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  • 1 或更多匹配   
    A menu item that allows the user to search for a pattern A to be represented in pattern B 1 or more times. Patterns could be strings, characters, etc.
  • 1 或更多符合   
    A menu item that allows the user to search for a pattern A to be represented in pattern B 1 or more times. Patterns could be strings, characters, etc.

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en HP-GL Print Options All options on this page are only applicable if you use KDEPrint to send HP-GL and HP-GL/‧ files to one of your printers. HP-GL and HP-GL/‧ are page description languages developed by Hewlett-Packard to drive Pen Plotting devices. KDEPrint can (with the help of CUPS) convert the HP-GL file format and print it on any installed printer. Note ‧: To print HP-GL files, start 'kprinter ' and simply load the file into the running kprinter. Note ‧: The 'fitplot ' parameter provided on this dialog does also work for printing PDF files (if your CUPS version is more recent than ‧.‧). Additional hint for power users: These KDEPrint GUI elements match with CUPS commandline job option parameters:-o blackplot=... ‧ examples: " true " or " false "-o fitplot=... ‧ examples: " true " or " false "-o penwidth=... ‧ examples: " true " or " false "
zh HP-GL 列印選項 這一頁中所有的選項都只在您透過 KDEPrint 送出 HP-GL HP-GL/‧ 檔案給您的印表機才會用到 。 HP-GL 與 HP-GL/‧ 都是由 HP 開發出來, 用來控制「 筆繪圖裝置 」 ( Pen Plotting devices) 的「 頁描述語言 」 ( Page description language ) 。 KDEPrint 可以透過 CUPS 的協助, 將 HP-GL 檔案格式轉換並列印出來 。 注意 : ‧. 要列印 HP-GL 檔案, 只要開啟 kprinter 並將檔案載入即可 。 ‧. fitplot 參數也可以用於列印 PDF 檔( 如果您的 CUPS 版本大於 ‧. ‧. ‧ 的話 ) 。 進階使用者的額外提示 : 這些選項與以下的 CUPS 命令列選項參數是一樣的 :-o blackplot=... ‧ 例 : " true " " false "-o fitplot=... ‧ 例 : " true " " false "-o penwidth=... ‧ 例 : " ‧ " " ‧ "
en It considered that one of the ways to achieve a better match between national priorities and United Nations system support of country efforts and a closer alignment of existing tools, particularly common country assessments and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), with national policies and processes was to ensure a more systematic participation of non-resident agencies, many of which are engaged in the productive sector or infrastructure support, in the overall development cooperation effort at the country level
zh 行政首长理事会认为,让联合国系统对国家工作的支持,好地响应国家一级的优先事项,让现有的手段尤其是共同国家评估和联合国发展援助框架同国家政策和进程好地配合,其中一个方式是确保非驻地机构有系统的参与,其中许多非驻地机构在国家一级的全面发展合作努力范畴内,参与了生产部门基础设施支助。
en Keep Printing Dialog Open If you enable this checkbox, the printing dialog stays open after you hit the Print button. This is especially useful, if you need to test various print settings (like color matching for an inkjet printer) or if you want to send your job to multiple printers (one after the other) to have it finished more quickly
zh 打印后该对话框保持打开 如果您启用了此复选框, 打印对话框将在您点击 打印 按钮后仍保持打开 。 使用此选项的典型情况是, 您需要测试不同的打印设置(如喷墨打印机的色彩匹配) , 或者您想要将您的打印任务发送给台打印机(逐一进行) , 以便让打印尽快完成 。
en All registered unemployed are eligible for Job Matching services and the more disadvantaged job seekers are referred to JST or IA
zh 所有登记失业的人员都有资格享受“职业匹配”服务,处于最不利地位的谋职者将被推荐到“职业搜索培训”“密集援助”。
en Statistical matching is a series of methods for data integration from two or more data sources
zh 统计匹配是对来自两个或多个数据源的数据进行整合的一系列方法。
en Matching claims: Two or more claims filed by a claimant during the regular filing period and under the late-claims programme
zh 相同索赔: 一名索赔人在正常的提交期内以及在迟交的索赔方案中提交两件或更多索赔。
en matching claims: Two or more claims filed by a claimant during the regular filing period and under the late-claims programme
zh 相同索赔: 一名索赔人在正常的提交期内以及在迟交的索赔方案中提交的两件或更多索赔。
en More specifically, the matching system will confirm whether a shipment of precious minerals comes from a legal source or not
zh 具体地说,这一核对系统将证实每批交运的贵重矿物的来源是否合法。
en The results of this matching indicate that certain claimants who filed claims in this late-claims programme had previously filed one or more claims with the Commission in categories “A”, “B”, “C” or “D”
zh 比对的结果表明,一些在本次迟交的索赔方案中提交了索赔的索赔人,先前曾向委员会提交过一件或多件“A”、“B”、“C”“D”类索赔。
en Your signature is more than ‧ lines long. You should shorten it to match the widely accepted limit of ‧ lines. Do you want to re-edit the article or send it anyway?
