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en In view of the rising concern regarding the racist, ethnic and religious biases and hostility directed towards people from the region because of the fight against terrorism and its political agenda, international human rights organizations have a responsibility to include criticism of such gross abuses in the scope of their advocacy
zh 反恐斗争及其政治议程造成针对该区域人民的种族、民族和宗教偏见和敌视,鉴于对此种现象的关注日益高涨,国际人权组织有责任在其宣传工作中批评这些严重侵权现象。
en Indeed, the effective use of national resources, trade, official development assistance for technical cooperation, and foreign direct investment are critical to creating a macroeconomic environment for supporting sustainable forest management
zh 的确,有效利用国内资源、开展贸易、将官方发展援助用于技术合作以及提供外国直接投资对于为支助可持续森林管理创造一个宏观经济环境是十分重要的。
en At this time, the one critical institution that Guinea-Bissau does not have is a parliament of elected representatives who can make decisions about the direction the country needs to follow in addressing political, economic and social matters
zh 当前,几内亚比绍还不具备的一个非常重要的机构是由选举产生的代表组成的议会。 这些代表能够就国家为解决政治、经济和社会事务需要遵循的路线作处决定。
en Foreign direct investment and ODA remained critical, not only for the economic growth of developing countries, but also for their endeavours to develop national capacity and sound economic policies to ensure fulfilment of the Goals
zh 外国直接投资和官方发展援助仍是极为重要的,不仅是对发展中国家的经济成长而言,也是对它们努力发展国家能力和良好经济政策确保实现千年发展目标而言。
en The sufficiency and stability of multilateral core resources are critical to UNODC's mission and mandate because they finance continuous elements of the programme, programme support, executive direction and management and policymaking organs
zh 多边核心资源是否充足和稳定对于毒品和犯罪问题办公室的使命和职责至关重要,因为这些资源为方案、方案支助、行政领导和管理以及决策机关的持续组成部分提供经费。
en Governments call upon United Nations organizations, NGOs, the private sector and relevant civil society organizations to show strong political will and commitment to human development and direct investments to these critical areas
zh 各国政府吁请联合国各组织、非政府组织、私营部门和有关民间社会组织对在这些重要领域进行人类发展和直接投资表现出强大政治意愿和承诺。
en We hear nothing about criticisms directed at other religions or non-Islamic societies
zh 我们没有听到任何针对其他宗教或非伊斯兰社会的批评。
en ESA recognizes that the efforts of major space agencies are now heading in similar directions and are reaching the critical mass needed to attain concrete developments with respect to space missions
zh 欧空局认识到主要空间机构的工作目前正朝着类似的方向前进,并且达到了在空间飞行任务方面取得实际进展所需的临界量。
en There is a critical need to ensure that UNIFEM has the capacity, influence, focus and resources to fulfil its dual mandate of providing direct assistance at the country level while being a key driver to assist the United Nations system in adequately supporting countries as they advance gender equality and women's empowerment in line with national priorities
zh 现在迫切需要确保妇发基金有能力,有影响力,有重点,有资源,来履行其双重任务:一是在国家一级提供直接援助,二是作为一个关键动力,协助联合国系统充分支持各国根据本国的轻重缓急,推动两性平等和赋予妇女权力。
en For a discussion of this notion, and the criticisms directed at it, see the First Report of the Special Rapporteur on Diplomatic Protection ‧ paras
zh 对这一概念的讨论和对这一概念的批评,参看特别报告员关于外交保护的第一次报告 ‧ 第 ‧ 段。
en We missed another opportunity to articulate the necessary political will and determination with a view to setting a new direction and to addressing these critical issues facing the international community
zh 我们失去了为确定一个新的方向和处理国际社会所面临的这些至关重要问题而表达必要的政治意愿和决心的又一个机会。
en While the introduction of some flexibility may be a step in the right direction, there is the risk that these reforms and new facilities will not substantially alter traditional IMF conditionality which has been the subject of many criticisms in the past
zh 引进一些灵活性可能是朝正确方向跨出的一步,但是存在这些改革和信贷款机制不能实质性改变货币基金组织以往备受批评的传统条件的风险。
en Through community dialogue spaces and special events, Equator dialogues draw critical attention to local development and conservation successes, while fostering peer-to-peer exchange and direct access to decision-makers and policy processes
zh 通过社区对话场所和特别活动,赤道对话引起人们注意地方的发展情况和养护资源的成就,同时促进同行交流信息和直接联系决策人员和参与政策进程。
