pronunciation: IPA: /əv/ ɔv /ʌv/ /ɒv/ f v əv , SAMPA: /Vv/ /@v/ /Qv/        

Translations into Tswana:

indicative of age
possessive genitive: belonging to
Expressing composition, substance.
Expressing origin.
linking class with example of class
connecting numeral or quantifier with quantified
containing, comprising or made from
Expressing possession.
Expressing direction.
(usually in modal perfect constructions) Common misspelling of 've.
Introducing subject matter.
Containing, comprising or made from.
Expressing separation.
( time ) before, to
Expressing a point in time.
introducing subject matter
Expressing agency.
Forming the "objective genitive".
Expressing qualities or characteristics.
objective genitive: connecting noun with object
Having partitive effect.

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Book of Mormon
Buka ya ga Momone
certificate of authenticity
setifikeiti sa netefatso
depth of field
boteng jwa lefelo
Ease of Access Center
tikatikwe ya tirisobotlhofo
Federal Republic of Germany
Bokopano ja Lefatshe la Jeremane; Rephaboliki ya Federale ya Jeremane
on top of that
ba bile; le gone
Out of Office
Ga ke teng
Republic of Botswana
Lefatshe la Botswana
Republic of South Africa
Rephaboliki ya Aforika Borwa
table of contents
Lenaneo la diteng
table of figures
Terms of use
Melawana ya tiriso

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