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en ESS is an independent legal entity with the status of a public institution
zh 斯洛文尼亚就业服务局是一个具有公共机构地位的独立法律实体。
en It is not only a question of quantitative impact, as the numerical results are still little significant, given the objective of including black young people in higher education: less than ‧ per cent of public institutions have adopted affirmative actions, and these account for only ‧ per cent of admissions to higher education (IPEA, op. cit
zh 鉴于目标是将黑人青年纳入高等教育,所以这不仅仅是一个数量效应问题,因为数量结果的意义仍然微不足道:采取肯定行动的公立学校不到 ‧ %,而这些学校的入学人数只占高等教育入学人数的 ‧ %(应用经济研究所,同上)。
en To that end, my Government is engaged in initiatives aimed at sensitizing its public institutions to NEPAD's pillars and philosophy
zh 为此目的,我国政府正在采取新行动,以提高公共机构对新伙伴关系的各个支柱和原则的敏感性。
en Farmers' organizations, including cooperatives and professional bodies, are being established or strengthened with a view to providing complementary services at local level and participating in policy debate with decentralized public institutions
zh 农民组织(包括合作社和专业机构)也正在建立起来或予以加强,以期在地方一级提供辅助性服务和与下放公共机构进行政策讨论。
en In the case of obesity, on the basis of national data collected by public institutions, the following targets were adopted for the five-year period ‧ by ‧ stabilizing the prevalence of obesity among preschool children, schoolchildren and pregnant women; by ‧ diminishing obesity by three percentage points among preschool children; by ‧ diminishing obesity by four percentage points among primary schoolchildren and pregnant women
zh 就肥胖而言,根据政府收集的国家数据,通过了 ‧ 年 ‧ 年期的下列目标:到 ‧ 年,使学龄前儿童、小学生和孕妇的肥胖发病率稳定下来;到 ‧ 年,将学龄前夕肥胖率降低 ‧ 个百分点;到 ‧ 年,将小学生和的肥胖率降低 ‧ 个百分点。
en We call for more assistance to the family, particularly in its formative mission, by national and international law and the practice of States, various public institutions, religious communities and the mass media
zh 我们呼吁,在国家法律和国际法的协助下,国家、各社会机构、宗教团体和媒体的协助下,加强对家庭的支助,特别是在教育方面的支助。
en In conclusion, the opportunities of globalization cannot be seized, nor the risks contained, without a reordering of priorities and renewed emphasis on strengthening public institutions on some new, as well as traditional, fronts
zh 总之,不重新调整优先次序,不重新强调某些关于新的方面以及某些传统方面的公共机构,就不可能抓住全球化带来的机会,也不能控制住它带来的威胁。
en The Fourth King devoted ‧ years of his reign to set-up every political and public institution necessary for the introduction of parliamentary democracy in
zh 第四任国王在就任的 ‧ 年间,致力于制定 ‧ 年引入议会民主制所需的各种政治和公共制度。
en We need good, working public institutions within countries to tackle the many issues at hand
zh 我们需要各国国内建立良好和行之有效的公共体制,以处理手头的许多问题。
en CEDAW was further concerned at the prevalence of violence against women and girls and at women's apparent reluctance to seek assistance from existing public institutions
zh 消除对妇女歧视委员会还表示关切的是,普遍存在暴力侵害妇女和女孩的现象,但她们明显不愿意寻求现有公共机构的援助。
en The PA has perceived since ‧ the need to strengthen and improve the performance of public institutions as a key element in achieving sustainable development
zh 巴勒斯坦政权机构自 ‧ 年以来已认识到需要加强和改善公共机构的效绩作为实现可持续发展的一个关键要素。
en It includes the participation of civil society, international organizations and public institutions
zh 它包括了民间社会、国际组织和公共机构的参与。
en However, no statistical data are available for these two public institutions
zh 但是,并没有具体的相关数据。
en To achieve this, three basic goals have been established in the Programme, which should help to bring about change in the country and improve the state of health of all Mexicans, to reduce inequalities in terms of health and to guarantee proper treatment, avoiding any excessive expenditure affecting the population while at the same time strengthening public institutions
