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en A number of delegations emphasized the value of a dynamic approach and keeping registration data up-to-date, in view of shifting populations and circumstances, including refugee births and deaths
zh 鉴于人口和环境的变更,包括难民的出生和死亡,若干代表团强调了动态性的方针和不断修订数据登记的重要意义。
en In a country where the Birth and Death Registration Act is not strictly adhered to and where there is no mandatory requirement for a job applicant to produce evidence of the date of birth, some workers may be employed in jobs for which, under the Labour Act, they do not meet the minimum legal age requirement
zh 在一个不严格遵守出生和死亡登记法和申请工作时无出示出生日期证据的强制性要求的国家,有些工人所从事的工作根据劳工法可能不符合最低法定年龄要求。
en New core topics include country of birth (in conjunction with place of birth); year or period of arrival at the current address; date of birth of last child born alive; household deaths in the past ‧ months; disability status; main source of drinking water; type of toilet; sewage disposal; fuel used for cooking; and the availability of information and communication technology devices
zh 新的核心议题包括出生国(与出生地相连);抵达目前居住地址的年份或时间;最后一个活产孩子的出生日期;残疾与否;饮水的主要来源;厕所种类;污水处理方法;炊煮用的燃料;可用上的信息和通信技术设施。
en b) in the case of a child who was born after the death of his father to a mother who did not have that status at the date of birth of the child, his father had that status at the date of his death; or
zh b) 出生时父亲已亡故,母亲不具有永久居民身份,但其父在死亡时已获永久居民身份;或
en In the case of the birth of a child within ‧ days from the date of dissolution or annulment of a marriage or from the date of death of the husband of the child's mother, the mother's former husband is recognized as the father of the child, unless it is proved otherwise
zh 如果自解除婚姻关系或宣布婚姻无效之日起或在母亲的丈夫去世之日起 ‧ 天内子,如无其他证明,母亲的前夫应被认定为孩子的父亲。
en A person born outside Tuvalu on or after the date on which this Constitution took effect is a citizen of Tuvalu by birth if on the date of his birth either of his parents is, or would but for his death have been, a citizen of Tuvalu.”
zh 如果在他出生时父母双方有一方是图瓦卢公民,或如果不是其死亡则便是图瓦卢公民,则《宪法》生效日期或之后在图瓦卢以外地方出生的人是根据出生地取得图瓦卢国籍的公民。”
en In accordance with the Pensions Act, fathers raising disabled children (disabled from birth) for at least eight years before they reach the age of majority are eligible for an old-age pension at ‧ years of age after at least ‧ years' service if the mother of the disabled child (disabled from birth) has not claimed her acquired right to an old-age pension after caring for a disabled child and has relinquished that right in the father's favour or has not claimed her right to an old-age pension in accordance with the above-mentioned criteria owing to death
zh 根据白俄罗斯共和国《关于养老金保障法》,在残疾子女(自幼残疾)未成年前养育他们不少于 ‧ 岁的父亲,满 ‧ 岁后,若工龄不少于 ‧ ,在以下情况下:残疾子女(自幼残疾)母亲未享受因照料残疾子女而获得的退休权利并且放弃这一权利,将其让给父亲,或者因死亡未享受因上述情况获得的退休权利,有退休的权利。
en It is the birth, death and migration of individuals that form the essential components of demographic dynamics
zh 生死迁徙,是人口动态的重要内容。
en Please provide detailed information on measures taken by the State party to realise, in practice, its policy goal of reducing maternal mortality, which is estimated by UNFPA to be ‧ maternal deaths for every ‧ live births (as of March ‧ ), and to improve the sexual and reproductive health of women and girls, in view of the high incidence of unsafe abortion and the resulting maternal deaths (para
zh 鉴于不安全堕胎和由此造成的产妇死亡率很高,请提供详细资料说明缔约国为实现降低产妇死亡率(人口基金估计,截至 ‧ ‧ 月,每 ‧ 万名活产儿中产妇死亡数达 ‧ 人)而采取的实际措施、以及为改善妇女和女童生殖健康而采取的措施(报告第 ‧ 段)。
en Currently, given the decline of mortality among children under one year in the post-natal period, more than half the deaths of children under one year are due to perinatal causes related to the health and nutritional conditions of children at birth, the mother's educational and socioeconomic level, and the quality of prenatal and delivery care
zh 目前,鉴于在产后期一岁以下儿童死亡率下降,一岁以下儿童半数以上的死亡与以下围产期方面的原因有关:儿童出生时的保健和营养条件、母亲的受教育水平和社会经济状况,以及产前和分娩护理水平。
en According to the ``Nationwide Cause- specific Maternal Mortality Survey” carried out by the Department of Health in ‧ maternal mortality ratio was estimated at ‧ per ‧ live births at the national level and ‧ per cent of all maternal deaths were reported from rural areas
zh 卫生部在 ‧ 开展的“全国产妇死亡率具体原因调查”表明,估计全国产妇死亡率为每 ‧ 万活产有 ‧ 名死亡,农村产妇死亡率占所有产妇死亡率的 ‧ %。
en As for the rights mentioned in paragraph ‧ of this article of the Convention, which include that in connection with according to women a legal capacity identical to that of men, the provisions of the Civil Code, some of which have already been mentioned, are in keeping with such principles and state that the personality of the human being begins at birth and ends on death (article
