this mockery of a trial, Tiberius urging Piso's children to defend their mother."proinde venena et artes tam feliciter expertas verteret in Agrippinam, in liberos eius, egregiamque aviam ac patruum sanguine miserrimae domus exsatiaret. biduum super hac imagine cognitionis absumptum urgente Tiberio liberos Pisonis matrem uti tuerentur.
"The power of his wife Messalina was then at its height. She was, it seems, jealous of a certain Poppaea Sabina, who is mentioned in Book XIII., as ""having surpassed in beauty all the ladies of her day."" This Poppaea was the daughter of the Poppaeus Sabinus alluded to in Book VI., and the mother of the more famous Poppaea, afterwards the wife of the emperor Nero."Ergo non minus rubore quam praemiis stimulabantur, ne clientulorum loco potius quam patronorum numerarentur, ne traditae a maioribus necessitudines ad alios transirent, ne tamquam inertes et non suffecturi honoribus aut non impetrarent aut impetratos male tuerentur.
My mother cooks well.Mater mea bene coquit.
But as the aspects of places change not, as do the looks of men, and as he had ever before his eyes the dreadful sight of that sea with its shores (some too believed that the notes of a funereal trumpet were heard from the surrounding heights, and wailings from the mother's grave), he retired to Neapolis and sent a letter to the Senate, the drift of which was that Agerinus, one of Agrippina's confidential freedmen, had been detected with the dagger of an assassin, and that in the consciousness of having planned the crime she had paid its penalty.quia tamen non, ut hominum vultus, ita locorum facies mutantur, obversabaturque maris illius et litorum gravis adspectus (et erant qui crederent sonitum tubae collibus circum editis planctusque tumulo matris audiri), Neapolim concessit litterasque ad senatum misit, quarum summa erat repertum cum ferro percussorem Agermum, ex intimis Agrippinae libertis, et luisse eam poenam conscientia, qua[si] scelus paravisset.
I must help my mother.Mater mihi adiuvanda est.
Of these, Lucanus, Quintianus, and Senecio long persisted in denial; after a time, when bribed by the promise of impunity, anxious to excuse their reluctance, Lucanus named his mother Atilla, Quintianus and Senecio, their chief friends, respectively, Glitius Gallus and Annius Pollio.ex quibus Lucanus Quintianusque et Senecio diu abnuere: post promissa impunitate corrupti, quo tarditatem excusarent, Lucanus Aciliam matrem suam, Quintianus Glitium Gallum, Senecio Annium Pollionem, amicorum praecipuos, nominavere.
"If, said she, ""you have come to see me, take back word that I have recovered, but if you are here to do a crime, I believe nothing about my son; he has not ordered his mother's murder."" The assassins closed in round her couch, and the captain of the trireme first struck her head violently with a club."circumsistunt lectum percussores et prior trierarchus fusti caput eius adflixit.
"Hence, he said, ""I do not take refuge in an answer which it would be easy to return, that Livia can herself decide whether she considers that, after Drusus, she ought again to marry or rather to endure life in the same home, and that she has in her mother and grandmother counsellors nearer and dearer to her. I will deal more frankly."ideo se non illuc decurrere, quod promptum rescriptu, posse ipsam Liviam statuere, nubendum post Drusum an in penatibus isdem tolerandum haberet; esse illi matrem et aviam, propiora consilia.
He had in his vanity read it in the house of Publius Petronius before Vitellia, Petronius's mother-in-law, and several ladies of Clutorius in domo P. Petronii socru eius Vitellia coram multisque inlustribus feminis per vaniloquentiam legerat.
"How often had the Divine Augustus travelled to West and to the East accompanied by Livia? He had himself gone to Illyricum and, should it be expedient, he would go to other countries, not always however with a contented mind, if he had to tear himself from a much loved wife, the mother of his many children."""quoties divum Augustum in Occidentem atque Orientem meavisse comite Livia! se quoque in Illyricum profectum et, si ita conducat, alias ad gentis iturum, haud semper aeque animo si ab uxore carissima et tot communium liberorum parente divelleretur. sic Caecinae sententia elusa.
How's your mother?Ut mater tua valet?
My mother has four brothers.Mater mea quattuor fratres habet.
His mother, Junia, was included in the accusation, as one who still resented the misfortune of exile which she had suffered in the past.adnectebatur crimini Vibia mater eius, ut casus prioris (nam relegata erat) impatiens.
He was first encouraged to hope by the flattery addressed to him, at the prompting of Burrus, by the centurions and tribunes, who again and again pressed his hand and congratulated him on his having escaped an unforeseen danger and his mother's daring crime.atque eum auctore Burro prima centurionum tribunorumque adulatio ad spem firmavit, prensantium manum gratantiumque, quod discrimen improvisum et matris facinus evasisset.
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