zh 为此,该计划中确定了三项基本目标,实现这些目标有助于为墨西哥带来变化和改善所有墨西哥人的健康状况,有助于减少卫生领域的不平等现象,有助于保证病人得到适当的治疗,避免增加人民的额外开支,同时还能加强公共机构
en Following the attacks of ‧ eptember ‧ many public institutions and political figures tried to forestall a drift towards xenophobia and racism by calling specifically for the rejection of stereotypes based on nationality or religion
zh 在 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日的袭击事件之后,许多政府机构和政界人士都发出具体呼吁,要求人们抵制基于民族或宗教的成见,以便设法阻止仇外和种族主义倾向。
en Whether it should be a private or a public institution depends exclusively on the emergence of private initiatives to enter such a market
zh 这一公司应作为私有机构还是公有机构,完全取决于是否有私营企业愿意进入这一市场。
en This act will enable electronic document flow among Government bodies and public institutions, and it will stimulate e-commerce in general
zh 这一法案将使电子文件流通于政府机构和公共机构之间,将剌激广泛的电子商务。
en The Committee is also concerned about the limited implementation of the gender mainstreaming strategy by all public institutions and the lack of a strong mechanism to coordinate and assess the implementation of the gender mainstreaming strategy and the results achieved
zh 委员会还担心所有公共机构有限执行将性别问题纳入主流的战略,以及缺乏一个强有力的机制来协调和评价将性别问题纳入主流的战略的执行情况和所取得的成就。
en The main goal of the exercise was to refocus the work of the United Nations and, consequently, that of the Division for Public Administration and Development Management in key priority areas, thus aligning all Divisional activities with the ‧ orld Summit conclusions, which reiterated, inter alia, the importance of good governance and sound public institutions in the implementation of the global development agenda
zh 其中包括全球会议、《千年宣言》和 ‧ 年世界首脑会议。
en c) To establish legal protection of the rights of women on an equal basis with men and to ensure through competent national tribunals and other public institutions the effective protection of women against any act of discrimination
zh 采取必要的法律或非法律手段,包括惩罚措施,以禁止对妇女的各种歧视。 通过法院和国家的其他公共机关,用法律保护女性与男性平等享受权利,使女性得到切实的保障。
en Activities were focused on promoting access to education for girls and increasing the number of women in public institutions at all levels
zh 活动的重点是促进女童获得受教育机会和增加各级公共机构中的妇女人数。
en The main activities developed have contributed to promoting empowerment processes and to stimulating the exercise of democracy, transparency and respect for public institutions, in relation to human rights
zh 开展的主要活动是促进就业进程,并围绕人权问题激励实行民主政治、提高施政透明度和尊重公共制度。
en In the territorial-administrative units where citizens belonging to national minorities represent more that ‧ per cent of the total population, the local public authorities, public institutions under their coordination and decentralized public services will also ensure, in their relations with these citizens, the use of their mother tongue
zh 在少数民族公民占总人口 ‧ %以上的地域--行政单位,地方政府机构、由地方政府机构负责协调的公共机关以及分权公用事业单位还将确保在它们与少数民族公民的交往中使用少数民族的母语。
en NGOs will have a role of monitoring, and of providing information and education to the population so as to support the democratic functioning of public institutions
zh 非政府组织将发挥监督和向人民提供信息和教育的作用,以支持公共机构的民主运作。
en Unemployment was high in the occupied Golan and most of the workers were confined to insecure temporary jobs, as positions in governmental and other public institutions were reserved for settlers
zh 被占戈兰的失业率高,多数工人只限于从事毫不保障的临时工作,因为政府和其他公共机构的职位留给了定居者。
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