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  • 0 或 1 匹配   
    A menu item that allows the user to search for a pattern A to be represented in pattern B 0 or 1 times. Patterns could be strings, characters, etc. For example, if you want to find any strings that meet the criteria " AB 0 or 1 matches in string", then "CCC", "ABC" meet the criteria, while "ABCAB" doesn't meet.
  • 0 或 1 符合   
    A menu item that allows the user to search for a pattern A to be represented in pattern B 0 or 1 times. Patterns could be strings, characters, etc. For example, if you want to find any strings that meet the criteria " AB 0 or 1 matches in string", then "CCC", "ABC" meet the criteria, while "ABCAB" doesn't meet.

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Although in many countries the level of participation of the female labour force has risen, the increases in employment [Canada: often] have not been matched by improvements in [Canada: wages and] working conditions [Canada: or marked decreases in the level of poverty among women在许多国家中,妇女劳动力的参与比率有所提高,但就业机会的增长却[加拿大:常常]没有相应带来[加拿大:工资和]工作条件的改善[加拿大:或者妇女贫困程度的明显下降。
The Single Population Register Code (CURP) is an official individual identification code whose main characteristic is a single match between the person and his or her code单一人口注册编码是正式的个人身份编码,它的主要特色是让个人和他她的编码一次相配。
Counterparties typically mitigate or hedge the risks associated with these contracts by entering into one or more “matchingor “hedge” contracts with third parties, the value of which fluctuates inversely with the value of the debtor's contract对应方一般通过与第三方订立一项多项“对冲”合同“套期保值”合同来减轻冲销与这些合同相关的风险,这些合同的价值与债务人合同的价值呈反向波动。
Attempts to address the issue of impunity- such as the reopening, before a military court, of the Ankoro trial, concerning crimes against humanity committed in November ‧ have not been matched by a real commitment from the Transitional Government to stop, prevent or even condemn continued human rights violations为解决有罪不罚问题进行了努力,例如在军事法庭恢复对 ‧ 年 ‧ 月发生的危害人类罪行的安科罗审判,但过渡政府没有配合这种努力做出实际承诺来制止、预防甚至谴责继续侵犯人权的行为。
By naming the parties that continue to recruit or use child soldiers, the international community has demonstrated its willingness to match words with deeds国际社会点名批评继续征募使用儿童士兵的当事方,表明它愿意将口号落实在行动上。
Matching claims: Two or more claims filed by a claimant during the regular filing period and under the late-claims programme相同索赔: 一名索赔人在正常的提交期内以及在迟交的索赔方案中提交两件更多索赔。
UNOPS has also started to revisit and update old organizational directives, replacing them with new or amended directives that match the current technological environment and business requirements项目厅还开始重新研究和更新原有的组织指令,代之以符合目前技术环境和业务需求的新的经修订的指令。
Throughout the debate and the consultations in which we have been involved, Canada has recognized the need for adaptation, while emphasizing the need to maintain, match or enhance the benefits of existing arrangements在我国参加的所有辩论和磋商中,加拿大都认识到必须适应新形势,但同时强调,必须维持现有安排的利益,提供同等的利益增强这些利益。
c) Urge the ‧ ommittee to continue strengthening the Committee's role in facilitating technical assistance for implementation of resolution ‧ including by engaging actively in matching offers and requests for assistance through such means as assistance templates, action plans or other information submitted to the ‧ ommitteec) 敦促 ‧ 委员会继续加强委员会的作用,协助提供技术援助以促进执行第 ‧ 号决议,包括通过援助模板、行动计划和提交 ‧ 委员会的其他信息等途径,积极匹配援助提供方和请求方
b) The average carat value of exported diamonds matches or exceeds the average carat value of Angolan gems, $ ‧ per carat, and is not the expected average carat value for that countryb) 出口钻石的平均克拉价值相当于超过安哥拉宝石的平均克拉价值,即每克拉 ‧ 美元以上,而且不是该国的预期平均克拉价值
The results of this matching indicate that certain claimants who filed claims in this late-claims programme had previously filed one or more claims with the Commission in categories “A”, “B”, “C” or “D”比对的结果表明,一些在本次迟交的索赔方案中提交了索赔的索赔人,先前曾向委员会提交过一件多件“A”、“B”、“C”“D”类索赔。
• Natural persons will be required to show proof of address if their personal identification document does not give their address or the address does not match the one mentioned in the contract* 如果自然人的个人身份证件没有列出地址所列地址与合同所列地址不符,需出示地址证明。