zh 您的签名多于 ‧ 行 。 您应该缩短它至普遍接受的 ‧ 行限制 。 您要重新编辑还是发出 ?
en • Increasing information-sharing on procurement matters within the United Nations common system with a view to unlocking significant potential cost and efficiency savings- estimated at ‧ to ‧ per cent, or $ ‧ million to $ ‧ million- including through such steps as more systematic matching between vendors and destinations where goods and services are being used, vendor consolidation, redefinition of specifications and stronger enforcement of contract compliance
zh • 在联合国共同制度内进一步分享有关采购事务的信息,以期通过降低费用和提高效率,实现可观的节省(估计为 ‧ %至 ‧ %,即 ‧ 亿至 ‧ 亿美元),可采取的办法包括在供应商和货物与服务使用地点之间作有系统的匹配,供应商整合,重新界定规格以及严格地确保合同得到遵守。
en Increasingly complex peacekeeping mandates need to be matched by increased funding- ideally in the form of assessed contributions, or at least more predictably than today
zh 维持和平任务日益复杂,需要相应增加供资,最好是以摊款形式,或者资金可预测性至少应比目前高。
en Between ‧ and the end of ‧ enterprises' demand for labour matched the available supply more or less exactly
zh 在 ‧ 和 ‧ 年底之间,企业对劳工的需求量大致符合供应量。
en File List view This list displays all the files you selected for printing. You can see the file name(s), file path(s) and the file (MIME) type(s) as determined by KDEPrint. You may re-arrange the initial order of the list with the help of the arrow buttons on the right. The files will be printed as a single job, in the same order as displayed in the list. Note: You can select multiple files. The files may be in multiple locations. The files may be of multiple MIME types. The buttons on the right side let you add more files, remove already selected files from the list, re-order the list (by moving files up or down), and open files. If you open files, KDEPrint will use the application matching the MIME type of the file
zh 文件列表视图 此列表显示了您要打印的全部文件。 您可以看到文件名、 文件路经和 KDEPrint 决定的文件(MIME) 类型。 此列表的最初顺序与您最初的选择顺序相同 。 此列表最终将按照显示的顺序进行打印 。 注意 : 您可以选择个文件。 文件也可以在个位置。 文件的 MIME 类型也可以不同。 右侧的按钮可让您添加更多的文件, 从列表中删除选中的文件, 更改列表的顺序(将文件上下移动) , 以及打开文件。 如果您想要打开文件, KDEPrint 将会使用匹配文件 MIME 类型的应用程序 。
en Counterparties typically mitigate or hedge the risks associated with these contracts by entering into one or morematchingor “hedge” contracts with third parties, the value of which fluctuates inversely with the value of the debtor's contract
zh 对应方一般通过与第三方订立一项或多项“对冲”合同“套期保值”合同来减轻冲销与这些合同相关的风险,这些合同的价值与债务人合同的价值呈反向波动。
en Pages per Sheet: You can choose to print more than one page onto each sheet of paper. This is sometimes useful to save paper. Note ‧: the page images get scaled down accordingly to print ‧ or ‧ pages per sheet. The page image does not get scaled if you print ‧ page per sheet (the default setting). Note ‧: If you select multiple pages per sheet here, the scaling and re-arranging is done by your printing system. However, some printers are independently capable of printing multiple pages per sheet. In which case you find the option in the printer driver settings. Be careful: if you enable multiple pages per sheet in both places, your printout will not look as you intended. Additional hint for power users: This KDEPrint GUI element matches with the CUPS commandline job option parameter:-o number-up=... ‧ examples: " ‧ " or " ‧ "
zh 單張頁 : 您可以選擇在一張紙上印出頁內容。 通常是為了節省紙張 。 注意 : 列印的圖片會根據一張紙上頁數的多寡來決定要縮小多少。 如果選擇一張紙上印一頁( 預設值) 則不會做調整 。 注意 : 當您選擇一張紙上印頁時, 列印系統會自動幫您調整大小。 但是, 有些印表機自己就有單張頁的功能。 這種情況下您最好使用印表機自己的設定選項。 如果您兩邊都使用此選項, 印出來的結果可能不會是您想要的 進階使用者的額外提示 : 這個選項與以下的 CUPS 命令列選項參數是一樣的 :-o number-up=... ‧ 例 : " ‧ " " ‧ "
