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  • legalismo 

Other meanings:

A philosophy of focusing on the text of written law to the exclusion of the intent of law, elevating strict adherence to law over justice, mercy, grace and common sense.
A legal axiom; a statement couched as a proverb expressing a rule of law.

Similar phrases in dictionary English Tagalog. (11)

complaint (legal)dumadaing (pangbatas)
delinquent (legal)napasama (pangbatas)
finding (legal)pagkakahanap (pangbatasan)
findings (legal)mga natuklasan (pangbatasan)
foreign legal adoptionpangbatasang banyagang pagaampon
legal dependencyumaasa sa batas
legal guardianpagbatas na pangangalaga
legally admitted alienpambatasang pinapasok na dayuhan
proof of age, identity, citizenship or legal residence statuskatunayan ng edad, pagkakakilanlan, pagkamamamayan, o pangbatasang kalagayan ng paninirahan
settlement (legal)kasunduan (pambatas)
suit (legal)sakdal (pambatas)

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