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  • 100% 堆疊直條圖   
    A column chart subtype that compares the percentage that each value contributes to a total across categories.
  • 百分比堆积柱形图   
    A column chart subtype that compares the percentage that each value contributes to a total across categories.

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The projected revenue increase to $ ‧ million is based on the substantial increase in the number of visitors coming to the United Nations, which is expected to reach ‧ million following implementation of the new visitors' experience (see Visitation, chart II, fourth column预测收入增加到 ‧ 万美元,基本上是假定到联合国参观的人数会大量增加,预计在实施新参观经验后将达到 ‧ 万(见二,第四栏)。
a Posts financed by the grant from the regular budget, shown under the RB column in this chart for transparency, but reflected in the XB column in the detailed staffing tablea 由经常预算补助金供资的员额,为透明起见,在本内列于经常预算栏,但在详细员额配置表内列于预算外栏。
ii) Stack gases from industry and treatment processesii) 工业和处理过程产生的烟道气
Our conflict is not being fought with guns and missiles but with weapons from everyday life- chimney stacks and exhaust pipes在这场冲突中,我们使用的不是枪炮和导弹,而是来自日常生活的武器--高烟囱和排气管。
The barrier is a complex of ‧ metre-high walls, trenches up to ‧ metres deep, earthen and concrete mounds, double walls, fences with electronic sensors, asphalt two-lane patrol roads, a trace strip to detect footprints and a stack of six barbed-wire coils障碍物是由 ‧ 米高的墙、 ‧ 米深的壕沟、土制和混凝土制土墩、复壁、装有电子感应器的栅栏、巡逻用双车道柏油马路、查脚印的示踪带以及大量的 ‧ 圈带刺铁丝网组成的综合体。
Bench-scale tests with PCBs showed PCDD levels in scrubber water and stack gases in the part per trillion (ppt) range对多氯联苯的实验室测试表明,在洗涤水和烟道气中多氯二苯并对二恶英的水平为万亿分之几的范围。
The stack was not empty when the EOP command was encountered遇到 EOP 指令时栈不为空 。
This should be supplemented by regular spot checks using manual stack-sampling methods此外还应用人工检查烟囱的方法进行定期抽查。
I got ‧ orders stacked up here and nobody to run the grill我? 这 有 ‧?? 订 位 的 客人?? 没 人 有? 烧 烤
However, we also know that very little has been achieved in practical terms to improve the plight of women and girls, and that the odds stacked against them remain as high as ever然而,我们也知道在改善妇女和女孩的艰难处境方面并没有取得很大进展,她们的处境比以往任何时候都更加不利。
You can drag the Tool views (File List and File Selector) to any side that you want them in Kate, or stack them, or even tear them off the main window您可以把工具视图 (文件列表 和 文件选择器) 拖放到 Kate 的任何一边上, 或放它们, 甚至从主窗口中分裂出来 。
Small quantities of other natures- smoke, pyrotechnics, lachrymatory- can also be disposed of by inclusion in mixed stacks during large-scale detonations少量其他各类弹药--烟雾弹、信号弹、催泪弹--也能在大规模引爆销毁时混入各种弹药中加以处理。
The validation process should also include an assessment of other relevant stack gas concentrations identified in annex ‧ to decision XV/[...] and a comparison with maximum levels stipulated in relevant national standards or international protocols/treaties核可过程还应包括评估本报告附件四中所确定的其他相关的烟道气体浓度,并将之与相关的国家标准或国际议定书/条约中所规定的最高浓度值进行比较。
Certain matrices, such as stack emissions, biological samples (human as well as food and vegetation) require high-resolution mass spectrometry for detection if acceptable results are to be generated using internationally recognized methods某些环境样品,如烟囱排放、生物样品(人、食物和植被)需要利用高分辨率的质谱来检测,只有这种国际公认的方法才能产生令人满意的效果。
Where different design types of packages that have been designed for stacking are to be loaded together, consideration shall be given to their compatibility for stacking with each other如果设计用于堆叠的不同设计型号包件将一起装载时,必须考虑到它们是否适合互相堆叠在一起。
Forks of loaders used in loading and unloading operations are chosen by their length and are attached in such a way as to exclude the possibility of a package containing munitions falling during transport and stacking在选用装卸作业中使用的叉车时要考虑叉子的长度。
We know the heavy odds stacked against the Organization我们了解本组织所面临的累积起来的艰巨困难。
Difficult layout with stacks of tiles难玩的堆栈布局Name
f) To inspect for instances of improper storage or stacking and maintenance of inadequate recordsf) 检查是否有存放或码放不当的情况以及记录不周的情况。
This backtrace appears to be of no use. This is probably because your packages are built in a way which prevents creation of proper backtraces, or the stack frame was seriously corrupted in the crash此回溯跟踪似乎没有用处 。 这可能是因为您的软件包所创建的方式避免创建正确的回溯跟踪, 或者崩溃中的堆栈框架已严重损坏 。
According to Israeli Ministry of Defence documents and field observation, the Barrier complex consists of the following main components: a fence with electronic sensors designed to alert Israeli military forces of infiltration attempts; a ditch (up to ‧ metres deep); an asphalt two-lane patrol road; a trace road (a strip of sand smoothed to detect footprints) that runs parallel to the fence; and a stack of six coils of barbed wire marking the complex's perimeter根据以色列国防部文件和实地观察,“障碍”综合体包括以下主要部分:设有电子探测器的围栏用以通知以色列军队注意试图渗入的情况;一壕沟(深达 ‧ 米);一双线柏油巡逻路;一与围栏平行的追踪路(平滑沙路以探测脚印);以及一束六圈有刺铁丝网标志综合体的周边。
The Taliban instructed these men to pile the bodies like wood stacks (“kode”塔利班命令这些男子将尸体象柴那一样起来。
Theoretical studies have been carried out on the detection of gas plumes emitted from the stacks of an industrial facility已对探测工业设施烟囱排放的烟云进行了理论研究。
Guys make mistakes but every one we make, a stack of chips goes with it人? 们 犯? 错 但 我? 们 每? 个 都 犯了, 大 的 机??? 着 失去
Destruction and removal efficiency has traditionally been determined by subtracting from the mass of a chemical fed into a destruction system during a specific period of time the mass of that chemical alone that is released in stack gases and expressing that difference as a percentage of the mass of that chemical fed into the system销毁和去除效能值(DRE)通常采用下列方式予以确定:即从于某一特定时限内置入一销毁系统中的某一化学品质体中减去该化学品排入烟道气体的部分,并以置入该销毁系统的该化学品质体的百分比来表示这二者之间的差别。
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