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  • 石屎森林   

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(idiomatic) An urban or other populated area containing a high density of buildings constructed of concrete or similar materials, especially one which lacks greenery and which seems unattractive, harsh, or unsafe.

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The Group noted a heavy presence of armed FDLR combatants at Kasugho market, where members of the civilian population, local authorities and FARDC commanders confirmed that FDLR was in control of dozens of alluvial gold mining sites west of Kasugho located deep in the jungle专家组注意到Kasugho市场上有大量卢民主力量武装战斗员,一些平民、地方当局和刚果民主共和国武装力量指挥官证实,卢民主力量控制着位于丛林深处的Kasugho以西的数十个冲积金矿场。
The soil of the slopes is thin as a result of leaching and can support only jungle vegetation经沥滤后的山坡地的土壤很薄,所以只能用于丛林种植。
In fact, that was a general problem throughout the international community, which should bear in mind the importance of UNHCR in combating violence and promoting respect for international law, for otherwise the law of the jungle would prevail事实上,这是整个国际社会的普遍问题,应记住难民专员办事处在抵制暴力行为和提倡尊重国际法方面的重要作用,否则就是弱肉强食的丛林法则当道了。
Such a system cannot be replaced by the law of the jungle or by doctrines that constitute a violation of the spirit and letter of the Charter of the United Nations and that distort the inherent right of legitimate self-defence, as recognized by Article ‧ of the Charter这一体系不能由弱肉强食规则和理论所替代,那将违反《联合国宪章》的精神和文字并歪曲《宪章》第五十一条所承认的单独和集体自卫的内存权利。
See Alice O'Keeffe, “Jungle Fever”, The Guardian ‧ ugust ‧ eremy McDermott, “Colombia's Female Fighting Force”, BBC News ‧ anuary见Alice O'Keeffe, “Jungle Fever”, The Guardian ‧ ugust ‧ eremy McDermott, “Colombia's Female Fighting Force”, BBC News ‧ anuary ‧ 。
The programme halts the cutting down of tropical forest and the Amazon jungle, which have suffered the destruction of nearly ‧ million hectares because of drugs这一方案阻止了砍伐热带森林和亚马逊丛林。 毒品已毁坏将近 ‧ 万公顷的热带森林和亚马逊丛林。
I' m not going out in the jungle with you and your bloody shiatsu我 不會 和 你 及 你的 指壓 功 去 叢林
If we allow the advancement of ideas that would tend to give yet more power to the powerful, making it easier for them to exercise their policy of domination using our Organization for that purpose, we would be contributing directly to legitimizing the law of the jungle in the system of international relations如果我们允许推动这种倾向于使强者获得更多权利的想法,使强者更容易为此目的利用本组织推行其征服政策,我们将直接帮助使丛林法则在国际关系制度中合法化。
At the end of the first year of the conflict, it was estimated that ‧ people had lost their lives, not including those who died fleeing in the jungle, and that ‧ were missing, not to mention the thousands who had been displaced or had sought refuge abroad在冲突第一年结束时,据估计有 ‧ 人丧生,其中还不包括逃入丛林中死亡的人,有 ‧ 人失踪,成千上万的人流离失所或到国外避难。
In today's world, where the law of the jungle prevails, the only ones that can champion justice are the strong在盛行弱肉强食法则的当今世界上,只有那些自身强大的国家才能够主持正义。
Another example of the human rights-based approach to development has been the support that UNICEF Peru has provided to the Kandozi people in the Amazon jungle另一个以人权为基础的发展方式的例子,是儿童基金会秘鲁办事处向亚马逊热带雨林中的Kandozi部落提供的帮助。
report mentioned that mobile registration teams were deployed to detention centres and lock-ups in jungle areas and in the highlands in the Northeast of the country to register persons of concern一份 ‧ 年难民署报告提到,向丛林地区和位于国家东北部高地的拘留中心和看守所派遣了移动登记队,以便将受关注人员登记在案。
