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en UNFPA continues to provide directed policy, advocacy and technical support at critical policy, programme and monitoring levels to ensure that urbanization is recognized as an important factor in development and that the potential of urban growth is realized
zh 人口基金继续在重要的政策、方案和监测各级提供指导性政策、宣传和技术支助,确保使人们认识到城市化是发展的一个重要因素,确保实现城市增长的潜力。
en uring the biennium ‧ the Office will continue: (a) facilitating and monitoring major international initiatives and programmes by development partners, as well as initiatives undertaken under the auspices of the United Nations, such as the United Nations Millennium Declaration and outcomes of major United Nations conferences and international agreements since ‧ (b) undertaking and overseeing special programmes, such as the African Development Forum and the Mutual Accountability process and Africa/OECD high-level policy forum; (c) playing a critical leadership and oversight role in terms of ECA support to the African Peer Review Mechanism and the overall NEPAD process; and (d) providing direction and policy orientation to sustain awareness of and policy support to address the impact on development of the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa
zh 在 ‧ 两年期期间,该办公室将继续:(a) 便利和监测发展合作伙伴提出的重大国际倡议和方案,以及在联合国主持下提出的倡议,如《联合国千年宣言》和自 ‧ 年以来联合国各重大专题会议和国际协定的结果;(b) 开展和监测诸如非洲发展论坛、相互问责进程以及非洲/经合发组织高级别政策论坛等专门方案;(c) 在非洲经委会支持非洲同侪审查机制和整个非洲发展新伙伴关系进程方面发挥关键领导作用和监测作用;以及(d) 提供指导和政策方向,以保持处理艾滋病毒/艾滋病流行病在非洲对发展影响的认识和政策支助。
en As a consequence, direct national action in the areas of health, education and job creation were critical for any successful anti-poverty policy
zh 因此,在卫生、教育和创造就业等领域国家直接采取行动对任何成功的扶贫政策都至关重要。
en Although government authorities promised to deliver direct front-line assistance to all hard-hit inaccessible areas, in particular Cuemba and Mussende, so far only minimal amounts have reportedly reached the most critically affected populations
zh 虽然政府当局答应直接运送前沿援助给所有受到严重影响的无法进入地区,特别是库因巴和穆森德,但是到目前为止,据报道送到受影响最严重的人口手中的数量极少。
en Pension reform in the direction of funded schemes, in particular, would play a critical role in ameliorating the fiscal pressures that arise from the demographic transition
zh 尤其是,朝着基金型计划方向的养恤金改革将在缓解由于人口转型所产生的财政压力方面发挥关键作用。
en Your able leadership and personal commitment, as well as your amiable nature and pleasant disposition, have contributed to your remarkable ability to build consensus and to steer the General Assembly in the right direction to achieve successful outcomes during a critical period
zh 你干练的领导和个人承诺,以及你和蔼可亲的性格,都构成了你出色的能力,使你能够以在这一关键时期建立协商一致和指导大会沿着正确方向取得良好成果。
en The watersheds of hillside waters on low mountains around the Sava River are critical, and so are the upper, higher sections of basins of the direct inflows to the Sava
zh 萨瓦河沿岸低势山坡水流域紧缺,直接流入萨瓦河的上游较高盆地部分也是如此。
en Contemporary developments which grant individuals direct access to international judicial bodies to assert claims against both foreign States and their State of nationality lend support to this criticism
zh 当代的发展使得个人可以直接向国际司法机构对外国和其国籍国提出赔偿要求,为这种批评提供了依据。
en On the negative side, we share the Secretary-General's criticism of Pristina and Belgrade for failing to effectively launch a direct dialogue
zh 在消极的方面,我们同秘书长一样批评普里什蒂纳和贝尔格莱德未能有效开始直接对话。
en The Government had been criticized by the European Commission for failing to provide definitions of direct and indirect harassment and to provide a definition of harassment based on a single act, rather than repeated acts
zh 由于没有对直接骚扰和间接骚扰的定义做出规定,也没有规定基于单次行为而非多次行为的骚扰的定义,政府曾受到欧洲委员会的批评。
en We firmly believe the two areas of critical concern for this year are important ones and pray that this gathering can help give insight, direction and inspiration to those who daily face gender inequality and conflict
zh 我们坚信,今年的两项重大关切领域是重要的,我们祈求此次聚会可帮助那些每天面临两性不平等和冲突的人获得识见、指导和灵感。
