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en Therefore, as is emphasized in NEPAD and has been emphasized by most speakers today, the issue of development, while it is not a direct responsibility of the Council, is of critical importance to Council action in terms of pre-conflict or conflict situations or of peacemaking operations
zh 因此,正如在新伙伴关系中所强调的并且今天有许多发言者所强调的,发展问题尽管不是安理会的直接责任,但对安理会在冲突前或冲突局势以及维持和平行动方面是至关重要的。
en Consequently, it is still not possible to speak of a critical mass of activities directed towards the use and sustainable management of land, although there are countless national and local efforts and initiatives
zh 因此还不能说利用和可持续管理土地的活动达到了应有的规模,虽然国家和地方在这方面的努力和倡议数不胜数。
en Official development assistance (ODA) and foreign direct investment played a critical role in helping to meet the development needs of the developing countries
zh 官方发展援助和外国直接投资在帮助发展中国家满足发展需要方面起着关键的作用。
en The combined use of critical points and new or advanced technologies in inspection and verification can provide more directed and focused information and permit remote acquisition and transmission of data
zh 在视察和核查过程中兼并使用临界点和新的或先进技术可以提供更直接和集中的信息,并能远程采集和传播数据。
en The outcome of these conferences and summits have in particular underlined a commitment of the international community to an open, equitable, rule-based, predictable and non-discriminatory multilateral trading and financial system as being critical in making trade work for development and poverty alleviationThey also underscore a direct linkage between active participation in international trade and the achievement of internationally agreed development goals and objectives, including the MDGs
zh 这些大会和首脑会议的结果特别强调,国际社会致力于一个开放、公平、有章可循、可预测和非歧视的多边贸易和金融体系,这是使贸易为发展和减轻贫困服务的关键所在。 它们也强调直接参与国际贸易与实现包括《千年发展目标》在内的国际商定发展目标有着直接联系。
en It should be mentioned that this exercise has been criticized by the person who is preparing this report, on the grounds that it aims to give direct coercive powers to arbitrators, enabling them to decree such measures without any judicial support or help; in other words, it aims to confer “jus imperium” on arbitrators with regard to interim measures or anticipatory measures or preliminary orders
zh 应当指出的是,本报告起草人对这种做法是持批评态度的,因为其目的在于赋予仲裁员直接的强制权力,使他们能够在没有任何司法支持或帮助的情况下颁布这些措施;换言之,这种做法旨在赋予仲裁员在临时或预防措施或初步命令方面的“统治权”。
en With respect to the question of Palestine, my delegation reaffirms the critical necessity of resuming talks with a view to opening direct negotiations between the principal parties to the crisis
zh 关于巴勒斯坦问题,我国代表团重申恢复谈判极其必要,以便在危机的主要当事方之间开始进行直接谈判。
en UNMIK depends critically on a web of voluntary contributions- from financial donations to the Trust Fund in support of UNMIK and to the Kosovo consolidated budget and direct bilateral assistance, to manpower for civil and special police and KFOR
zh 科索沃特派团在很大程度上依赖于一个自愿捐助的网络--从对支助科索沃特派团信托基金和科索沃综合预算的财政捐助和直接的双边援助,到民警、特别警察和驻科部队的人员配备。
en Although the initial reactions of the Kosovo Albanian leaders were critical, it is hoped that the Working Group will in time contribute to a process of normalization and promote direct dialogue between the democratically elected leaders in Pristina and Belgrade
zh 虽然科索沃阿族领导人最初的反应是提出批评,但所希望的是,工作组最终将促进正常化进程,促进普里什蒂纳和贝尔格莱德两地民主选举产生的领导人之间的直接对话。
en The international community expects the Government of Turkey to terminate its illegal occupation and behave in a completely different and certainly more responsible manner, especially during the present critical period, when direct talks are being held between President Clerides and the Turkish-Cypriot leader, Mr. R. Denktash, in an effort to achieve a just and viable solution of the Cyprus problem on the basis of Security Council resolutions
zh 国际社会期望土耳其政府结束非法占领,并以完全不同和更加负责的方式采取行动,尤其是在目前这个关键时期,因为克莱里季斯总统正与土族塞人领袖登克塔什先生直接会谈,根据安全理事会有关决议,努力达成解决塞浦路斯问题的一项公正和可行的办法。
en At this point, we believe it critical for the parties to commit further, resolutely and unconditionally to open and direct discussions on all issues
zh 在目前阶段,我们认为,各方必须进一步坚决和无条件地致力于就所有问题进行公开和直接的讨论。
en It must also permit attention to be directed to critical areas where bottlenecks may exist at any stage of the process
zh 它还必须使人们可以关注进程中任何阶段可能存在瓶颈的关键领域。
en Most of the criticism directed at the second paragraph of draft guideline ‧ concerned the failure to identify the “specific circumstances” it mentioned
zh 针对准则草案 ‧ 第二段提出的批评多半是说,该段没有界定它所提到的“特定情况”。
en Much of the criticism directed at the Court's adoption of the “ceased to exist” test is that it was not properly applied by the Court to the facts in Barcelona Traction
zh 针对法院通过“已不存在”的检验标准提出的批评中很大一部分是,法院这不能恰当地将其应用于巴塞罗那电车公司案的事实。
