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  • 石屎森林   

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(idiomatic) An urban or other populated area containing a high density of buildings constructed of concrete or similar materials, especially one which lacks greenery and which seems unattractive, harsh, or unsafe.

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en The Special Rapporteur had become an instrument of such propaganda and an impediment to the peace process, since he had extrapolated events occurring in a small strip of jungle along the Thai border to be representative of the situation throughout the country
zh 特别报告员已经成为这种宣传的工具以及和平进程的障碍,因为他把在一小块与泰国交界的丛林地带上所发生的事情推断为整个国家的局势。
en Running in circles through this bloody jungle, that' s where
zh 兜著 圈子 穿越 叢林 , 就 這樣
en The mine, operated by a local businessman through his company, Jungle Waters, employed about ‧ diggers and made use of a ‧ aterpillar tractor as well as a number of large-bore water pumps
zh 该矿是一名当地商人通过他的公司“丛林之水”经营的,该公司雇用了大约 ‧ 名采矿工,使用了一台 ‧ 型履带式挖土机和几台大口径水泵。
en This is a tragedy that has taken us back to the law of the jungle
zh 这是一个让我们退回丛林法则的悲剧。
en • France on the exchange of military personnel for regular and advanced training and jungle warfare courses
zh • 法国:交换军事人员,进行普通班和高级班训练和丛林作战班
en The complainant added that he never informed the police about the incident in the jungle, for fear of being killed by members of FARE-DP
zh 申诉人又说,他从来不曾向警察报告丛林里发生的事件,因为担心被厄多人民军队员杀害。
en Such a system cannot be replaced by “the law of the jungle” for the benefit of the powerful and, ultimately, of the only super-Power
zh 这样一个体系不能被符合强国、最终是唯一超级大国利益的“弱肉强食”法则所取代。
en The most critical danger stalking us today is the persistence of a world where what prevails is the law of the jungle, the might of the most powerful, the privileges and extravagance of a handful of countries, and the dangers of aggression, underdevelopment and hopelessness for the vast majority
zh 今天我们所面临的最严重危险是存在着这样一种世界,它充满弱肉强食法则、最强大的国家的压力、一小撮国家的特权和奢侈以及侵略、发展不足和大多数国家人民的绝望所带来的危险。
en Many took to the jungle, others went to Kathmandu, reportedly to avoid being apprehended or killed by the police
zh 许多人躲进了丛林,另有一些人流落到加德满都,据称都是为了逃避被警察抓走或杀害的噩运。
en In Thailand, most of the mine suspected areas were and are located in the tropical jungle and on dangerous slopes and terrain
zh 在泰国,被怀疑为雷区的大多数地区位于热带丛林中,具有危险的斜坡和地形。
en At the same time, when, in the follow-up to the latest incidents, our troops found ‧ rounds of ammunition in the midst of the jungle at an abandoned camp site, we do not see that as a police operation
zh 与此同时,在最近发生的事件中,当我们的军队在丛林中的一个被废弃的军营发现 ‧ 发子弹的时候,我们并不认为这是一次警察行动。
en For the international community to remain silent at a crime that has been going on since ‧ would be an incentive to the arrogant aggressor to commit further acts of aggression against independent States and thus to the dominance of the law of the jungle in international relations
zh 如果国际社会对自 ‧ 年以来一直发生的罪行默不作声,就等于鼓励蛮横的侵略者对独立国家采取进一步侵略行为,也就是鼓励在国际关系中采取以弱肉强食的丛林法则为主导的作法。
en I believe that the distinguished representative of the DPRK rightly referred to the risks of jungle laws gaining ground
zh 我认为,尊敬的朝鲜民主主义人民共和国代表提到弱肉强食法则越来越盛行的风险,他提的很对。
en At the end of the first year of the conflict, it was estimated that ‧ people had lost their lives, not including those who died fleeing in the jungle, and that ‧ were missing, not to mention the thousands who had been displaced or had sought refuge abroad
zh 在冲突第一年结束时,据估计有 ‧ 人丧生,其中还不包括逃入丛林中死亡的人,有 ‧ 人失踪,成千上万的人流离失所或到国外避难。
en A number of people who had been forcibly relocated earlier said that they had stayed in hiding in the jungle until the Tatmadaw was gone
zh 一些在较早时被迫迁的人说,他们躲在森林中,一直到武装部队离开为止。
en Mothers went into the jungle in attempts to bring their sons home
zh 母亲们深入丛林中,试图将他们的儿子带回家。
en In view of the international situation following the barbaric terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, the delegates of more than ‧ tates in Nicaragua at that distressing time gave a vote of confidence to peace, to the peaceful settlement of conflicts and to civilization, and resoundingly rejected hatred, the law of the jungle and mad, cowardly violence
zh 鉴于纽约、华盛顿和宾夕法尼亚遭受野蛮恐怖攻击后的国际局势,在此悲痛时刻在尼加拉瓜集会的 ‧ 多个国家的代表对和平、和平解决冲突和文明投了信任票,并坚定拒绝仇恨、弱肉强食原则和疯狂怯懦的暴力行为。
en Using economic sanctions to change the target country's political regime or economic system undermines the very basis of international relations and takes us back to the days of the law of the jungle
zh 利用经济制裁来改变目标国家的政治政权或经济制度损害了国际关系的基础,并且使我们倒退到弱肉强食的时代。
en What logic could be used by the countries of the world to justify to their people the waging of a war, in contravention of international law and in grave and flagrant violation of the Charter, in order to pursue hidden objectives that give precedence to the law of the jungle over international legitimacy?
zh 违反国际法并公然严重违反《宪章》,发动一场战争,以寻求让弱肉强食规则凌驾在国际法制之上的隐藏目标,世界各国可以用什么逻辑来为这样做而向自己的人民提出辩解?
en We are not in a jungle, after all
zh 我们毕竟不是生活在丛林之中。
en The international legal underpinning of human civilization is threatened with destruction; there is a trend towards rapidly enshrining the law of the jungle
zh 人类文明的国际法律基础面临遭到破坏的威胁;有一种迅速地将弱肉强食的丛林法则奉为神圣的倾向。
en I remember standing there on the border between that country and Guinea and seeing how easy it was to break the oil embargo just by taking another road through the jungle
zh 我记得我曾站在该国与几内亚的边界上,看到仅仅在丛林中走另一条路就可以轻易地违反石油禁运措施。
en Ours is an era that deals with all kinds of colonialism, racial discrimination and other scourges of the age of the jungle that has long since disappeared
zh 我们的时代经历了形形色色的殖民主义、种族歧视和其他早已消失的弱肉强食的灾祸。
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