en Moreover, an increasing portion of recent increases in official development assistance has been directed to emergency relief, particularly to countries deemed critical for security reasons in the perception of donors
zh 再者,近年增加的官方发展援助,越来越大的部分用于紧急救济,特别是捐助者认为从安全的角度看来处于非常严重的国家。
en The involvement of women and girls is critical not only for any efforts in that direction, but also for the maintenance of the family, which remains the basic unit of society and, therefore, of social harmony
zh 妇女和女童的参与不仅是任何维持和平和避免冲突努力的关键,而且也是维持家庭的关键,家庭仍然是社会的基本单位,因此,也是社会和谐的基本单位。
en One of the reasons why repeated criticisms are directed against the Government of China alleging that mental health institutions are used to intimidate and punish political opponents is the lack of transparency
zh 之所以一直有人针对中国政府提出批评,称其精神病院是用来威胁和惩罚不同政见者的,其原因之一就是缺乏透明度。
en We also stress the importance of reconciliation between the communities in Kosovo and urge the parties to resume the direct dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade in order to address critical issues of common interest
zh 我们还强调在科索沃各族裔之间实现和解的重要性,并且敦促各方恢复普里什蒂纳同贝尔格莱德之间的直接对话,以便处理共同关心的重要问题。
en In the area of investment, UNCTAD has, upon request, provided assistance to States members of SELA by proposing investment policy reviews that critically examine investment policies and their relevance and effectiveness in terms of attracting foreign direct investment, ensuring that economic benefits are maximized and providing technical assistance for the implementation of national investment promotion strategies
zh 在投资领域内,贸发会议在接获要求时以下述方式向拉美经济体系成员国提供援助:提出进行投资政策审查,严谨地检查投资政策及其在吸引外国直接投资方面的相关性和效用,以确保尽量扩大经济效益,并对执行国家促进投资战略提供技术援助。
en e) Recommended that parties support the work of the indigenous expert group with adequate resources to, among other tasks, critically analyse the nature, scope, objectives and possible elements of an international regime on access and benefit-sharing, and provide direct advice to the Working Group on Access and Benefit-sharing
zh e) 建议各方为土著专家组的工作提供充足资源,便于其除从事其他任务外,以批评的眼光分析获取和分享国际机制的性质、范围、目标和可能的要素,直接向获取和惠益分享工作组建言。
en Mac Evans, President of CSA, described the Charter as a far-reaching humanitarian initiative that would lead to the coordination and global positioning of space resources, such as Canada's renowned Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite (RADARSAT) ‧ providing timely and critical imaging to agencies directing rescue and relief efforts in times of natural and technological disasters
zh 加空局主席Mac Evans称宪章是具有深远意义的人道主义举措,将可促成诸如加拿大著名的合成孔径雷达卫星(雷达卫星) ‧ 号等空间资源的协调和全球定位,在发生自然和技术灾害时向指挥救援工作的机构提供及时而关键的成像数据。
en The strategic military cell/crisis cell will continue to provide critical support, directed by a general officer who will routinely report to the Under-Secretary-General through the Military Adviser, with direct access to the Under-Secretary-General in the event of a crisis or other exigency
zh 战略军事单元危机处理小组在一名将级军官的领导下,提供关键支助。 他定期通过军事顾问向副秘书长报告,一旦发生危机或其他紧急状况,还可直接与副秘书长接触。
en The Centre provided direct support to parliamentarians, contributed to increasing the participation of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in critical democratic processes and supported the strengthening of credible NGOs
zh 中心为议员们提供直接支助,使弱势群体和处于社会边缘的群体更多地参与重要的民主进程,支持和加强信誉可靠的非政府组织。
en Critical review of these cases is necessary to understand the factors fundamental to the successful approaches, as well as the shortcomings, and to draw inspiration for policy directions
zh 有必要对这些情况进行严格的审查,以便了解做法获得成功的根本要素和存在的不足,同时为政策指导带来启发。
en The identification of critical business processes and the development of mitigation strategies to ensure continuity of operations will have a direct impact in the reduction of financial and reputation losses
zh 拟订重要业务程序,并制订减缓战略,以确保业务的连续性,这将对减少财务和声誉损失产生直接的影响。
en Over the last years, Haiti's critical economic condition was related to the political situation, with a direct negative effect on the public sector's efficiency and on domestic investments, including increasing inflation as a result of unsustainable fiscal deficits
zh 过去几年中,海地危急的经济状况与政治局势相关,对公共部门的效率和国内投资产生直接不利影响,包括不可持续的财政赤字使通货膨胀加剧。
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