pronunciation: IPA: /dʒɒb/ /dʒɑb/ dʒɒb dʒɑb , SAMPA: dZQb dZAb /dZAb/ /dZQb/        

Translations into Xhosa:

  • umsebenzi 
    A series of business activities that when completed will fulfill a high-level objective.

Other meanings:

An economic role for which a person is paid.
A piece of work to be done, a task to be fulfilled.
(transitive, trading) To buy and sell for profit, as securities; to speculate in.
to speculate
to do odd jobs
(in noun compounds) Plastic surgery; see e.g. nose job.
(intransitive) To work as a jobber.
Productive activity, service, trade, or craft for which one is regularly paid.
A task.
(computing) A task, or series of tasks, carried out in batch mode (especially on a mainframe computer)
(transitive, often with out) To subcontract a project or delivery in small portions to a number of contractors.
(intransitive, professional wrestling slang) To take the loss.
economic role for which a person is paid
(intransitive) To do odd jobs or occasional work for hire.
to work as a jobber

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Example sentences with "job", translation memory

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The default value of ‧ for job-page-limit specifies that there is no limitIxabiso elingagqibekanga lika ‧ we umsebenzi-iphepha-umda ikhankanya ukuba akukho mda
& Enable Job Spooling& Yenza Umsebenzi we Spooling
Preserve job historyGcina umsebenzi wembali
& korn; will do the job. If you are not connected, it will just sit there (idling& korn; izakuwenza umsebenzi. Ukuba awudutyaniswanga, bazakuhlala apho (besonqena
Besides the heavy part of the filtering task to generate a print-ready bitmap, any printing software needs to use a SPOOLing mechanism: this is to line up different jobs from different users for different printers and different filters and send them accordingly to the destinations. The printing daemon takes care of all thisNgaphandle kweqela elinzima lomsebenzi wokucoca ukujikelezisa ushicilelo-olulungilyo lwe bitmap, naziphi na izixhobo zoshicilelo zifuna ukusebenzisa i SPOOLing ezenzekelayo: oku kukulayinisha imisebenzi yabasebenzisi abohlukeneyo babashicileli abohlukeneyo namacebo ohlukeneyo kwaye wathumele ngqo kwiindawo zawo ezingqongileyo. Idaemon yoshicilelo ithatha unonophelo lwako konke oku
& Job IPP Report& Ingxelo Yomsebenzi we IPP
Send EOF after job to eject pageThumela i EOF emva komsebenzi ukukhuphela ngaphandle iphepha
The printer jams and maybe therefor throw away the job (real live experience; or maybe throwing away the job because of problems with the data formatUmshicileli uyaxinga kwaye mhlawumbi alahle kude umsebenzi (ulwazi oluphilileyo lenene; okanye mhlawumbi alahle kude umsebenzi ngenxa yeengxaki ngefomati yedata
To override the present default setting (duplex) and print a job in simplex, you need to use the following commandUkuqhub angaphezulu esikhoyo isicwangciso esingagqibekanga (kabini) kwaye shicilela umsebenzi kokucacileyo, ofuna ukusebenzisa lo myalelo ulandelayo
Preserve job filesGcina imisebenzi yeefayile
Unable to change job priorityAyikwazi ukutshintsha ukubaluleka komsebenzi
The printer for which jobs are requestedUmshicileli apho imisebenzi ifunwa khona
Preserve job history (after completionGcina ngokukhuseleliyo umsebenzi wembali (xa kugqityiwe
Job output mode (gui, console, noneIndlela yomsebenzi wegalelo langaphandle (gui, isakhelo equlathe ibhodo enezitshixo, akukho nanye
Unfinished Jobs in QueueImisebenzi Engagqibekanga efolisiweyo
Filter limit (FilterLimit) Sets the maximum cost of all job filters that can be run at the same time. A limit of ‧ means no limit. A typical job may need a filter limit of at least ‧; limits less than the minimum required by a job force a single job to be printed at any time. The default limit is ‧ (unlimited). exUmda wecebo lokucoca ulwelo (FilterLimit) Icwangcisa ubuninzi bexabiso lemisebenzi yonke yamacebo okucoca ulwelo emisebenzi esebenzisekayo ngexesha elifanayo. Umda ka ‧ uthetha ukuba akukho mda. Umsebenzi angafuna umda wecebo lokucoca ulwelo elingu ‧; imida engaphantsi kobuncincane obufunwa ngumsebenzi wonyanxelo womsebenzi omnye ozakushicilelwa ngexesha ngalinye. Umda wokungagqibeki ngu ‧ (engenasiphelo). ex: ‧ Do not translate the keyword between brackets (e. g. ServerName, ServerAdmin, etc
accepting jobsyamkela imisebenzi
General|Active jobs|Completed jobsNgokubanzi|Imisebenzi esebenzayo|Imisebenzi egqityiweyo
If you define the same printer queues on two or more different servers, the clients will send their jobs to the first responding or available server. This implies an automatic load balancing amongst servers. If you have to take one server off the network for maintenance, the others will just take over its tasks without the users even noticing the differenceUkuba uchaza ufolo lomshicileli omnye kwezimbini okanye naphezulu abahlukeneyo abasebenzisi, abaxhasi bazakuthumela imisebenzi yabo kowokuqala osebenzayo okanye okhoyo umncedisi. Oku kwenza uxhathiso lolayisho oluzenzekelayo ngapha kwabancedisi. Ukuba uzakuthatha umnatha umncedisi omnye kulondolozo lokwamkela uzakuthatha nje imisebenzi yakhe ngaphandle kwabasebenzisi kwaye iqaphela umahluko
CVS commit job doneiWindow yenziwa i iconComment
Select the default banners associated with this printer. These banners will be inserted before and/or after each print job sent to the printer. If you do n't want to use banners, select No BannerKhetha amalaphu anomyalezo okungagqibeki ayanyaniswe nalomshicileli. Lamalaphu anomyalezo phambi kokuba kwaye/okanye emva komsebenzi ngamnye othunyelwe kumshicileli. Ukuba awufuni ukusebenzisa amalaphu anomyalezo, khetha Akukho laphu elinomyalezo </b
General|Driver|Active jobs|Completed jobsNgikubanzi|Umqhubhi|Umsebenzi Osebenzayo|Imisebenzi esebenzayo
Unfinished Job in QueueImisebenzi Engagqibekanga efolisiweyo
Enable/Disable Job SpoolingYenza/Sukwenza Umsebenzi we Spooling
A print job viewerUmboniseli womsebenzi woshicilelo
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