en Pursuant to the specific actions that are proposed in the six broad categories enumerated above, the study affirmed that the most important critical success factor of the drive towards the ‧ gender representation target was the personal commitment, evidenced through direct action, of the Secretary-General
zh 按照上面阐述的六大类别内提议的具体行动,研究报告肯定努力走向 ‧ 两性任职人数指标的最重要、最关键的成功因素是个人承诺,秘书长的直接行动就是证明。
en The reason for this was the tense political atmosphere at this particular time: a lot of mistrust was being directed towards the Lebanese judiciary and criticism being levelled at the manner of the investigation
zh 其原因是当时的政治气氛很紧张:人们极不信任黎巴嫩司法机构,并对调查方式提出批评。
en Most countries are moving towards incorporating the NAPs into their respective national development agendas, sustainable development strategies, the attainment of the MDGs and the pursuit of their PRSPs, but the NAPs should not in any way be subsumed under these strategies- they should be treated as complementary efforts to synergize the development directions, especially in areas where desertification and land degradation are critical concerns
zh 多数国家正努力将国家行动方案纳入各自国家发展议程、可持续发展战略、实现千年发展目标的努力和减贫战略文件,但不应以任何方式将国家行动方案归在这些战略之下――它们应该被视为补充努力,与发展方向协同作用,特别是在关键的防治荒漠化和土地退化的领域。
en However, most of the criticism has been directed at the refusal of the Commission to give full effect to article V of the treaty establishing the Commission rather than to the formulation of the scope and effect of the Calvo Clause itself
zh 但多数批评意见都是针对委员会拒绝充分实施设立委员会的条约的第五条, 而不是针对就卡尔沃条款本身的范围和效力所作出的阐述。
en At the time that the resolution was being debated, I communicated with the proposers of the resolution and suggested to them that someone other than myself be mandated to carry out the mission, as it was unlikely that Israel would consent to such a mission under my direction in the light of my critical reports on Israel's policies and practices in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT
zh 在对该决议进行辩论时,我与决议提案人进行了交流并向其建议说,应授权其他人而不是我本人来进行这项调查任务,因为考虑到我就以色列在巴勒斯坦被占领土的政策与做法所写的批评报告,以色列不太可能同意在我的领导下进行这样的调查。
en e) Recommended that parties support the work of the indigenous expert group with adequate resources to, among other tasks, critically analyse the nature, scope, objectives and possible elements of an international regime on access and benefit-sharing, and provide direct advice to the Working Group on Access and Benefit-sharing
zh e) 建议各方为土著专家组的工作提供充足资源,便于其除从事其他任务外,以批评的眼光分析获取和分享国际机制的性质、范围、目标和可能的要素,直接向获取和惠益分享工作组建言。
en Although government authorities promised to deliver direct front-line assistance to all hard-hit inaccessible areas, in particular Cuemba and Mussende, so far only minimal amounts have reportedly reached the most critically affected populations
zh 虽然政府当局答应直接运送前沿援助给所有受到严重影响的无法进入地区,特别是库因巴和穆森德,但是到目前为止,据报道送到受影响最严重的人口手中的数量极少。
en a) Enhanced internal controls within the Organization and an increase in effectiveness and efficiency in such areas as procurement, control of assets, human resources and financial management were achieved through the implementation of ‧ per cent of the approximately ‧ critical audit recommendations issued by the Office of Internal Oversight Services to departments and offices calling for greater compliance with General Assembly directives, rules, regulations and procedures, including those relating to gender mainstreaming
zh a) 内部监督事务厅对各部厅发出了约 ‧ 项重要审计建议,要求它们更好地遵守大会指示、规则、条例和程序,包括那些有关将性别观点纳入主流的,这些建议中 ‧ %得到了执行,从而加强了联合国内部控制,并在采购、资产控制、人力资源和财务管理等方面提高了效益和效率。
en I remain convinced that the presence of UNOMIG remains critical for maintaining stability on the ground, advancing the peace process in the priority directions, and ultimately promoting a peaceful and comprehensive settlement of the conflict
zh 我依然深信,联格观察团的存在对于维持当地的稳定、推动和平进程在重点领域取得进展和最终促进冲突的全面和平解决仍然至关重要。
en With regard to criticism on the impact of the restructuring of the Ministry for Women and Social Development (MIMDES) on the implementation of plans and programmes, Peru indicated that statistics have demonstrated in fact that this has not had any direct impact
zh 关于针对妇女和社会事务部的机构重组对执行各项计划和方案的影响提出的批评,秘鲁表示,统计数字表明机构重组并未产生任何直接的影响。
en In commenting on the three Asian economies that had upgraded their technological capacities, the resource person identified the following factors as critical: (a) vision and commitment of government; (b) skills training; (c) attracting export-oriented foreign direct investment (FDI); (d) support for local industry (notably in the Republic of Korea and Taiwan Province of China); and (e) local technological efforts in terms of research and development (R&D
zh 在对已经提高其技术能力的 ‧ 个亚洲经济体作出评论时,该顾问认为以下的因素是关键的:(a) 政府的远见和承诺;(b) 技能培训;(c) 吸引以出口为导向的外国直接投资;(d) 支持本国工业(特别是在大韩民国和中国台湾省)以及(e) 在研究和开发方面的本国技术努力。
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