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  • 光学字符识别   
  • 光學字符識別   

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en Optical character recognition (OCR-B code): Machine-readable features are incorporated into the reverse of the document, which includes the written information required in order to meet international standards
zh 光学字符识别(B式光学字符识别码):证件的背面有机器可读特征,其中包括必要的文字信息,以符合国际标准。
en Examples of ICT tools used to track cargo and vehicles before and after entering a port area include automated vehicle location (AVL), radio frequency identification devices (RFIDs) and optical character recognition (OCR
zh 在进入港区之前和之后跟踪货物和车辆所用的信通技术工具的例子包括:车辆自动定位、无线电频谱识别装置和光学字符识别
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