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en A number of delegations emphasized the value of a dynamic approach and keeping registration data up-to-date, in view of shifting populations and circumstances, including refugee births and deaths
zh 鉴于人口和环境的变更,包括难民的出生和死亡,若干代表团强调了动态性的方针和不断修订数据登记的重要意义。
en New core topics include country of birth (in conjunction with place of birth); year or period of arrival at the current address; date of birth of last child born alive; household deaths in the past ‧ months; disability status; main source of drinking water; type of toilet; sewage disposal; fuel used for cooking; and the availability of information and communication technology devices
zh 新的核心议题包括出生国(与出生地相连);抵达目前居住地址的年份或时间;最后一个活产孩子的出生日期;残疾与否;饮水的主要来源;厕所种类;污水处理方法;炊煮用的燃料;可用上的信息和通信技术设施。
en In a country where the Birth and Death Registration Act is not strictly adhered to and where there is no mandatory requirement for a job applicant to produce evidence of the date of birth, some workers may be employed in jobs for which, under the Labour Act, they do not meet the minimum legal age requirement
zh 在一个不严格遵守出生和死亡登记法和申请工作时无出示出生日期证据的强制性要求的国家,有些工人所从事的工作根据劳工法可能不符合最低法定年龄要求。
en b) in the case of a child who was born after the death of his father to a mother who did not have that status at the date of birth of the child, his father had that status at the date of his death; or
zh b) 出生时父亲已亡故,母亲不具有永久居民身份,但其父在死亡时已获永久居民身份;或
en A person born outside Tuvalu on or after the date on which this Constitution took effect is a citizen of Tuvalu by birth if on the date of his birth either of his parents is, or would but for his death have been, a citizen of Tuvalu.”
zh 如果在他出生时父母双方有一方是图瓦卢公民,或如果不是其死亡则便是图瓦卢公民,则《宪法》生效日期或之后在图瓦卢以外地方出生的人是根据出生地取得图瓦卢国籍的公民。”
en In the case of the birth of a child within ‧ days from the date of dissolution or annulment of a marriage or from the date of death of the husband of the child's mother, the mother's former husband is recognized as the father of the child, unless it is proved otherwise
zh 如果自解除婚姻关系或宣布婚姻无效之日起或在母亲的丈夫去世之日起 ‧ 天内子,如无其他证明,母亲的前夫应被认定为孩子的父亲。
en There is no problem in principle in defining activity transfers or births and deaths of persons (where the latter would cover migrants as well as real deaths and entries and exits to/from any lower and upper age limits), and such data will often be available and of interest
zh 界定活动转移或人员的与死(后者包括移徙以及真正死亡和进入及退出任何较低或较高年龄界限)原则上不成问题,而这类数据经常可以获取并引人关注。
en The overall infant mortality rate was ‧ deaths per thousand live births with the highest rate of ‧ in the Syrian Arab Republic and the lowest of ‧ in the West Bank
zh 总的婴儿死亡率为每千活产儿有 ‧ 例死亡,死亡率最高的是阿拉伯叙利亚共和国,即千分之 ‧ 最低的是西岸,为千分之 ‧ 。
en Birth, death and marriage certificates and other national documents have the minimum of international security standards necessary to protect them from falsification and duplication
zh 出生、死亡和结婚证以及国家颁发的其他证件都已达到最低限度的国际安全标准,足以防止伪造或复制。
en Local government Division: Enforce registration of all births, deaths and marriages
zh 地方政府司:对所有生育、死亡和婚姻进行强制性登记。
en Most of the deaths during the neonatal period were due to perinatal causes (related to prenatal and birthing facilities) as well as congenital anomalies
zh 多数新生儿死亡是由于产期原因(与产前和分娩设施有关)以及患有先天性畸形。
en Women with GDM are at a greater risk of delivering high-birth weight babies (macrosomia), which also may result in greater risk of fistula, hemorrhaging, infection, and death during childbirth
zh 患有消化性糖尿病的妇女更有可能出体重过重的婴儿(特大婴儿),这很有可能造成瘘管、痔疮、感染和在分娩时死亡。
en On the other hand, under Section ‧ of the Births and Deaths Registration Ordinance ‧ if a child is born out of wedlock, the Registrar shall not register the name of the father unless on a joint request by the mother and father
