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Meeting of Consultants for the Study on Feasibility of Establishing an Institute of Public Finance

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en Moreover, the participation of a strong civilian component is key to the provision of humanitarian assistance, the re-establishment of public order, functioning public institutions, reconstruction, rehabilitation and peace building for longer-term sustainable development
zh 而且,阵容强大的民政人员的参与,对于提供人道主义援助、恢复公共秩序、公共机构运作、重建、复兴及建设和平以促进长期可持续发展至关重要。
en The Committee recommends that gender mainstreaming be introduced in all public institutions, policies and programmes and gender training be provided and focal points be established
zh 委员会建议在所有公共机构、政策和方案中实现社会性别主流化,提供性别平等培训,设立协调中心。
en The law shall determine the supports for the protection of minors in the charge of public institutions.”
zh 法律应该明确在公共机构负责下,对保护未成年人所提供的援助。”
en According to the Committee, key elements of such a strategy should include: establishing human resources planning management systems and units; professionalizing the public service, including human resources management; enhancing the social value of service to the public; creating a learning culture in public institutions; and utilizing the best talent from underrepresented groups
zh 委员会认为,这样一项战略应包括以下关键要素:建立人力资源规划管理系统和单位;使公务员系统专业化,包括人力资源管理专业化;提高向公众提供的服务的社会价值;在公共机构中树立学习文化;利用任职人数不足的团体的最佳人才。
en • Letters of credit are not normally used by Governments and public institutions
zh · 政府和公共机构一般并不使用信用证。
en The questionnaire enquired about the national (including regional/provincial/state) legislation applicable to prevent, counter and eliminate the sale of children as well as the public institutions in charge of these actions
zh 调查问卷询问国家(包括地区/省/州)防止、打击和消除贩运儿童的法律以及负责这些行动的公共机构
en There is no social rented housing sector or rental housing provided by semi-public institutions (associations, cooperatives, etc
zh 没有社会房屋出租业或半公共机构(协会、合作组织等)提供的出租住房。
en Please provide information on the results of the Government's efforts to strengthen national machineries through its twinning project, “The improvement of the public institutional mechanism for the introduction, implementation and monitoring of equal treatment of men and women” mentioned in the report (para
zh 请提供资料,说明政府努力通过开展挂钩项目“改进引入、执行和监测男女平等待遇的公共体制机制”加强国家机制的结果如何(第 ‧ 段)。
en It should be mentioned that the Ministry of Women and Social Development, together with other public institutions and civil society, has pushed for the Peruvian Penal Code to be amended to uphold the right of children to protection from commercial sexual exploitation
zh 特别需要指出的是,妇女事务和社会发展部与其他公共机构以及民间社会共同合作,推动对《秘鲁刑法》的修订,以便从法律上反对和制裁对儿童进行商业性剥削的行为。
en Ethics: the standards which guide the behaviour and actions of personnel in public institutions and which may be referred to as moral laws (see Charter for the Public Service in Africa
zh 道德操守:指导公共机构人员的行为和行动的标准,可称为道德法则(参看非洲公务员制度宪章》)。
en The pilot network will support the efforts of local SMEs, as well as private and public institutions dealing with this sector to strengthen their competitiveness through a targeted exchange of information on investment and technology opportunities
zh 该试点网络将支持当地中小企业以及同该部门有关的私营和公共机构的工作,通过目标明确地交流有关投资和技术机会的信息,加强其竞争力。
en At the same time, the Supreme Court's investigations, despite many obstacles and even threats, have made good progress in showing how seriously public institutions and society at large have been infiltrated by the paramilitaries and their organizations
zh 与此同时,最高法院的各项调查尽管面临许多障碍甚至威胁,但仍然取得了良好的进展,从而揭露了公共机构及一般社会已被准军事人员及其组织渗透的严重程度。
en c. To establish legal protection of the rights of women on an equal basis with men and to ensure through competent national tribunals and other public institutions the effective protection of women against any act of discrimination
zh c. 为妇女确立与男子平等权利的法律保护,通过各国的主管法庭及其它公共机构,保证切实保护妇女不受任何歧视
en Internal monitoring procedures and effective control by public institutions to guarantee the enforcement of these commitments are also noticeably absent
zh 公共机构显然没有内部监测程序和有效控制手段以保证执行这些承诺。