en It therefore requires more rigorous research within these country or regional contexts for example, into the question of why urbanization in some countries/regions is not matched by economic growth, so that urbanization policies are based on adequate specific knowledge and not on overgeneralizations
zh 因此,它要求在这些国家区域范围内大力开展研究,研究例如为什么某些国家/区域的城市化并没有伴随着相应的经济增长的问题,以便使城市化政策立足于充分的具体认识而不是立足于一般化的了解。
en At the same time, we feel that our partners too could contribute to enhancing operational cooperation by undertaking the following measures: expansion of military deployments and check posts on the Afghan side of the border to match Pakistan's ‧ military personnel and ‧ check-posts; real-time intelligence sharing; caution in the use of artillery and aerial attacks, to avoid accidents or territorial violations; supply of counter-insurgency equipment requested by Pakistan; more effective checking of the ‧ daily legal crossings, including through use of biometric identity cards; and relocation of Afghan refugee camps close to the border from Pakistan to controlled sites in Afghanistan
zh 同时,我们感到,我们的伙伴也可以采取下列措施,帮助加强合作行动:如阿富汗边境一侧增加军队部署和检查站,以对应巴基斯坦 ‧ 万军队、 ‧ 个检查站;实时分享情报;慎用大炮和空袭,以免酿成事故侵犯领土;提供巴方要求提供的平乱装备;对每天合法过境的 ‧ 万人次实行有效的检查,包括采用生物识别身份证;将靠近巴基斯坦边界的阿富汗难民营迁至阿富汗控制地盘。
en Thus, the increase in exports has been matched by an equally large or larger increase in imports in all developing regions, which illustrates the conditions of more intense competition facing developing country producers
zh 因此,与出口增长相映的是所有发展中国家所在地区都出现了幅度同样大或更大的进口增长,它说明发展中国家生产者面临激烈的竞争条件。
en Enter the filename you are looking for. Alternatives may be separated by a semicolon "; ". The filename may contain the following special characters:? matches any single character * matches zero or more of any characters [... ] matches any of the characters between the braces Example searches: *. kwd; *. txt finds all files ending with. kwd or. txt go[dt ] finds god and got Hel? o finds all files that start with " Hel " and end with " o ", having one character in between My Document. kwd finds a file of exactly that name
zh 输入您要查找的文件名 。 个文件用分号 “; ” 分隔 。 文件名中可以包含下列特殊字符 :? 匹配任意单个字符 * 匹配或多个字符 [... ] 匹配方括号中的任意字符 搜索示例 : *. kwd; *. txt 查找所有以. kwd . txt 结尾的文件 go[ dt ] 查找 god 和 got Hel? o 查找所有以“ Hel” 开始, 以“ o” 结束的文件, 并且在它们之间只有一个字符 My Document. kwd 查找与这个名字精确匹配的文件
en The performance report for UNLB Brindisi ( ‧ ) more or less matched the budget approved for the year
zh 布林迪西联合国后勤基地的财务执行情况报告( ‧ )与 ‧ 年核可的预算大体上一致。
en However, as names are often transcribed and spelt in different, sometimes incorrect, ways, more powerful techniques have been developed which can find matches between words or phrases approximating each other
zh 但是,由于名字在抄录和拼写时常常有不同的方式,有时是抄错拼错,因此而开发了功率大的技术,以找到相近的字短语。
en The organizational plan also gives greater priority to engaging donors and matching their capacities with the needs of recipient countries, as well as to implementing a more proactive communications strategy and strengthening collaboration among Security Council expert bodies active in the counter-terrorism field
zh 这一组织计划还优先重视与反恐捐助者互动配合,并使它们的能力与接受国的需要相结合,同时执行更加主动积极的交流战略,增进积极从事反恐工作的安全理事会各专家机构之间的协作。
en More generally, we appeal to our rich friends to match words with deeds and remove subjective criteria to influence initiatives in this matter
zh 一般地来说,我们呼吁我们富有的朋友说到做到,摈弃主观的标准以便影响在这一问题上的主动行动。
en It is our belief that the new United Nations mandate, matched by strong international support, provides the necessary framework to move towards building a more stable Iraq
zh 我们相信联合国新的任务授权,再加上强有力的国际支持,将为建设一个更加稳定的伊拉克提供一个必要的框架。
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