zh 至于《公约》第十五条第 ‧ 款提到的权利,包括与给予妇女与男子同等法律行为能力相关的权利,民法的规定是与此类原则一致的,其中有一些在上面已经提到过,它指出:人的人格始于,终于死(第 ‧ 条)。
en Under the ‧ riminal Code a woman who causes the death of her child under ‧ months by a willful act or omission in circumstances where her mind was disturbed from the effect of giving birth to the child or the effect of lactation consequent on the birth of the child may be guilty of infanticide and punished as if she had been guilty of the manslaughter of the child
zh 依照 ‧ 《刑法》,受婴儿分娩的影响或受婴儿分娩后哺乳期的影响因故意或疏忽而致使自己不足 ‧ 个月的婴儿死亡的妇女可能犯有杀婴罪,并且会因误杀罪而受到相应的惩罚。
en A distinction is made between marriages celebrated according to the provisions of the Civil Code in force and those declared before a registrar of births, marriages and deaths
zh 在贝宁,婚礼是按照现行《民法》的规定举行并要当着民事官的面宣布结婚。
en These signs have included the commutation of death sentences (see annex II), the release of prisoners and the ‧ decision of the Expediency Council declaring that “all Iranians enjoy the rights of citizenship irrespective of their belief”, followed by measures removing the requirement of declaring one's religious affiliation when registering a marriage or the birth of a child or applying for a passport overseas
zh 这些迹象包括死刑减刑(见附件二)、释放囚犯及国家利益委员会 ‧ 所作决定。 该决定宣布“所有伊朗人不分信仰都享有获得公民身份的权利”,继 而推出措施,规定在婚姻登记、子女出生登记或申请出国护照时,无需声明自己的宗教归属。
en In addition, in a further ‧ countries or areas- Austria, the Channel Islands, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Portugal and the Russian Federation-net migration counterbalanced totally or in part the excess of deaths over births
zh 此外,以下 ‧ 个国家或地区的净移民全部或部分地抵消了死亡人数超过出生人数的差数:奥地利、海峡群岛、克罗地亚、捷克共和国、德国、希腊、匈牙利、意大利、日本、葡萄牙和俄罗斯联邦。
en j) At the request of the worker, to grant him three days' leave with pay to contract marriage; two days in the event of the birth of a child; and four days in the event of the death of a spouse, a child, a parent, a grandparent or a sibling
zh j) 根据工人的申请允许工人休假三天举办婚礼,因孩子出生休假两天,因配偶、子女、父母、(外)祖父母或兄弟姐妹去世休假四天。
en It has also started to issue UNMIK civil registration documents, such as birth, death and marriage certificates, to perform inspections, beginning with sanitary inspections, and to issue construction permits and, in collaboration with the Kosovo Ministry of Public Services, it established a facility to issue driving licences and vehicle registration documents
zh 该行政当局也开始颁布科索沃特派团的人事登记证件,如出生证、死亡证和结婚证书,并进行检查,首先是卫生检查,以及批发建筑许可证,它还与科索沃公务部合作,设立了一个批发驾驶执照和车辆登记证的设施。
en The mothers' mortality rate in Lebanon is estimated at ‧ deaths per ‧ live births, according to the national survey of mother and child health
zh 第二部分、在法律面前和在民政事务中的平等
en The Roma played a particular role in the educational workshops and round tables held with their community on the citizenship process, and, with the support of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, brochures and other media materials had been prepared in the Roma language on the rights and obligations of citizens and the process of registering births, marriages and deaths
zh 在与罗姆族社区一起举行的关于公民身份进程的教育讲习班和圆桌会议上,罗姆族人发挥了特别重要的作用,并且在联合国难民事务高级专员办事处的支助下,使用罗姆语编写了关于公民权利和义务及出生、结婚和死亡登记过程的宣传册和其他媒体材料。
en Registration of newborns As explained in paragraph ‧ of the previous report, the Births and Deaths Registration Ordinance provides that the particulars of a child born alive in Hong Kong must be registered with the Births Registry within ‧ days of the birth
zh 正如上一份报告第 ‧ 段所述,《生死登记条例》(第 ‧ 章)订明,在香港活产的婴儿,其出生资料必须在婴儿出生后 ‧ 天内,在出生登记处登记。
en Increasing women's access to antenatal care consultation during pregnancy and to assisted delivery by trained birth attendants would significantly reduce the number of child and maternal deaths
zh 在妊娠期间,使妇女得到更多的产前护理咨询,并得到经过培训的助产士的协助,将会大幅度降低儿童和产妇死亡人数。
en In ‧ the number of maternal deaths was ‧ and the maternal mortality rate was ‧ per ‧ births
zh 在 ‧ ,产妇死亡 ‧ 人。 产妇死亡率为每 ‧ 万活产 ‧ 人。
en The Committee recommends that the State party accelerate the implementation of the Births and Deaths Registration Act ofand intensify its efforts to improve its birth registration system in order to guarantee the registration of all children within its jurisdiction
zh 委员会建议缔约国加速实施 ‧ 的《出生和死亡登记法》,并加紧努力,改进出生登记制度,以便保证在该国司法管辖范围内的所有儿童都得到登记。
en At issue is the relationship between citizens' exercise of their rights and the State's recognition that the citizen exists (birth, family or marriage status, passport, death, inheritance
zh 一国公民行使权利与该国承认他的存在(出生、家庭或婚姻状况、护照、死亡、遗产)之间有着联系。
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