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  • 石屎森林   

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(idiomatic) An urban or other populated area containing a high density of buildings constructed of concrete or similar materials, especially one which lacks greenery and which seems unattractive, harsh, or unsafe.

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en This massive influx of people from the jungle raised to ‧ million the number of people in need of assistance, and this has made even more complex an already difficult humanitarian situation
zh 由于人们大批自丛林涌来,致使需要帮助的人数增至 ‧ 万。 这使业已十分棘手的人道主义状况更加复杂。
en Yet, at the same time, we must continue to ensure that there are adequate safeguards to prevent abuse or a return to the law of the jungle
zh 然而,与此同时,我们必须继续确保提供适当的保障,以防止滥用或重返弱肉强食的状态。
en In the absence of the rule of law, the rule of man, mob rule or the law of the jungle will prevail
zh 如果没有法治,那么人治、暴政或弱肉强食法则便会盛行。
en There will be no worldly associations in a bush station, in the jungle
zh 鳴 遠的 醫療 站 沒有 完備 的 工作 人員而且 是 在 叢林 里
en He apparently called him a “lousy Rwandese” and told him to “go back to his jungle
zh 他显然称他是一名“讨厌的卢旺达人”,并跟他说“回到你的丛林去”。
en Should it proceed to do that, it would be sending an effective message to our sub-region that what is appropriate for us is the rule of the jungle, and that principles of international law have absolutely no relevance to our region
zh 如果它这样做,那实际上是向本分区域发出一个信息,即对我们适用的弱肉强食规则,而国际法原则跟我们这个区域毫无关系。
en I' m still not sure what happened... with all that dodgy business back in the jungle
zh 我 仍然 不確定 在 叢林 裏發生了 甚? 麽 詭異 的 事情
en This has led to total disregard for the norms of justice, to the consecration of the law of the jungle, to the adoption of double standards in political affairs, to the complete distortion of the norms of international law and to utterly strange interpretations of those norms
zh 因此对正义准则完全置若罔闻,把弱肉强食法则视为圣明,在政治事务中采用双重标准,完全歪曲国际法准则,并对这些准则进行非常奇怪的解释。
en The Chairman: I must admit that it is sometimes difficult to find one's way in the jungle of the rules of procedure
zh 主席(以英语发言):我必须承认,有时很难搞清楚一大堆议事规则。
en Specifically, precautionary measures were granted on ‧ arch ‧ in favour of the indigenous peoples of Mashco Piro, Yora and Amahuaca living in voluntary isolation in the area of the Las Piedras River, Department of Madre de Dios, in Peru; and on ‧ ay ‧ in favour of the Tagaeri and Taromenani indigenous peoples who inhabit the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle in the area bordering Peru and who are currently voluntarily isolated or “hidden”
zh 具体地说 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日,为在秘鲁马德雷德迪奥斯省拉斯彼拉斯河地区自愿与世隔离生活的Mashco Piro、Yora和Amahuaca土著人民核准的防范措施;而 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日为居住在邻近秘鲁的厄瓜多尔境内亚马孙丛林中、目前自愿与世隔离或“藏匿”的Tagaeri和Taromenani的土著人民而指定实施的防范措施。
en report mentioned that mobile registration teams were deployed to detention centres and lock-ups in jungle areas and in the highlands in the Northeast of the country to register persons of concern
zh 一份 ‧ 年难民署报告提到,向丛林地区和位于国家东北部高地的拘留中心和看守所派遣了移动登记队,以便将受关注人员登记在案。
en Here, he reminded me really of Nagaina in the short story Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, in Kipling's Jungle Book, where Nagaina said, “If you move, I strike
zh 在此他真是令我想起了吉卜林《丛林故事集》中短篇故事“Rikki-Tikki-Tavi”里的人物纳甘娜,她在故事中说:“你动,我就打;你不动,我也打。”
en To that end, the Pastrana administration has created a demilitarized zone the size of Switzerland, clearing all military and police forces from a jungle area south of Bogotá, to allow for negotiations with the largest guerrilla group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC
zh 为此,帕斯特拉纳政府划定了面积相当于瑞士的一个非军事区,从波哥大以南的丛林地区撤走所有军队和警察,以便与最大的游击队-- 哥伦比亚革命武装部队(革命部队)-- 进行谈判。
en In Thailand, most of the mine suspected areas were and are located in the tropical jungle and on dangerous slopes and terrain
zh 在泰国,被怀疑为雷区的大多数地区位于热带丛林中,具有危险的斜坡和地形。
en This seems to augur a new era in which the law of the jungle will prevail, undermining the international peace and security which the United States says it wishes to preserve
zh 这似乎预示着一个新的时代,无法无天的行为将流行,损害美国说希望维护的国际和平与安全。
en They allegedly became unconscious because they were forced to carry extra-heavy loads, and were left behind in the jungle
zh 据说,她们由于被迫搬运过重的物资而失去知觉,被遗弃在丛林当中。
en The Panel urges the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy to remind Jungle Waters of the current sanctions regime and its obligations under the ongoing mining embargo
zh 专家小组促请土地、矿业和能源部提醒“森林之水”,让它注意遵守现行的制裁制度以及它根据目前的采矿禁令应履行的义务。
en In Kanchanpur, a ‧ year-old girl was reportedly lured into the jungle in the night on the pretext of meeting a friend
zh 据称,在康赞普尔,他以见朋友为借口将一名 ‧ 岁的女孩深夜诱至丛林。
en In the Amazon jungle, the presence of landmines has hampered the return of land traditionally used for hunting and gathering by native populations, forcing them to go further into the forest for their livelihood
zh 在亚马逊丛林,地雷的存在阻碍了向当地人民归还其传统上用于打猎和集会的土地,迫使这些地区的人民只能更深入森林谋生。
en If we were to take away the United Nations and its associated framework of international law, a new world order would emerge based on the law of the jungle
zh 如果我们取消联合国及其相关国际法框架,新的建立在丛林法则基础上的世界秩序将出现。
en Jungle Waters, Gbapa, Nimba County (latitude ‧ ° ‧ north, longitude ‧ ° ‧ west
zh 宁巴州Gbapa的丛林之水(北纬 ‧ o ‧ 西经 ‧ o ‧ )。
en Those who weaken the United Nations and its values, principles and norms by rejecting the rules of the game, including the rule of law, must shoulder the appalling responsibility of returning the world to the law of the jungle, war and pestilence, and so must those who appease them
zh 那些因拒绝包括法治在内的游戏规则而动摇联合国及其价值观念、原则和规范的人必须承担使世界重新陷入丛林法则、战争和瘟疫的可怕罪责,并且那些姑息他们的人也应该承担责任。
en Similarly, our daily work will become more transparent and focused when we have streamlined the jungle of reports and meetings
zh 同样,一旦我们精简了繁琐的报告和会议之后,我们的日常工作将变得更加透明,更加集中。
en Petén was a large, sparsely populated jungle region and had difficulties in obtaining adequate supplies of electric energy and drinking water
zh 佩滕是一个地域广阔、人口稀少的丛林地区,在电力和饮用水的充分供应方面存在着一些困难。
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