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  • 石屎森林   

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(idiomatic) An urban or other populated area containing a high density of buildings constructed of concrete or similar materials, especially one which lacks greenery and which seems unattractive, harsh, or unsafe.

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en Here, he reminded me really of Nagaina in the short story Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, in Kipling's Jungle Book, where Nagaina said, “If you move, I strike
zh 在此他真是令我想起了吉卜林《丛林故事集》中短篇故事“Rikki-Tikki-Tavi”里的人物纳甘娜,她在故事中说:“你动,我就打;你不动,我也打。”
en See Alice O'Keeffe, “Jungle Fever”, The Guardian ‧ ugust ‧ eremy McDermott, “Colombia's Female Fighting Force”, BBC News ‧ anuary
zh 见Alice O'Keeffe, “Jungle Fever”, The Guardian ‧ ugust ‧ eremy McDermott, “Colombia's Female Fighting Force”, BBC News ‧ anuary ‧ 。
en In the approximately ‧ million square kilometres of our national territory, of which almost ‧ square kilometres are jungle, the lack of a State presence in many areas has been taken advantage of by terrorists
zh 在我们国家大约 ‧ 万平方公里的国土上,几乎有 ‧ 平方公里是丛林,许多地方缺乏国家存在的现状为恐怖主义分子所利用。
en It is unacceptable because it undermines the credibility of the United Nations and could pave the way for an undesirable and very harmful unilateralism, which could plunge us into relations governed by the law of the jungle and displace us from our organized world based on the Charter of the United Nations and international law
zh 这是不可接受的,因为它破坏联合国的信誉,并可能会为人们所不希望和非常有害的单边主义铺平道路,这种单边主义将使我们陷入由弱肉强食法则所主宰的国际关系,并使我们脱离自己建立在《联合国宪章》和国际法基础之上的有组织的世界。
en Without rules, ruthless economic competition will return us to the jungle
zh 如果没有规则,残酷的经济竞争就会使我们回到丛林时代。
en We have therefore reached an agreement with the Afghan Government to relocate four of the large camps- Pir Alizai and Gidri Jungle in Baluchistan, and Jallozai and Kachi Garhi in the North-West Frontier Province- to secure sites inside Afghanistan
zh 因此,我们同阿富汗政府达成协议,将其中四个大型难民营--在俾路支的Pir Alizai难民营和Gidri Jungle难民营,以及在西北边界省的Jallozai难民营和Kachi Garhi难民营--迁移到阿富汗境内安全地点。
en In North Kivu, FDLR controls many gold-mining pits based in the jungle west of the town of Lubero
zh 在北基伍地区,解放卢旺达民主力量控制着卢贝罗镇以西丛林地区的许多金矿矿场。
en In view of the international situation following the barbaric terrorist attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania, the delegates of more than ‧ tates in Nicaragua at that distressing time gave a vote of confidence to peace, to the peaceful settlement of conflicts and to civilization, and resoundingly rejected hatred, the law of the jungle and mad, cowardly violence
zh 鉴于纽约、华盛顿和宾夕法尼亚遭受野蛮恐怖攻击后的国际局势,在此悲痛时刻在尼加拉瓜集会的 ‧ 多个国家的代表对和平、和平解决冲突和文明投了信任票,并坚定拒绝仇恨、弱肉强食原则和疯狂怯懦的暴力行为。
en Mr. Ntakirutimana (Burundi), noting that the Democratic Republic of the Congo had gone through a difficult period where the law of the jungle had been the order of the day in many areas, said that the country's authorities should be encouraged to achieve their goal of peace and development
zh Ntakirutimana先生(布隆迪)提到刚果民主共和国困难的过去,他提请注意,在刚果民主共和国,弱肉强食的规则曾经在许多方面大行其道,这个国家的当局值得同情与鼓励,应鼓励他们在自己开辟的道路上继续前进,这条道路就是和平与发展之路。
en At the same time, when, in the follow-up to the latest incidents, our troops found ‧ rounds of ammunition in the midst of the jungle at an abandoned camp site, we do not see that as a police operation
zh 与此同时,在最近发生的事件中,当我们的军队在丛林中的一个被废弃的军营发现 ‧ 发子弹的时候,我们并不认为这是一次警察行动。
en The Jungle Waters mine in close proximity to Gbapa (see ‧ para ‧ ) is being reopened
zh 目前正在重新开启Gbapa附近的丛林水源矿(见 ‧ 号文件,第 ‧ 段)。
en Such a system cannot be replaced by the law of the jungle or by doctrines that constitute a violation of the spirit and letter of the Charter of the United Nations and that distort the inherent right of legitimate self-defence, as recognized by Article ‧ of the Charter
zh 这一体系不能由弱肉强食规则和理论所替代,那将违反《联合国宪章》的精神和文字并歪曲《宪章》第五十一条所承认的单独和集体自卫的内存权利。
en The mine, operated by a local businessman through his company, Jungle Waters, employed about ‧ diggers and made use of a ‧ aterpillar tractor as well as a number of large-bore water pumps
zh 该矿是一名当地商人通过他的公司“丛林之水”经营的,该公司雇用了大约 ‧ 名采矿工,使用了一台 ‧ 型履带式挖土机和几台大口径水泵。
en He apparently called him a “lousy Rwandese” and told him to “go back to his jungle
zh 他显然称他是一名“讨厌的卢旺达人”,并跟他说“回到你的丛林去”。
en You guys just go back and have fun on your jungle gym, okay?
zh 你們 回去 接著 玩 你們的 攀爬 架 可以 嗎?
en • France on the exchange of military personnel for regular and advanced training and jungle warfare courses
zh • 法国:交换军事人员,进行普通班和高级班训练和丛林作战班
en This seems to augur a new era in which the law of the jungle will prevail, undermining the international peace and security which the United States says it wishes to preserve
zh 这似乎预示着一个新的时代,无法无天的行为将流行,损害美国说希望维护的国际和平与安全。
en We are not in a jungle, after all
zh 我们毕竟不是生活在丛林之中。
en In the jungles of the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, eight Guatemalan special forces soldiers lost their lives in a firefight with a hateful militia group
zh 在刚果民主共和国东部丛林里,在一次与充满敌意的民兵团伙进行枪战时,八名危地马拉特种部队士兵牺牲了生命。
en What was shown on television was evidence that the law of the jungle prevailed and confirmed the characteristic arrogance of Israeli behaviour
zh 电视上展示的东西是“弱肉强食”的表现,也是以色列固有的傲慢行为的证明。
en As a matter of fact, if the beasts of the jungle acquired language, they could actually claim some superiority over the human race
zh 事实上,如果丛林中的野兽掌握了语言,它们确实可以说比人有某种优越。
en The rule of law has become the rule of the jungle, where rules do not apply, and only might is right
zh 在不适用规则的地方,唯有实力才是正确的。
en b) To request the United Nations organizations, funds and programmes and the specialized agencies, within their respective fields of competence, to take appropriate measures to provide humanitarian assistance, particularly with regard to food and access to medical care, to the members of the Hmong population who have taken refuge in the jungle or certain mountainous regions of the Lao People's Democratic Republic
zh 在此方面,委员会提请秘书长注意,委员们愿赴该国访问; 请联合国各组织、基金、方案以及各专门机构在各自的职权范围内,采取适当措施,向在老挝人民民主共和国丛林或某些山区避难的苗族人提供人道主义援助,特别是提供食物和医疗服务。
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