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A number of delegations emphasized the value of a dynamic approach and keeping registration data up-to-date, in view of shifting populations and circumstances, including refugee births and deaths鉴于人口和环境的变更,包括难民的出生和死亡,若干代表团强调了动态性的方针和不断修订数据登记的重要意义。
In a country where the Birth and Death Registration Act is not strictly adhered to and where there is no mandatory requirement for a job applicant to produce evidence of the date of birth, some workers may be employed in jobs for which, under the Labour Act, they do not meet the minimum legal age requirement在一个不严格遵守出生和死亡登记法和申请工作时无出示出生日期证据的强制性要求的国家,有些工人所从事的工作根据劳工法可能不符合最低法定年龄要求。
New core topics include country of birth (in conjunction with place of birth); year or period of arrival at the current address; date of birth of last child born alive; household deaths in the past ‧ months; disability status; main source of drinking water; type of toilet; sewage disposal; fuel used for cooking; and the availability of information and communication technology devices新的核心议题包括出生国(与出生地相连);抵达目前居住地址的年份或时间;最后一个活产孩子的出生日期;残疾与否;饮水的主要来源;厕所种类;污水处理方法;炊煮用的燃料;可用上的信息和通信技术设施。
b) in the case of a child who was born after the death of his father to a mother who did not have that status at the date of birth of the child, his father had that status at the date of his death; orb) 出生时父亲已亡故,母亲不具有永久居民身份,但其父在死亡时已获永久居民身份;或
In the case of the birth of a child within ‧ days from the date of dissolution or annulment of a marriage or from the date of death of the husband of the child's mother, the mother's former husband is recognized as the father of the child, unless it is proved otherwise如果自解除婚姻关系或宣布婚姻无效之日起或在母亲的丈夫去世之日起 ‧ 天内子,如无其他证明,母亲的前夫应被认定为孩子的父亲。
A person born outside Tuvalu on or after the date on which this Constitution took effect is a citizen of Tuvalu by birth if on the date of his birth either of his parents is, or would but for his death have been, a citizen of Tuvalu.”如果在他出生时父母双方有一方是图瓦卢公民,或如果不是其死亡则便是图瓦卢公民,则《宪法》生效日期或之后在图瓦卢以外地方出生的人是根据出生地取得图瓦卢国籍的公民。”
Article ‧ specifies the formal conditions for marriage and sets forth the principle of the legality of marriage, as follows: “All marriages must be celebrated by a registrar of births, marriages and deaths under the conditions provided by law第 ‧ 条具体规定了婚姻形式的条件。 它阐述了婚姻合法性的原则。 “任何婚姻都必须根据法律规定的条件由民事官给予主持。
The described demographic trend reflects the tendencies of its basic constituents- i.e. the birth and death rates, and also emigration所述人口趋势反映出人口基本组成的趋势,即出生率和死亡率以及移民出境率的趋势。
The Committee further recommends that the State party ensure enforcement of such revised laws, including by requiring registration of all births, deaths, marriages and divorces委员会还建议缔约国确保执行这些经修订的法律,包括要求登记所有出生、死亡、婚姻和离婚。
The mother requires emotional, practical and familial support There should be bonding between father and child from the earliest stage after birth In instances of the death of the mother, the father should be able to take paternity leave For fulfillment of Jamaica's international obligations under the Beijing Platform for Action新生儿母亲需要情感上、实际的家庭的支持。 新生儿出生后的前期需要与父亲形成紧密联系。 在新生儿母亲出现死亡的特例时,父亲应当能够休产假。 为了根据《北京行动纲领》履行牙买加的国际义务。
The Committee notes that the State party has enacted domestic legislation to guarantee registration at birth (the Registration of Births and Deaths Act), but is concerned that some children are still not registered at birth and are not given a name until their baptism, which could be three or four months after their birth和经济、社会、文化权利委员会( ‧ dd ‧ )一样,委员会对教育部门预算拨款的减少和教育质量的下降表示关切。 委员会仍然关切的是:辍学率、留级和缺课率居高不下,农村地区儿童难以上学。
The Special Representative was informed of a recently issued subdecree on birth, marriage and death registration特别代表获悉政府最近发布了关于出生、婚姻和死亡登记的分项法令。
On the other hand, under Section ‧ of the Births and Deaths Registration Ordinance ‧ if a child is born out of wedlock, the Registrar shall not register the name of the father unless on a joint request by the mother and father另一方面,根据 ‧ 《出生和死亡登记条例》第 ‧ 节,子女属非婚的,登记官不得登记父亲的姓名,但母亲和父亲共同提出该项要求的除外。
