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Meeting of Consultants for the Study on Feasibility of Establishing an Institute of Public Finance

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en When it becomes systematic and is associated with the exercise of political power, it pervades public institutions and establishes the kind of relationship between the citizen and the State in which the betterment of an individual or group, the illegal appropriation of State funds, the unpunished abuse of authority and collusion in the administration of justice delegitimize the very foundations of the rule of law
zh 腐败如成为制度化并与行使政权发生联系,便会渗透于公共机构并在公民与国家之间建立起这样一种关系,即某一个人或集团的改善、非法盗用国家资金、滥用权力而逍遥法外、与司法机关相勾结使得法治的真正基础丧失合法性。
en The organization also publishes a newsletter and sends out e-mails to individuals and public institutions engaged in promoting affirmative action addressed to groups vulnerable to racism
zh 该组织还出版一份通讯,并向参与促进对易受种族主义伤害群体的平权行动的个人和公共机构发送电子邮件。
en Non-governmental sources also noted that these problems could not, of course, be dissociated from difficulties shared by most developing countries, such as the weakness of public institutions and the very difficult economic and social conditions
zh 政府对话者补充道,这些问题当然不能脱离大多数发展中国家本身的困难,如政府机构的薄弱以及十分困难的经济社会条件。
en The Committee is concerned about qualitative and quantitative shortcomings in the judiciary and the Public Prosecutor's Office, the public institutions responsible for overseeing public safety and ensuring that the State functions in a manner that guarantees respect for human rights
zh 委员会关注到,该国司法机关和检察官办公室等这些负责监管公共安全并保证国家以保障尊重人权方式运作的机构在质量和数量上都存在缺点。
en The legal status of each centre varies: three centres are established within academic institutions; three are governmental institutions; two are national institutions with regional roles; two are public institutions; one is a non-governmental organization; and one is operated by an intergovernmental organization
zh 各中心的法律地位各不相同 ‧ 个设于学术机构 ‧ 个是政府机构 ‧ 个是发挥区域作用的国家机构 ‧ 个是公共机构 ‧ 个是非政府组织;还有 ‧ 个由政府间组织运作。
en Among the best practices that have been implemented at national level for the protection of recently arrived refugees (from ‧ on account of the worsening of the conflict in Colombia), is the Communal University Labour Project which was launched in ‧ by the University of Costa Rica and the public institutions concerned (Ministry of Labour and Social Security- Employment Grant- and the Department of Migration and Aliens) with substantial support from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and the NGO ACAI, that body's implementing partner
zh 国家在保护新加入的难民( ‧ 年哥伦比亚冲突加剧后)方面的一些良好做法包括 ‧ 年起由哥斯达黎加大学和相关公共机构(劳动和社会保障部-职业介绍所和移民侨民局)执行的大学共同劳动计划,得到了联合国难民事务高级专员办事处(难民专员办事处)和该组织的执行机构,非政府组织拉丁美洲信息机构的大力支持。
en The size and complexity of international private markets in trade and finance have seriously challenged the monitoring and financial capabilities of international public institutions
zh 贸易和金融中国际私人市场的规模和复杂性对国际公共机构的监测和金融能力构成了严重的挑战。
en “the importance of this ruling must be emphasized, not only because it confirms states' obligations with respect to protection of life, but also because it shows that these obligations are not limited to violations resulting from actions or omissions imputable to state officials or occurring in public institutions
zh “本裁决的重要性必须予以强调,不单单是因为它确认了国家对于保护生命的义务,而且还显示,这些义务不仅限于由推定国家官员的作为和不作为所造成或发生在公共机构的侵犯行为。
en Experts identified the principal supply constraints affecting capacity building, including: an inadequate regulatory environment; weak public institutional and administrative capacity; poor and inefficient infrastructure; and a limited resource base
zh 专家们提出了妨碍能力建设的主要供应制约因素:管理环境不够有力;公共体制和管理能力薄弱;基础设施薄弱、效率低;资源基础有限。
en CEDAW was further concerned at the prevalence of violence against women and girls and at women's apparent reluctance to seek assistance from existing public institutions
zh 消除对妇女歧视委员会还表示关切的是,普遍存在暴力侵害妇女和女孩的现象,但她们明显不愿意寻求现有公共机构的援助。
en On the first point, the Ministry specifically referred to paragraphs ‧ (to promote and protect human rights and freedoms at national and international levels) ‧ (to render free assistance and consultations on the issues of human rights protection) ‧ (to provide free legal assistance to “Helsinki XXI” members, other citizens and associations that ask for help, by protecting their rights and interests in courts, before the state bodies and other organizations) and ‧ (to represent and defend the rights and interests of its members and other citizens who asked for help in state, commercial and public institutions and organizations free of charge) of the “Helsinki XXI” statutes
