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en There are also indications that some plant material, such as lichen and possibly bark, can be good environmental indicators of depleted uranium
zh 还有迹象显示,地衣、可能还有树皮等植物材料可以是很好的贫铀环境指示物。
en Even women with little or no formal education know about the qualities of woods and locations of supplies and such ecosystem services as the value of tree leaf-litter for soils and the medicinal values of barks, leaves and resins from trees
zh 甚至教育程度很低或未受过正式教育的妇女都知道木材的各种属性和木材采集地点,以及树木落叶对土壤的价值和树皮、树叶及树胶的药用价值等生态系统用途。
en Some Burundians, however, are also involved in the harvesting of bark from prunus Africana
zh 但有些布隆迪人也采伐非洲李树树皮。
en To ensure that the protocol can be an effective watchdog against bio-warfare proliferation, it must have the prerequisites of a sensitive nose to sniff out proliferators, a loud bark to alert the international community and, when necessary, sufficient bite to deter those who would cheat on the prohibitions of the Convention
zh 为确保这个议定书可以有效地监督和防止生物战争的扩散,它必须具有的能力是能够敏感的察觉扩散者,并响亮地提醒国际社会,以及在必要时有充分的能力阻吓那些以欺瞒手法违反《公约》所禁止的行为的人。
en A liquid made from the poisonous bark of a particular tree, or other poisonous substances, which when ingested usually causes death
zh 一种从有毒树皮或其他有毒物质提取的液体,人饮用后会死亡。
en It is still too early to quantify the positive effects on the forests themselves, as many forest owners have only recently started to respond to the incentive to take care of poor stands, tackle reserves affected by the bark beetle and plant new mixed stands
zh 因为许多森林所有者最近才开始对奖励作出反应,照料生长不良的林分,处理遭到棘胫小蠹影响的储备林,种植新的混合林分,因此,现在对森林本身受到的正面影响进行定量分析为时尚早。
en Ozone concentrations in many areas of Europe and North America are sufficient to adversely affect tree growth, cause foliar injury and early needle loss, and increase susceptibility to bark beetles
zh 欧洲和北美洲许多地区的臭氧浓度足以对树木生长产生不利影响,造成树叶损伤,针叶过早脱落,使树木更容易受到棘胫小蠢的侵害。
en The bark of the Pacific Yew was found to provide a compound now extensively used in the treatment of ovarian cancer
zh 据发现,太平洋紫杉的树皮提供一种化合物,目前被广泛应用于卵巢癌的治疗。
en Sources of such organic matter include wheat or barley straw, bark or wood chips, fully composted biosolids, olive cake residue or other readily available organic materials
zh 这类有机物质的来源包括小麦或大麦秸、树皮或木屑、完全分解的生物固体、橄榄油饼渣或其他随手可得的有机物质。
en However, as the Panel was informed by the Government, the United Republic of Tanzania has been handling cinchona bark from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and not timber
zh 然而,正如政府通知小组的那样,坦桑尼亚联合共和国在处理来自刚果民主共和国的金鸡纳树皮,而不是木材。
en Sources said that interrogation methods included up to ‧ hours of torture with a couple of hours in between; hands and ankles tied to a chair with chains and elbows squeezed together while the prisoner was beaten on all parts of the body; squatting; sleep, food and cleanliness deprivation; being naked; no light; sexual assault; use of lie detectors; shaking; solitary confinement; blindfolding and hooding; noise; insults; threats against family members; forced barking; cold flushes; breaking of bones; burning; electric shocks; standing for long periods; and tape-recorded interrogations played back to prisoners
zh 消息来源说,审讯方法包括:长达 ‧ 个小时的酷刑,中间有个把小时的间隔;用铁链将手脚绑在椅子上,胳膊肘并在一起,然后抽打他们的全身上下;蹲在地上;不让睡觉、吃饭、梳洗;不给穿任何衣服;不让见光;性骚扰;使用测谎器;摇撼;单独监禁;蒙上眼睛和脑袋;噪音;侮辱;对家人进行威胁;强迫学狗叫;用冷水冲;打断骨头;火烧;电击;长时间罚站;向囚犯播放录制的审讯实况。
en The project should evaluate measures, such as the per cent cover of epibiota on prop roots, mobile biota living in the prop root area, observations of bark fissuring, epithelial scarring, lenticel expansion, leaf deformities and chlorosis, and propagule stunting or bending
zh 该项目应评估各种措施,如支助根寄生物覆盖的百分比、生活在支助根周围的移动生物群、观察树皮裂痕、上皮瘢痕、皮孔扩张、树叶的变形和萎黄病以及繁殖体生长受阻或弯曲。
en After consultations, the surgeons who saw the patient decided not to perform a surgical decortication
zh 申诉人的外科医生在会诊后决定不进行外科被剥除。
en I wanted that I could say that them to bark more terrible was than their bite
zh 我 真 希望有 那 么?? 缝 口 被咬? 伤 是 值得 的
en Most wood is used as firewood, while only ‧ % is used for technical and industrial purposes (e.g. electrical poles, railway pontoon/connectors, furniture, and tannin and cork from wood bark
zh 大多数木材都用于木柴,只有 ‧ % 的木材用于技术和工业目的(例如,电线杆、铁路浮桥/连接处、家具、从树皮中提炼丹酸宁和用树皮制作软木塞)。
en Appropriate organic amendments include wheat or barley straw, bark or wood chips, fully composted biosolids, olive-cake residue or other readily available organic materials
zh 适当的有机添加物包括小麦或大麦麦秸、树皮或碎木屑、充分分解的生物固体物、橄榄的残渣或其他容易得到的有机材料。
en Anyone who cuts, uproots or destroys a tree or a graft on a tree or strips off the bark in such a way as to kill it
zh “ ‧ 凡砍断、连根拔起或毁坏树木或在树上切割或扒掉树皮以使树木枯死者
en Mombasa and Dar es Salaam were the main ports used by Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi to export some natural resources, such as timber, cassiterite, coffee and various barks
zh 蒙巴萨和达累斯萨拉姆是乌干达、卢旺达和布隆迪出口木材、锡石、咖啡和各种茎皮等自然资源的主要港口。
en Between ‧ and ‧ about ‧ trucks carrying logs, timber, coffee, medicinal barks, cassiterite, pyrochlore, iron ore, tea and quinina have transited through Uganda
zh 从 ‧ 年至 ‧ 年,约有 ‧ 辆卡车通过乌干达中转,这些卡车运载原木、木材、咖啡、药用茎皮、锡石、烧绿石、铁矿石、茶叶和金鸡纳树皮。
en Statistics gathered from the Tanzanian Port Authority clearly indicate that Burundi exported those barks in ‧ and
zh 从坦桑尼亚港务局得到的统计数据明确表明布隆迪在 ‧ 和 ‧ 年出口了这些树皮。
en Cover him with ' tepezcohuite ' bark
zh 用 德 培 克 輝 樹皮 蓋住 他
en Her experiments with this bark will be famous someday
zh 她的 樹皮 實驗 遲早 會 成名
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