pronunciation: IPA: ˈfʊtbɔːl  

Translations into Marathi:

  • फुटबॉल 
    A ball sport in which two teams of 11 players each try to get the ball into the other team's goal using mainly their feet.

Other meanings:

game in New South Wales, Queensland
The ball used in American football.
Canadian game
(Australian, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, uncountable) Australian rules football.
British game
A game similar to rugby football in which two teams attempt to get an ovoid ball into each other's territory.
The ball used when playing football.
US game
Inflated ball used in the sport of football which has between 62 and 66 cm in diameter.
(not North America, uncountable) association football: a game in which two teams each contend to get a round ball into the other team's goal primarily by kicking the ball.
(Canada, uncountable) Canadian football: a game played on a wide field in which two teams attempt to get an ovoid ball to the end of each other's territory.
(Australian, New South Wales, Queensland, uncountable) rugby league.
(countable) The ball used in any game called "football".
(US, uncountable) American football: a game in which two teams attempt to get an ovoid ball to the end of each other's territory.
(figuratively, countable) An item of discussion, particularly in a back-and-forth manner
(Australian, Irish, New Zealand) rugby union
(slang, countable) The nickname of the leather briefcase containing classified nuclear war plans, which is always near the US President.
practise of any of these games
game in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia
(uncountable) Practise of these particular games, or techniques used in them.
(Irish, uncountable) Gaelic football: a field game played with similar rules to hurling, but using hands and feet rather than a stick, and a ball, similar to, yet smaller than a soccer ball.

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american footballअमेरिकन फुटबॉल
association footballफुटबॉल
Gaelic footballगेलिक
rugby footballरग्बी फुटबॉल

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Ken plays football every day.केन प्रत्येक दिवशी फुटबॉल खेळतो.
He used to play football before his marriage.लग्न करण्याच्या आगोदर ते फुटबॉल खेळायचे.
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