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  • رسي مهار لړ 
    In Windows-based systems, a list of access control entries (ACE) that apply to an entire object, a set of the object's properties, or an individual property of an object, and that define the access granted to one or more security principals.

Other meanings:

A method of keeping in check the Internet traffic that attempts to flow through a given hub, router, firewall, or similar device.
A list of permissions attached to an object which specifies who or what is allowed to access the object and what operations are allowed to be performed on the object.
(computing) A security scheme for file level security (as opposed to traditional user, group levels, or the somewhat stricter role levels.) Abbreviated ACL.

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Example sentences with "access control list", translation memory

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en Enter a replacement string, or select a previous one from the list
ps د ځاېناستونې يو مزی وليکئ ، يا د لړ نه کوم مخکنی وټاکئ
en Use--help to get a list of available command line options
ps وکاروئ--help د شته بولۍ ليکه غوراويو د لړ اخيستلو لپاره
en You reached the end of the list of matching items
ps تاسو د سارو توکو د لړ پای ته ورسېدئ
en Next Item in List
ps په لړ کې راتلونکی توکی
en Please select one of the providers listed below
ps لورينه وکړئ د لاندې لړ نه يو برابروونی وټاکئ
en Control Pictures
ps مهار انځورونهKCharselect unicode block name
en Access Keys activated
ps لاسرس کيلۍ چارندې شوې
en An error occurred while accessing '%‧ '
ps ته د لاسرسي پر مهال ستونزه رامنځته شوه ' % ‧ '
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