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en And the Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance (chap ‧ ) contains provisions prohibiting under ‧ year-olds from undertaking hazardous work processes
zh 而《职业安全及健康条例》(第 ‧ 章)明文禁止 ‧ 岁以下人士从事危险性的工序。
en As reflected in paragraph ‧ (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) and (f) of the Vienna Declaration as contained in Report of the Third United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, Vienna ‧ uly ‧ (United Nations publication, Sales No ‧ ), chap. I, resolution
zh 反映在《第三次联合国探索及和平利用外层空间会议的报告》第一章决议 ‧ 所载《维也纳宣言》的第 ‧ (a)、(b)、(c)、(d)、(e)和(f)段。
en Report of the Economic and Social Council (chap. I, chap. VII, sects. B-C, chap
zh 经济及社会理事会(第一章、第七章,B和C节和第九章)(草 ‧ )。
en see recommendations ‧ (for paras ‧ and ‧ ) and ‧ (for paras ‧ and ‧ ) and chap. III, paras
zh 关于第 ‧ 和第 ‧ 款)见建议 ‧ (关于第 ‧ 和第 ‧ 款)见建议 ‧ 另见第三章,第 ‧ 段
en At its ‧ nd meeting, on ‧ uly, the Council adopted draft decision I, entitled “Dates and venue for the ninth session of the United Nations Forum on Forests”, recommended by the Forum (see ‧ chap
zh 在 ‧ 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 次会议上,理事会通过了论坛建议的题为“联合国森林论坛第九届会议的日期和地点”的决定草案一(见 ‧ 第一章A节)。
en The Committee shares the concerns of the Board of Auditors (see ‧ vol. II, chap. II, para
zh 咨询委员会与审计委员会同样关切到(见 ‧ 第 ‧ 段)。
en The Committee of the Whole considered paragraphs ‧ and ‧ of the draft declaration on cities and other human settlements in the new millennium (see ‧ chap. VII.C, draft decision ‧ ) at its... meeting, on... June
zh 全体委员会 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 日在其第 次会议上审议了关于新千年中的城市和其他人类住区宣言草案( ‧ 第七章C节,第 ‧ 号决定)第 ‧ 和 ‧ 段。
en fficial Records of the General Assembly, Fifty-fifth Session, Supplement No ‧ ( ‧ ), chap. III, part E, paras
zh 《大会正式记录,第五十五届会议,补编第 ‧ 号》( ‧ ),第三章,E部分,第 ‧ 段至第 ‧ 段。
en At the ‧ rd meeting, on ‧ uly, the Council adopted the draft decision entitled “Report of the Commission for Social Development on its thirty-eighth session and provisional agenda and documentation for the thirty-ninth session of the Commission”, recommended by the Commission for Social Development ( ‧ chap
zh 月 ‧ 日第 ‧ 次会议,理事会通过社会发展委员会建议的题为“社会发展委员会第三十八届会议的报告和第三十九届会议临时议程和文件”的决定草案( ‧ 第一章,B节)。
en In terms of governance principles and best practices, the following governance issues are normally reported on in a medium such as the financial report (chap
zh 就治理原则和最佳做法而言,通常通过财务报告(第一章)来简述治理问题
en With respect to the problem of a backlog of reports pending consideration, the Committee considers that the most effective solution to that problem is to have a third regular session each year (see chap. I above
zh 关于尚未审议的报告的积压问题,委员会认为解决这一问题的最有效方法将是每年召开第三届常会(见上文第一章)。
en See Official Records of the Economic and Social Council ‧ upplement No ‧ ( ‧ ), chap. I, sect. A, draft resolution I, para ‧ (e
zh 见《经济及社会理事会 ‧ 年,补编第 ‧ 号》( ‧ ),第一章,A节,决议草案一,第 ‧ 段(e)。
en Most recently, the Monterrey Consensus opted “to eradicate poverty, achieve sustained economic growth and promote sustainable development as we advance to a fully inclusive and equitable global economic system”. (See ‧ chap
zh 最近,蒙特雷共识商定“在我们迈向各方充分参与的、公平的全球经济制度过程中,设法消除贫穷、实现持续增长以及促进可持续发展。”
