pronunciation: IPA: /ˈtɔɪ.lət/ `toɪlət        

Translations into Tagalog:

  • inidoro 
    (Noun  )
    ceramic bowl
    ceramic bowl
    ceramic bowl
  • palikuran 
    A room equipped with a toilet for urinating and defecating.
    lavatory, w.c. (the room)
    ceramic bowl
    lavatory, w.c. (the room)
  • kasilyas 
  • kubeta 
  • pálikurán 

Other meanings:

To use the toilet, or assist (a child etc) in using the toilet
dirty place
(now rare) One's style of dressing; dress, outfit. [from 18th c.]
A lavatory or device for depositing human waste and then flushing it away with water. [from 20th c.]
personal grooming
bathroom with toilet
(figuratively) A shabby or dirty place, especially, a lounge/bar/pub/tavern. [from 20th c.]
Other similar devices, such as squat toilets, as in Japan or the Middle East.
A ceramic device used for depositing and removing human excrement with water through flushing.
bathroom (US)
A room or building equipped with one or more toilets.
(dated) To dress and groom oneself
(archaic) A dressing room. [from 19th c.]
Now specifically, a room or enclosed cubicle containing a lavatory, e.g., a bathroom or water closet (w.c.).
(archaic) Personal grooming; washing, dressing etc. [from 17th c.]
dressing room

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en Where's the toilet?
tl Saan ang kubeta?
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