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Since inoculations were introduced the cases of mumps dropped from several tens of thousands a year to several hundred自实行接种以来,腮腺炎病例由每年几病例下降至几百病例。
In August ‧ the Spanish Foreign Minister announced that Spain was considering providing “several tens of thousands of telephone lines” to Gibraltar as a sign of “good negotiating will” towards the United Kingdom年 ‧ 月,西班牙外交大臣宣布,西班牙正在考虑向直布罗陀提供“数万条电话线”,以此向联合王国表明其“良好的谈判意愿”。
The civil justice system is of particular concern; its increasing backlog of cases now stands at several tens of thousands民事司法系统特别令人关注,它积压的案件越来越多,现已达到几宗。
In addition, there are several tens of thousands of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian ethnicity who were internally displaced此外,境内流离失所者中还有数万名罗姆人、阿什卡利族和埃及人。
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