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  • 100% 堆疊直條圖   
    A column chart subtype that compares the percentage that each value contributes to a total across categories.
  • 百分比堆积柱形图   
    A column chart subtype that compares the percentage that each value contributes to a total across categories.

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en The projected revenue increase to $ ‧ million is based on the substantial increase in the number of visitors coming to the United Nations, which is expected to reach ‧ million following implementation of the new visitors' experience (see Visitation, chart II, fourth column
zh 预测收入增加到 ‧ 万美元,基本上是假定到联合国参观的人数会大量增加,预计在实施新参观经验后将达到 ‧ 万(见二,第四栏)。
en a Posts financed by the grant from the regular budget, shown under the RB column in this chart for transparency, but reflected in the XB column in the detailed staffing table
zh a 由经常预算补助金供资的员额,为透明起见,在本内列于经常预算栏,但在详细员额配置表内列于预算外栏。
en Send the action to the instance highest in the window stacking order
zh 送出動作到視窗堆疊中最高的實體(L
en m) Creation of stacks of bathymetric profiles around the margin of the submitting State
zh m) 制作提交国大陆边缘周围的测深剖面图集
en Error in DVIfile '%‧ ', page %‧. Color pop command issued when the color stack is empty
zh 错误发生于 DVI 文件 “ % ‧” 的第 % ‧ 页。 这是当颜色堆栈为空时引发的颜色 pop 指令的问题 。
en However, we also know that very little has been achieved in practical terms to improve the plight of women and girls, and that the odds stacked against them remain as high as ever
zh 然而,我们也知道在改善妇女和女孩的艰难处境方面并没有取得很大进展,她们的处境比以往任何时候都更加不利。
en As he looked more closely at a stack of corpses, he noticed that deep within the pile, he could see sets of eyes still blinking
zh 当他走近看一尸体时,他注意到,在这对尸体最里层,他可以看到一双双正在眨动的眼睛。
en Destruction and removal efficiency has traditionally been determined by subtracting from the mass of a chemical fed into a destruction system during a specific period of time the mass of that chemical alone that is released in stack gases and expressing that difference as a percentage of the mass of that chemical fed into the system
zh 销毁和去除效能值(DRE)通常采用下列方式予以确定:即从于某一特定时限内置入一销毁系统中的某一化学品质体中减去该化学品排入烟道气体的部分,并以置入该销毁系统的该化学品质体的百分比来表示这二者之间的差别。
en We know the heavy odds stacked against the Organization
zh 我们了解本组织所面临的累积起来的艰巨困难。
en Widget Stack
zh 部件Widget name. This string will be used to name widgets of this class. It must _ not _ contain white spaces and non latin‧ characters
en The types of matrix which are typically sampled for analysis of unintentionally produced PCDDs, PCDFs, HCB and PCBs include: Stack gases from high-temperature processes or off-gases from other treatment processes; Chemicals and pesticides containing chlorine, especially chlorophenols and its derivatives and chlorinated aromatics; Consumer goods known to be contaminated with PCDDs or PCDFs, such as chemically bleached paper, textiles, leather and so on
zh c)众所周知受到多氯二苯并对二噁英或多氯二苯并呋喃污染的生活消费品,如用化学方法漂白的纸、纺织品、皮革等等。
en Calculated on the basis of mass of the POP content within the waste, minus the mass of the remaining POP content in the gaseous residues (stack emissions), divided by the mass of the POP content within the wastes, i.e
zh 销毁率公式为:销毁率=(废物中的持久性有机污染物含量减去气体、液体和固体残余物中的持久性有机污染物含量除以废物中的持久性有机污染物含量。
en Upon enquiry, the Advisory Committee was informed that the posts to be abolished were from the gifts and exchange programme, the digitization area, loans and stacks and the depository libraries
zh 咨询委员会经询问后获悉,拟裁撤的员额均出自馈赠和交流方案、数字化区,借书和藏书部以及托存图书馆。
en Alt-Tab window switcher flipping through windows on a stack
zh Alt-tab 窗口切换器可在您的窗口间作翻转式切换Name
en The stack was not empty when the EOP command was encountered
zh 遇到 EOP 指令时栈不为空 。
en Approximately ‧ to ‧ steel water pipes extracted from the ground were stacked along the road
zh 沿路堆放着从地下挖出的大约 ‧ 至 ‧ 根钢水管。
en b) A force applied to the top surface for a duration of ‧ hours, equivalent to the total weight of identical packages if stacked to a height of ‧ m (including the drop sample
zh 向上表面施加压力 ‧ 小时,力度相当于同样包件垛高 ‧ 米的总重量(包括跌落试验的样品)。
en Under such optimal combustion conditions and with optimal abatement techniques, releases in stack gases of organic compounds can be minimised
zh 通过此类最佳燃烧条件和最佳减污技术,可尽量减少有机化合物的烟道气体释放物。
en In most industrialized countries, measurable progress has been made in reducing levels of urban air pollution, where technology-based strategies have been mainly used to address the environmental impacts: applying controls to “smoke-stack” emissions and particularly, in the transportation sector, to motor vehicle emissions through the use of, for example, lead- and sulphur-free motor gasoline, and fuel additives and catalytic converters to reduce tailpipe emissions of gaseous pollutants
zh 大多数工业化国家在减少城市空气污染方面取得了明显的进步,它们主要采取以技术为主的战略来处理对环境造成的影响:对烟囱排放实行管制,尤其在运输部门使用无铅和无硫汽油以及燃料添加剂和催化转换器来减少排气管所排放的污染气体,从而管制汽车的排放物。
en Calculated on the basis of mass of the POP content within the waste, minus the mass of remaining POPs in the gaseous residues (stack emissions), dived by the mass of the POP content within the wastes, i.e
zh 根据废物中持久性有机污染物含量的质量,减去气体残留物(烟囱排放物)内余下的持久性有机污染物的质量,除以废物内持久性有机污染物含量的质量算出,即
en I got ‧ orders stacked up here and nobody to run the grill
zh 我? 这 有 ‧?? 订 位 的 客人?? 没 人 有? 烧 烤
en The bodies were displayed in these stacks for about three days
zh 这些尸体成堆摆放了大约三天。
en Guys make mistakes but every one we make, a stack of chips goes with it
zh 人? 们 犯? 错 但 我? 们 每? 个 都 犯了, 大 的 机??? 着 失去
en As a shining example of a United Nations peacekeeping success and a model of the determination of a people to achieve peace when the odds are stacked against them, Sierra Leone- it is hoped- will have an opportunity to report its experience to this world body on this matter in the near future
zh 当人们感到没有成功机会时,联合国维持和平行动的胜利树立了光辉榜样,人们实现和平的决心堪称楷模,在这种情况下,塞拉利昂希望将有机会在不远的将来就这一问题向本世界组织汇报其经验。
en a stack of six coils of barbed wire marking the perimeter of the complex
zh 标明综合体周边范围的六圈带刺铁丝。
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