pronunciation: IPA: /dʒɒb/ /dʒɑb/ dʒɒb dʒɑb , SAMPA: dZQb dZAb /dZAb/ /dZQb/        

Translations into Xhosa:

  • umsebenzi 
    A series of business activities that when completed will fulfill a high-level objective.

Other meanings:

An economic role for which a person is paid.
A piece of work to be done, a task to be fulfilled.
(transitive, trading) To buy and sell for profit, as securities; to speculate in.
to speculate
to do odd jobs
(in noun compounds) Plastic surgery; see e.g. nose job.
(intransitive) To work as a jobber.
Productive activity, service, trade, or craft for which one is regularly paid.
A task.
(computing) A task, or series of tasks, carried out in batch mode (especially on a mainframe computer)
(transitive, often with out) To subcontract a project or delivery in small portions to a number of contractors.
(intransitive, professional wrestling slang) To take the loss.
economic role for which a person is paid
(intransitive) To do odd jobs or occasional work for hire.
to work as a jobber

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Example sentences with "job", translation memory

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en Job management is supported: cancel, hold, release, move to different printer
xh Abaphathi bomsebenzi bayaxhaswa: cima, bamba, khupha, yiya ku mshicileli owahlukileyo
en Show jobs for all printers
xh Bonisa imisebenzi yabo bonke abashicileli
en Automatically remove jobs when finished
xh Sika ngokuzenzekelayo ingoma nganye kwi CD entsha
en rejecting jobs
xh iyeka imisebenzi
en The Print Job Viewer is automatically started by & kprinter;. It may be docked into the & kde; panel (in the system tray). The Print Job Viewer allows full job management, if supported by the print subsystem
xh Umboniseli womsebenzi woshicilelo uqalwa ngokuzenzekela yi & kprinter;. Inoku fakwa kwi & kde; iqela lenjongo (kwitreyi yendlela). Umboniseli womsebenzi woshicilelo uvumela abaphathi bomsebenzi opheleleyo, ukuba baxhaswe yindlela esezantsi yoshicilelo
en Jobs printed as raw are always counted as size of ‧ page (and maybe multiple copies
xh Imisebenzi ishicilelwe njenge ekrwada zisoloko zibalwa njengobungakanani belinye iphepha (kwaye mhlawumbi amaphepha amaninzi
en Max jobs per printer
xh Imisebenzi emikhulu kumshicileli ngamnye
en Remove & Completed Jobs
xh Susa & Imisebenzi Egqityiweyo
en Remove Completed Jobs
xh Susa Imisebenzi Egqityiwe
en You won. You even removed the last stone, great job! Your score was %
xh Ususe nelitye lokugqibela, umsebenzi omkhulu! Oku kukunike inqaku le % ‧ oKwiyonke
en Show job viewer at startup
xh Bonisa umboniseli womsebenzi kwisiqalo
en kups was a graphical wrapper to do the administration tasks for your & CUPS; server, and the & CUPS; daemon at the heart of it. You could add, delete, modify, configure, start, and stop printers. You could cancel, delete, move, stop and restart print jobs, and you could change the settings of the daemon, start, stop, and restart it
xh kups ngumsongi womzobo ukwenza immisebenzi yokwamkela weyakho i & CUPS; umncedisi, ne & CUPS; daemon kwintliziyo yayo. Ungadibanisa, ucime, uguqule kancinane, uqwalasele, uqale kwaye uyeke, abashicileli. Ungalahla, ucime, ushukumise, uyeke kwaye uqale kwakhopna imisebenzi yoshicilelo, kwaye ungatshintsha izicwangciso zedaemon, qala, misa, kwaye yiqale kwakhona
en Print Jobs for %
xh Shicilela imisebenzi ye %
en Job management: not supported
xh Abaphathi bomsebenzi: abaxhaswa
en Auto purge jobs (AutoPurgeJobs) Automatically purge jobs when not needed for quotas. Default is No
xh Auto purge jobs (AutoPurgeJobs) Automatically purge jobs when not needed for quotas. Default is No. Do not translate the keyword between brackets (e. g. ServerName, ServerAdmin, etc
en Unfinished Job in Queue
xh Imisebenzi Engagqibekanga efolisiweyo
en Unfinished Jobs in Queue
xh Imisebenzi Engagqibekanga efolisiweyo
en Title/Name for the print job
xh Iwonga/Igama lomsebenzi woshicilelo
en Now you know how & PostScript;-Printers can use & PPD; s. But what about non-PostScript; printers? & CUPS; has done a very good trick: by using the same format and data structure as the & PostScript; Printer Descriptions (PPD; s) in the & PostScript; world, it can describe the available print job options for non-PostScript; printers just the same. For its own special purposes & CUPS; just added a few special options (namely the line which defines the filter to be used for further processing of the & PostScript; file
xh Ngoku uyazi indlela i & PostScript;-Abashicileli bangasebenzisa i & PPD; s. Kodwa kutheni malunga nabangeyo-PostScript; abashicileli? & CUPS; benze iqhinga elilunge kakhulu: ngokusebenzisa ifomati enye nesakhiwo sedata njenge & PostScript, Iinkcazelo Zomshicileli (PPD; s) kwi & PostScript; ihlabathi, ingachaza iinketho ezikhoyo zomsebenzi woshicilelo wabangeyo-PostScript; abashicileli kanye. Kwiinjongo zayo ezithile i & CUPS; nje zidibanise iinketho ezithile ezimbalwa (ezibizwa ngokuba ilayini echaza icebo lokusetyenziswa kuqhubekeko oluphambili lwe & PostScript; ifayile
en & Enable Job Spooling
xh & Yenza Umsebenzi we Spooling
en Maximum number of jobs shown
xh Inani elikhulu lemisebenzi eboniswayo
en Internal Error: No account set for this job
xh Imposiso Yangaphakathi: Akukho akhawunti icwangciselwe lomsebenzi!
en Hold and release jobs
xh Bamba kwaye ukhuphe imisebenzi
en accepting jobs
xh yamkela imisebenzi
en No jobs are in the queue
xh Akukho misebenzi kufoliso
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