zh 另一方面,根据 ‧ 《出生和死亡登记条例》第 ‧ 节,子女属非婚的,登记官不得登记父亲的姓名,但母亲和父亲共同提出该项要求的除外。
en It is envisaged that this year pilot experiments will be launched relating to the register of births, marriages and deaths, and that to this end links will be established with the work conducted by other agencies, including the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), UNFPA and the International Organization for Migration (IOM
zh 今年计划推行户籍登记方面的试点经验,为此将与联合国儿童基金会(儿童基金会)、联合国人口活动基金(人口基金)和国际移徙组织(移徙组织)等其他机构进行工作交流。
en The maternal mortality rate is estimated at ‧ per ‧ live births. This is well below the target of the International Conference on Population and Development, which was to achieve a maternal mortality rate below ‧ deaths per ‧ live births in
zh 产妇死亡率估计为每十万活产中有 ‧ 名产妇死亡,这大大超过了“国际人口与发展会议”定下的到 ‧ 每十万活产中有不得超过 ‧ 名产妇死亡的目标。
en In many developing countries, natural increase (the number of births minus the number of deaths) accounts for at least ‧ per cent of urban population growth, with internal migration and reclassification accounting for the rest
zh 在许多发展中国家中,自然增长(即出生人数减去死亡人数)占城市人口增长的至少 ‧ %,其余部分为国内移徙和重新分类。
en Reports include cases of instantaneous death and “slow death” as a result of serious damage to health (cancers and other incurable disorders), irreversible sterility, abortions and birth defects
zh 在报告的案例中,有立即死亡、也有因对健康造成的严重损害而“慢速死亡”(癌症和其它不可治愈的疾病),还有不可逆转的不育症、流产和先天缺陷。
en Providing skilled attendants (doctors, nurses and midwives) able to prevent, detect and manage the major obstetric complications, together with the equipment, drugs and other supplies essential for their effective management, is one of the most important factors in preventing maternal and neonatal deaths. The available data show that just over half ‧ per cent- of all births in the world are assisted by a skilled health attendant. The lowest levels are in South Asia ( ‧ per cent) and sub-Saharan Africa ( ‧ per cent
zh 提供能够预防、查出和管理重大产科并发症状的熟练的医护人员(大夫、护士和助产士),有效管理产科服务所必需的设备、药物和其他用品是减少产妇和新生儿死亡最重要的因素之一,现有数据显示,世界上半数( ‧ %)产妇生产得到熟练医护人员助产普及率最低为南亚( ‧ %)和撒南非洲( ‧ %)。
en This category includes information on health status of the population, such as births and deaths by cause, incidence or prevalence of disease and the characteristics of the individuals who suffer from such diseases
zh 这一类资料包括人口的卫生状况,例如出生和死因、疾病的发病率或流行程度以及染上这类疾病的人的特征。
en As a result, all the clinical tests needed to confirm the doctor's statements about the risks to the mother's life of continuing the pregnancy and the inevitable death of the foetus at birth were performed
zh 由于这一决定,需要进行所有临床试验以证实医生关于如果继续妊娠将对母亲生命造成危险以及胎儿出生时必然死亡的诊断。
en The maternal mortality ratio is, on average, over ‧ per ‧ live births, and ‧ per cent of all pregnancy-related deaths worldwide occur in Africa
zh 孕产妇死亡率平均为 ‧ 万名活产儿,全世界 ‧ %与妊娠有关的死亡发生在非洲。
en Pregnancy-related complications are among the main causes of death of young women ‧ to ‧ years old, and babies born to young mothers are more likely to suffer from low birth weight and die before their first birthday
zh 怀孕引起的并发症是 ‧ 至 ‧ 岁年轻妇女的死亡主因,年轻母亲下的婴儿在出生时体重不足的可能性较大。 并在 ‧ 周岁之前死亡。
en In ‧ the index of deaths related to the pregnancy, delivery and confinement stood at ‧ per ‧ live births
zh ,与怀孕和分娩有关的死亡指数是每 ‧ 万例活产 ‧ 人。
en Marriages are registered at the State registry of births, marriages and deaths
zh 婚姻在国家出生、婚姻和死亡登记处进行登记。
en Although child mortality in developing countries has been decreasing, passing from ‧ to ‧ deaths per ‧ births between ‧ and ‧ its rate of decline would need to increase more than fivefold to reach the Millennium Development Goal ‧ target by ‧ (see table
zh 虽然发展中国家的死亡率一直在降低 ‧ 至 ‧ 期间每千例活胎死亡率从 ‧ 降至 ‧ 但下降率需要增加四倍以上才能在 ‧ 年底以前实现千发展目标 ‧ 中的具体目标(见表五)。
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