zh 关于第一点,司法部明确提到“赫尔辛基XXI”章程第 ‧ 段(在国家和国际一级增进和保护人权和自由)、第 ‧ 段 (就有关人权保护问题提供免费协助和咨询)、第 ‧ 段(向“赫尔辛基XXI”成员、寻求帮助的其他公民和协会提供免费法律援助,在法院、国家机构和其他组织保护他们的权利和权益)和第 ‧ 段(在国家、商业和公共机构和组织免费代表其成员和其他寻求帮助的公民并维护他们的权益)。
en Effective entities that will hold the Government accountable to the people will be important, as well as public institutions that will be able to deliver basic services to the population
zh 建立使政府对人民负责的有效实体很重要,建立能够为全体人民提供基本服务的公共机构也很重要。
en The military had encroached upon political life, impairing the accountability and transparency of public institutions
zh 军方侵入政治生活,损害公共机构的问责制和透明度。
en The principle of equal remuneration of men and women workers for work of equal value in the public institutions is not infringed
zh 在公共机构中不存在违犯男女工人之间等值工作等值报酬原则的情况。
en This act will enable electronic document flow among Government bodies and public institutions, and it will stimulate e-commerce in general
zh 这一法案将使电子文件流通于政府机构和公共机构之间,将剌激广泛的电子商务。
en By providing answers, law-based local institutions demonstrate that progress has been made and can contribute to rebuilding trust in public institutions
zh 通过提供答案,守法的当地机构证明已经取得进展,并有助于人们恢复对公共机构的信任。
en The ratio of the participation in public and non- public institutions in the higher education for the period ‧ is presented as follows
zh 年高等教育中公立和非公立学校的学生比例
en Given the profound challenges of these countries in increasing their exports, attracting crucial foreign investment and building public institutions essential for competitiveness and innovation, work in those areas must remain a major focus for UNCTAD
zh 鉴于这些国家在增加出口、吸引关键的外国投资和建设形成竞争力和创新能力而必需的公共机构方面所面临的艰巨挑战,这些领域的工作必须继续作为贸发会议的主要重点之一。
en The most effective guarantee of the realization of such rights and freedoms lies in the crucial role that has been played by the Constitutional Court, whose rulings mostly relate to the activities of public institutions- central or regional government, the judiciary and other agencies- or to legislation introduced by the Government or Parliament- laws, decrees, orders or decisions- as regards the requirements and restrictions imposed by the Basic Law
zh 宪法法院对其重要职能的行使是对公民基本的权利和自由最有效的保障,宪法法院的决定对各种公共机构(政府、中央或地方行政机构、司法机构、机关等)具有约束力,同时也是政府和议会制定法案(法律、法令、命令、决议等等)的规范。
en Also urge States to ensure that national human rights institutions and public institutions responsible for combating racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, inter alia, have within their competence the capacity to receive, investigate and mediate complaints and, where appropriate, to refer such complaints to the justice system for appropriate action
zh 还敦促各国确保负责打击种族主义、种族歧视、仇外心理及相关不容忍现象的国家人权机构政府机构能够在其职权范围内受理、调查及调解有关申诉,并酌情将此类申诉移交司法机关,供其采取适当行动
en a) “Public official” shall mean any elected or appointed person who, in accordance with the scope of the penal law of the country concerned is considered an official exercising a public office or serves as a member of a public institution in the executive, legislative or judiciary fields
zh a) “公职人员”系指经选举或任命的、在有关国家刑法范围内被视为履行公职的官员或作为行政、立法或司法领域公共机关成员的人
en On this point, it is important to note that adult women have always been able to seek sterilization in public or private institutions: the difference was that in public institutions the woman required the authorization of her husband and must have had four children, whereas in private clinics all that was required was the agreement of the attending physician
zh 在这方面,重要的是澄清以下事实:成年妇女一向能够在公立和私立医疗机构进行绝育手术,二者的差别是在公立医院进行绝育手术,要求接受手术的妇女已有四个子女而且必须得到丈夫的同意,而在私立诊所进行绝育手术,只需要获得主治医生的同意。
en One innovative strategy Ghana endorses is fostering closer coordination between public institutions that deal with peacekeeping and those that deal with women's affairs
zh 加纳所采用的一项创新战略,是促进有关维和的公共机构和有关妇女事务的公共机构之间进一步协调。
en Healthcare in public institutions is also fully financed by the Kosovo budget, but the users of health services need to pay participation fees
zh 公共机构的卫生保健费用也由科索沃预算出资,但医疗卫生服务的受益者需要支付参与费用。
en It was produced by a group of experts from TV programming and production, public institutions working for equality of opportunity and treatment between women and men, and the academic and business worlds
zh “儿童,电视与性别”这份由电视制作和电视节目专家与从业者和其他一些公共机构完成于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月的文件,主张在学术界和企业(电视机构)运作领域,都推行男女平等和男女机会平等。
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