pronunciation: IPA: ˈfɔː.fɪt /ˈfɔː.fɪt/ , SAMPA: /"fO:.fIt/ "fO:.fIt  

Translations into Tamil:

  • இழ-த்தல்   
    (Verbal  ) (verb   ) [gram: 12 v. tr;phon: iḻa-]
    தவற விடுதல்
    தவற விடுதல்
  • சுல்மானா   
    (Noun  ) (noun   ) [phon: culmāṉā]
  • அபராதம்   
    (noun   )

Other meanings:

to suffer the loss
to give up in defeat
To suffer the loss of something by wrongdoing or non-compliance
a penalty for or consequence of a misdemeanor
sink (in men’s estimation)
lose (e.g. a match)
To suffer the loss of something by wrongdoing or non-compliance.
To lose a contest, game, match, or other form of competition by voluntary withdrawal, by failing to attend or participate, or by violation of the rules

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