Thanks to changes in legislation in Ukraine, a set of practical steps has been introduced to protect the rights of children, and there are certain positive changes in birth and mortality rates, through separate indices for child morbidity and maternal deaths由于乌克兰进行了立法改革,采取了一套保护儿童权利的实际步骤。 另有儿童死亡率和孕产妇死亡指数表明,出生率和死亡率方面出现了某些积极变化。
We are called upon to cooperate with all those who believe in God; the Prophet calls upon us to seek knowledge even if the search leads us to China, and to seek knowledge from birth to death, on the basis of our common destiny and on the equality of all human beings, whatever their language, colour, ethnic origin or cultural or ideological affiliation我们被呼吁同所有相信真主的人合作;先知要求我们追求知识,即使这种追求使我们去中国,并在我们的共同命运以及无论语言、肤色、民族血统或者文化或意识形态联系,全人类平等的基础上从到死追求知识。
Moreover, these additional unwanted pregnancies were expected to lead to over ‧ induced abortions and over ‧ additional unwanted births. The additional unwanted pregnancies were also expected to be associated with over ‧ maternal deaths and more than ‧ cases of serious maternal illness consequent to delivery此外,这些新增加的意外怀孕估计会导致 ‧ 万多起引产,并增加 ‧ 万多起意外分娩,另外,估计这些意外怀孕会与 ‧ 多起产妇死亡有关,并可能发生 ‧ 多起分娩造成的严重产妇疾病。
Its volume ‧ provides for the general principles of legal regulation of marital relations and sets out the procedure for entering into marriage and the grounds for its dissolution, the property and personal non-property rights of the spouses, the determination of the parentage of the children, the mutual rights and duties of children and parents and other family members, and the basic provisions for the procedures for adoption, guardianship and care, as well as the registration of births, marriages and deaths《民法典》第三卷规定了婚姻关系的法律基本原则,建立婚姻的程序、解除婚姻的理由、夫妻财产以及个人非财产权利、父母与子女关系的确定、子女与父母和其他家庭成员的相互权利和义务、收养、监护和照料、出生以及结婚和死亡登记程序的基本规定。
The mothers' mortality rate is ‧ deaths per ‧ births at the national level, but there is no data available concerning this rate at the level of the governorates and cazas在全国范围内,母亲死亡率为每 ‧ 例分娩有 ‧ 人死亡,但在省和区一级,目前没有这方面的数据。
Because of substantial under-reporting, especially in rural areas, the true figure is put much higher, and is estimated at between ‧ and ‧ maternal deaths for every ‧ live births考虑到统计不足因素,估计死亡率应在每 ‧ 个活产儿有 ‧ 到 ‧ 名产妇死亡,高发区在农村。
The Programme of Action calls for a reduction of under-five mortality to below ‧ deaths per ‧ live births in ‧ (para ‧ ), a goal that is more ambitious than the target under Millennium Development Goal ‧ (two-thirds reduction between ‧ and《行动纲领》要求到 ‧ 将五岁以下死亡率降至每千例活胎 ‧ 例死亡(第 ‧ 段),这个目标比千发展目标 ‧ ( ‧ 至 ‧ 降低三分之二)规定的具体目标更为宏大。
The explanation is a failure to register births and deaths, especially in rural areas (according to data of ‧ from the register “Public health in the Republic of Moldova”对此的解释是没有登记全部出生和死亡情况,特别是在农村地区(根据“摩尔多瓦共和国公共健康”登记的 ‧ 数据)。
The Department of Relief and Social Services continuously updates refugee registration card information (primarily registration of births, marriages and deaths), including for the special hardship programme, and issues some ‧ new cards per month救济和社会服务部不断更新难民登记卡信息(以出生、婚姻和死亡登记为主),包括特困方案的难民信息,并每月发放约 ‧ 张新卡。
In terms of regions, the incidence of child mortality is highest in the south-east and central regions, where the mortality rates are ‧ anddeaths, respectively, for every ‧ live births, while in the metropolitan region (the region with the lowest levels), the reported level is按区域来算,在东南部和中部婴儿死亡率很高,每千名活产中死亡人数分别为 ‧ 名和 ‧ 名,在都市(死亡率最低)为 ‧ 名。
Although child mortality in developing countries has been decreasing, passing from ‧ to ‧ deaths per ‧ births between ‧ and ‧ its rate of decline would need to increase more than fivefold to reach the Millennium Development Goal ‧ target by ‧ (see table虽然发展中国家的死亡率一直在降低 ‧ 至 ‧ 期间每千例活胎死亡率从 ‧ 降至 ‧ 但下降率需要增加四倍以上才能在 ‧ 年底以前实现千发展目标 ‧ 中的具体目标(见表五)。
Whereas it stood at ‧ deaths per ‧ live births at the time of the ‧ demographic and health survey, it had dropped to ‧ by the time of the ‧ survey根据 ‧ 进行的人口健康状况普查结果,每百万存活新生儿出现孕妇死亡 ‧ 例,到 ‧ ,这一数据下降为 ‧ 例。
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