en Report of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, South Africa ‧ ugust ‧ eptember ‧ (United Nations publication, Sales No ‧ and corrigendum), chap. I, resolution ‧ annex, chapter XI, entitled “Institutional framework for sustainable development”, paragraph ‧ subparagraph (d
zh 《可持续发展问题世界首脑会议报告,南非,约翰内斯堡 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日 ‧ 月 ‧ 日》(联合国出版物,出售品编号 ‧ 和更正)第一章,决议 ‧ 附件,第十一章,题为“可持续发展的体制框架”,第 ‧ (d)段。
en Report of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, South Africa ‧ ugust ‧ eptember ‧ (United Nations publication Sales No ‧ ) chap. I resolution ‧ annex
zh 《可持续发展问题世界首脑会议报告 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,南非,约翰内斯堡》,(联合国出版物,销售号 ‧ )第一章,决议 ‧ 附件。
en The Employees' Welfare Fund of the Export Processing Zone in Mauritius, for example, provided loans to workers at concessionary rates for the purchase of domestic appliances (Addati and Cassirer ‧ ) (see also chap
zh 例如,毛里求斯出口加工区雇主福利基金以优惠利率向工人提供贷款,以购买家用电器(Addati和Cassirer ‧ 年)(另见第四章)。
en Official Records of the Economic and Social Council ‧ upplement No ‧ ( ‧ ), chap. I, sect. A, draft resolution III
zh 《经济及社会理事会正式记录 ‧ 年,补编第 ‧ 号》( ‧ ),第一章,A节,决议草案三。
en In response, the Administration proposed funding mechanisms for its estimated liabilities for after-service health insurance but did not explore funding mechanisms for its accrued annual leave and other termination benefits, which were estimated to be between $ ‧ and $ ‧ million (see ‧ (Vol. I), chap. II, para
zh 作为回应,行政当局建议为离职后医疗保险估算负债设立筹资机制,但并未研究应计年假和其他解雇补助金的筹资机制,后者估计在 ‧ 亿至 ‧ 亿美元之间(见 ‧ 第一卷,第二章,第 ‧ 段)。
en The seven draft articles referred to the Drafting Committee in ‧ remain in the Drafting Committee until all the draft articles are provisionally adopted (chap
zh 年提交起草委员会的七条草案将留在起草委员会,直到所有条款草案暂时通过为止(第八章)。
en d) With regard to the Mid-term Review as a whole, it took note of the conclusions presented by the Secretary-General of UNCTAD (for the conclusions, see chap. I, sect. D, above
zh d) 关于整个中期审查,它注意到贸发会议秘书长提出的结论(关于结论,见上文第一章D节)。
en a See Official Records of the General Assembly, Fifty-seventh Session, Supplement No ‧ ( ‧ and Corr ‧ ), vol. IV, chap
zh a 见《大会正式记录,第五十七届会议,补编第 ‧ 号》( ‧ 和Corr ‧ ),第四卷,第二章。
en bid., Fifty-ninth Session, Supplement No ‧ ( ‧ ), vol. II, chap. II, para
zh 同上,《第五十九届会议,补编第 ‧ 》号( ‧ ),第二卷,第二章,第 ‧ 段。
en Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change , Working Group ‧ eport, chap
zh 政府间气候变化专门委员会( ‧ 年),第二工作组报告,第 ‧ 章。
en The Commission was of the view that it was implicit in the system recommended in the draft model provisions as well as in the Legislative Guide (for instance, in para ‧ of the notes on chap. III, “Selection of the concessionaire”), that, in respect of bidding consortia, qualification requirements (whether at the beginning or later in the selection proceedings) applied to the consortium as a whole and to each of its individual members
zh 委员会认为, 示范条文草案和立法指南(例如关于第三章“特许公司的选定”的说明中的第 ‧ 段)中所建议的制度间接表明就投标的联营集团而言,资格要求(无论是在筛选程序的开始还是稍后阶段)既适用于整个联营集团,也适用于其中的个别成员。
en ee Official Records of the Economic and Social Council ‧ upplement No ‧ ( ‧ ), chap. II, sect. A, resolution ‧ annex
zh 见《经济及社会理事会正式记录 ‧ 年,补编第 ‧ 号》( ‧ ),第二章A节,第 ‧ 号决议,附件。
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