The Special Rapporteur also wishes to congratulate FIFA for the awareness-raising work carried out by its multi-ethnic “team” of ambassadors against racism, which includes the greatest former and current players and trainers. He also pays tribute to FIFA for its adoption of an amendment to its disciplinary code which provides for stricter sanctions against those involved in racist incidents, ranging from match suspension to point deductions or the disqualification of the team特别报告员还赞扬国际足联,组织由过去和现役著名球员和教练组成的多族裔反种族歧视大使“小组”开展宣传工作,并通过了对《纪律守则》的修订,批准对种族主义事件采取更严厉的制裁措施,包括停赛、扣分取消球队资格等。
He also commends FIFA on its adoption of an amendment to its Disciplinary Code, which provides for stricter measures to punish racist incidents, ranging from match suspensions to point deductions or the disqualification of the team他还赞扬国际足联通过了对《纪律守则》的修订,批准对种族主义事件采取更严厉的制裁措施,包括停赛、扣分取消球队资格等。
The Fund provided monies on a matching basis for capital work on recognized heritage properties in public or non-profit ownership该基金按对等基础向国家非营利组织所有的公认遗产的基本建设工作拨款。
The problem is all the trickier in that according to the Vienna definition, which is reflected in draft guideline ‧ in the Guide to Practice, the manner in which a unilateral act is phrased or named does not constitute an element of its definition as a reservation; a treaty may well not use the term “reservation” in describing a method of modifying treaty commitments, whereas the method in question matches the definition of reservations in all respects and must therefore be regarded as a reservation这个问题还要麻烦得多,因为依照《实践指南》的准则草案 ‧ 所反映的维亚纳定义,一项单方面行为的措辞名称并不构成它被称为保留的一个要素素,因此,一项条约很可能不用“保留”一词来指某种更改条约承诺的方法,虽然这种方法在各方面完全符合保留的定义,因而应该被看作一项保留。
In this context the “Opening Spaces” programme is a specialist matching network which seeks to coordinate the efforts of public and private institutions with a view to promoting the insertion of these groups into employment or their inclusion in programmes of training for employment在这种大环境下,“开放空间”项目是一个专家匹配网络,旨在协调公众和私有机构间的努力,促进这些群体就业,或者参与就业培训计划。
In Tanzania, we strive to match the goodwill extended to us, whether through debt relief or bilateral assistance我们在坦桑尼亚努力配合不管是通过减免债务还是双边援助向我们表示的诚意。
The scope of this provision does not match that of paragraph ‧ (c), (vii) of Annex ‧ section C, sub-section II, which states that blue bands at a height of approximately ‧ m on lampposts, trees, etc., bordering a carriageway, or lines on the kerb, may notify the fact that the duration of parking is limited but parking is not subject to payment这一规定的范围与附件一C节II项第 ‧ (c),(vii)款不符,其中规定车路边灯杆树木等上面约 ‧ 米高处的蓝色圈和边石上的划线可以表示停车时间有限制但并不交费。
A number of developing countries, particularly newly industrializing economies (NIEs) in East Asia, have been able to achieve substantial increases in their shares in world manufacturing value-added that have matched or exceeded increases in their shares in world manufacturing trade一些发展中国家,尤其是东亚新兴工业化经济体在世界制造业增值方面所占份额大幅度上升,赶上超过了它们在世界制成品贸易中所占的份额。
Article ‧ of the draft contains a provision stating that “in the regions where they are in a majority the persons belonging to a national minority shall have the right to have at their disposal appropriate local or autonomous authorities or to have a special status, matching the specific historical and territorial situation and in accordance with the domestic legislation of the state”草案第 ‧ 条中的一项条款规定,“在他们是大多数的地区,根据特定的历史和领土情况及国内立法,少数民族应有权建立适当的地方自治当局享有特殊地位”。
These improvements demonstrate the flexible nature of this framework convention, which constantly allows the States parties to match new military advancements and technologies with further appropriate measures and restrictions meant to ensure that injuries of civilians or damage to their property are kept to a minimum- taking into account both military requirements and humanitarian law上述改善表明这一框架公约的灵活性,使缔约国能不断地对新的军事发展和技术配备进一步的适当措施和限制,以便在兼顾军事要求和人道主义法的同时,保证将对平民的伤害或者对他们的财产损坏保持在最低程度。
The review should identify the extent to which revenue matches the costs of providing products or services审查应查明收入是否符合提供产品服务的费用。
It therefore requires more rigorous research within these country or regional contexts for example, into the question of why urbanization in some countries/regions is not matched by economic growth, so that urbanization policies are based on adequate specific knowledge and not on overgeneralizations因此,它要求在这些国家区域范围内大力开展研究,研究例如为什么某些国家/区域的城市化并没有伴随着相应的经济增长的问题,以便使城市化政策立足于充分的具体认识而不是立足于一般化的了解。
For example, cross-checks and electronic and manual matching have been conducted in order to identify duplicate or overlapping or competing claims as mentioned above比如,采取了交叉核对和以电子及人工手段进行名称匹配的方法,以查找上述各种重复索赔、重叠索赔和竞合索赔。
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