As regards pre-emptive action or war, I must say that this ill-defined concept has aroused serious concern for many countries, because it conveys ideas and a vision of the world that, if we are not careful, may lead to our drifting in dangerous directions and undermine the very foundations of the system of collective security defined by the Charter; and it may ultimately give legitimacy to and enshrine the law of the jungle关于先发制人行动或者战争问题,我必须指出这一定义不明的概念已引起了许多国家的严重关切,因为如果我们不谨慎,它表达的想法和对世界的看法可能会使我们滑向危险的方向,并破坏《宪章》确定的集体安全体系的基础,而且最终可能使弱肉强食的原则具有合法性并将其明文昭示。
The complainant added that he never informed the police about the incident in the jungle, for fear of being killed by members of FARE-DP申诉人又说,他从来不曾向警察报告丛林里发生的事件,因为担心被厄多人民军队员杀害。
The Special Rapporteur had become an instrument of such propaganda and an impediment to the peace process, since he had extrapolated events occurring in a small strip of jungle along the Thai border to be representative of the situation throughout the country特别报告员已经成为这种宣传的工具以及和平进程的障碍,因为他把在一小块与泰国交界的丛林地带上所发生的事情推断为整个国家的局势。
Are we condoning this bizarre act of impunity, a sort of law of the jungle that has no parallel in recent memory?我们是不是在宽容这种古怪的不受惩罚行为,宽容一种近来记忆中没有类似的弱肉强食的行为?
The ‧ mined areas of the Peruvian jungle are located at an average of ‧ to ‧ metres above sea level秘鲁丛林中的 ‧ 个雷区位于平均海拔 ‧ 米至 ‧ 米之间。
Articles ‧ and ‧ of the Native Communities and Agrarian Development in the Jungle and High Jungle Regions Act (Decree Law No ‧ ) stipulates that indigenous communities' land must be protected in accordance with Supreme Decree No第 ‧ 号法令(热带雨林及边缘地区土著社区和农业发展法)第 ‧ 和 ‧ 条规定,应依照第 ‧ 最高法令(农村土地地契和地籍特别项目组织运作条例)保护土著领地。
The mine, operated by a local businessman through his company, Jungle Waters, employed about ‧ diggers and made use of a ‧ aterpillar tractor as well as a number of large-bore water pumps该矿是一名当地商人通过他的公司“丛林之水”经营的,该公司雇用了大约 ‧ 名采矿工,使用了一台 ‧ 型履带式挖土机和几台大口径水泵。
That message is that what Africa needs and deserves is not the rule of law and internationally accepted principles but rather the rule of the jungle这个信息就是非洲需要和应得的不是法治和国际公认的原则,而是弱肉强食的原则。
At the same time, when, in the follow-up to the latest incidents, our troops found ‧ rounds of ammunition in the midst of the jungle at an abandoned camp site, we do not see that as a police operation与此同时,在最近发生的事件中,当我们的军队在丛林中的一个被废弃的军营发现 ‧ 发子弹的时候,我们并不认为这是一次警察行动。
The war has led to the displacement of about ‧ people, many of whom are hiding in the jungle, particularly those who were not able to reach the United Republic of Tanzania战争造成大约 ‧ 人流离失所,其中很多人,特别是那些无法到达坦桑尼亚联合共和国的人,在丛林中藏身。
The use of economic sanctions with a view to changing the political systems of the targeted countries undermines the very basis of international relations and takes the world back to the law of the jungle使用经济制裁以改变目标对像国的政治制度,破坏了国际关系的基础,使世界倒退至丛林法则。
Many took to the jungle, others went to Kathmandu, reportedly to avoid being apprehended or killed by the police许多人躲进了丛林,另有一些人流落到加德满都,据称都是为了逃避被警察抓走或杀害的噩运。
The Committee remains concerned at persistent allegations of conflict between the Government and members of the Hmong minority who have taken refuge in the jungle or mountainous areas of the Lao People's Democratic Republic since委员会对不断有人指责政府与自 ‧ 年以来已经避居到老挝人民民主共和国丛林或山区的苗(Hmong)族之间存在冲突依然十分关注。
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