en With regard to women's access to appointed posts, there was evidence of political will to open doors for women to reach high-ranking and decision-making positions in the Government, the judiciary, the diplomatic corps and other public institutions, but the country report itself acknowledged that their participation in political and public decision-making did not correspond to the capacities and potential of Jordanian women
zh 关于妇女获得任命职位的问题,有证据表明确实存在着向妇女敞开大门的政治意愿,使她们能够担任政府、司法机构、外交使团及其他公共机构的高级和决策职位,但是该国报告承认约旦妇女对政治及公共决策的参与度与其能力和潜力不符。
en To that end, my Government is engaged in initiatives aimed at sensitizing its public institutions to NEPAD's pillars and philosophy
zh 为此目的,我国政府正在采取新行动,以提高公共机构对新伙伴关系的各个支柱和原则的敏感性。
en While the limited response to the above-mentioned questionnaire (annex) cautions against drawing firm conclusions on perspectives in, and the state of, public administration in Member States, there are strong indications of commitment to the revitalization of public institutions worldwide
zh 对上文提到的问卷的答复(附件一)有限,不应由此对会员国公共行政的观点及现状作出论断,但是,有确切的迹象显示,世界各国致力于公共机构的振兴。
en Special impetus was given to the National Institute for the Development of the Andean, Amazonic and Afroperuvian Peoples (known as INDEPA), a public institution which focuses on the promotion, defence, research and affirmation of the rights and development of the identity of these peoples
zh 秘鲁大力推进促进安第斯族人、亚马逊区族人和非裔秘鲁族人发展全国机构(即所谓“安亚非鲁族促进机构”),这是一个重点在于增进、维护、研究和确认这些民族权利,发展其特征的机构
en The Minister considered that the fight against poverty and the improvement of public institutions, particularly legal institutions, and law and order institutions (plagued by a serious corruption problem) were key to the building of a modern society, and thus to the resolution of the various problems (including religious problems) faced by Bangladesh
zh 国务秘书认为,向贫困开战并改善负责维持秩序的公共机构,特别是司法机构(它们都受到严重的腐败问题的影响)对于建设一个现代化的社会以及解决包括宗教问题在内的孟加拉国的所有问题是生死攸关的。
en The OSCE has considerable expertise in national minority issues, policing and the building of effective public institutions, which are so essential for the peaceful and sustainable development of Kosovo
zh 欧安组织在少数族裔问题、维持治安和建立有效公共机构方面,具备大量的专门知识,它们对于科索沃的和平与可持续发展来说极为重要。
en The Government covers the cost of tuition for Cypriot students studying at Public Institutions of Higher Education at both university and non-university level
zh 政府支付在公立的大学和非大学水平高等教育机构学习的塞浦路斯学生的学费。
en Table ‧ raduands in Science, Medicine, Agriculture and Engineering in Public Institutes of Higher Learning According to Gender
zh 表 ‧ 学年公立高等院校中科学、医学、农学和技术领域男女研究生人数
en Healthcare in public institutions is also fully financed by the Kosovo budget, but the users of health services need to pay participation fees
zh 公共机构的卫生保健费用也由科索沃预算出资,但医疗卫生服务的受益者需要支付参与费用。
en On the theme of the impact of private investment and trade-related issues on financing for development, he highlighted the role of good governance in encouraging local investment and attracting overseas investment and the need for sound legal and regulatory systems, transparency and accountability of both private and public institutions; the need for effective progress in multilateral trade negotiations with a view to promoting development worldwide and achieving the MDGs; the major role played by trade capacity building in enhancing developing countries' gains from trade negotiations; and the fact that declining or highly unstable commodity prices acted as a disincentive to foreign capital investment
zh 关于私人投资和与贸易相关问题对发展筹资的影响这一问题,他强调善政在鼓励本地投资和吸引海外投资方面的作用,以及对健全的法律和管理制度及私营和公营部门的透明度和问责制的需要;强调有必要在多边贸易谈判中取得实际进展,以期推动世界各国的发展并实现千年发展目标;强调贸易能力建设在增加发展中国家从贸易谈判中获取的益处方面的重要作用;并指出,不断下降或极不稳定的初级商品价格对外国资本投资构成障碍。
en c) Promoting and protecting freedom of expression, freedom of the media, and freedom to seek, receive and impart information in order, inter alia, to improve the transparency of public institutions and policymaking procedures and enhancing the accountability of public officials
zh c) 促进和保护言论自由和媒体自由及寻求、接受和传递信息的自由,以提高公共机构的透明度,改进决策程序,加强公职人员责任制
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