en The Council stresses the need to pay special attention to those critical issues that have direct bearing on efforts to enhance peace, stability and democratic governance in West African countries
zh 安理会强调指出,需要特别注意那些直接影响加强西非国家和平、稳定与民主施政努力的严重问题。
en It featured a public service announcement by Michael Douglas in his capacity as a United Nations Messenger of Peace (see para ‧ (c)), as well as frequently asked questions and a more direct response to open criticism of the Conference's objectives in the form of a “Setting the record straight”
zh 网站载有迈克尔·道格拉斯以联合国和平使者的身份发布的公益告示(见第 ‧ (c)段)以及常问问题,并以“澄清事实”的形式更直接地回应对大会目标提出的公开批评。
en I remain convinced that the presence of UNOMIG remains critical for maintaining stability on the ground, advancing the peace process in the priority directions, and ultimately promoting a peaceful and comprehensive settlement of the conflict
zh 我依然深信,联格观察团的存在对于维持当地的稳定、推动和平进程在重点领域取得进展和最终促进冲突的全面和平解决仍然至关重要。
en On behalf of the Security Council, I thank our guests, First Vice-President Ali Othman Taha and Mr. John Garang, for having accepted our invitation to come to New York for a direct and open discussion as key actors in the complex situation prevailing in the Republic of the Sudan at this critical stage of its development
zh 我代表安全理事会感谢我们的贵宾第一副总统阿里·奥斯曼·塔哈和约翰·加朗先生接受邀请来到纽约,参加一次直接和坦诚的讨论,在事态发展的这一重要阶段,他们是苏丹共和国当今复杂局势的关键行动者。
en As a United Nations founding Member State, Belarus insists that an adequate assessment be made of the military action and urges our Organization to reassert at this critical moment its direct responsibility for the maintenance of peace and the rule of law
zh 白俄罗斯作为联合国创始会员国,坚持要对军事行动作必要的评估,并敦促联合国在此危急时刻重新负起维持和平和法制的直接责任。
en Mr. Nair (Under-Secretary-General for Internal Oversight Services), introducing the report of the Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) for the period from ‧ uly ‧ to ‧ une ‧ ( ‧ ), said that the report had followed past practice: section II, on oversight results and assessments, highlighted OIOS recommendations of critical importance to the Organization and illustrated their effect (in terms of implementation rates, intended impact, expected and actual cost savings and recoveries), while section III, on future challenges and strategic initiatives, showed the intended direction of the work of OIOS in the coming year
zh air先生(主管内部监督事务副秘书长)介绍了内部监督事务厅(监督厅)关于 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日至 ‧ 年 ‧ 月 ‧ 日期间的报告( ‧ )。 他说,报告遵循了以往的做法:关于监督结果和评估的第二节重点讲述了监督厅提出的对本组织具有重要意义的建议,并讲述了这些建议的效力(在实施速度、预定影响、预计和实际费用节约、追回资源等方面);关于今后的挑战和战略举措的第三节则讲述了监督厅下一年的预定工作方向。
en The strategic military cell/crisis cell will continue to provide critical support, directed by a general officer who will routinely report to the Under-Secretary-General through the Military Adviser, with direct access to the Under-Secretary-General in the event of a crisis or other exigency
zh 战略军事单元危机处理小组在一名将级军官的领导下,提供关键支助。 他定期通过军事顾问向副秘书长报告,一旦发生危机或其他紧急状况,还可直接与副秘书长接触。
en Much of the criticism that has been directed at the Tribunal's operations has validity
zh 针对该法庭活动的大多数批评是有效的。
en It is critical that the international community should also deliver on long-standing commitments on debt-relief, market access for African exports, and foreign direct investment
zh 至关重要的是,国际社会还应履行在减免债务、非洲出口商品进入市场机会、以及外国直接投资等方面的长期承诺。
en The identification of critical business processes and the development of mitigation strategies to ensure continuity of operations will have a direct impact in the reduction of financial and reputation losses
zh 拟订重要业务程序,并制订减缓战略,以确保业务的连续性,这将对减少财务和声誉损失产生直接的影响。
en Some delegations expressed their concern about the direction of the Commission's work on the topic and also noted that the Special Rapporteur had not fully taken into account the constructive criticism made by Governments
zh 一些代表团对委员会在这个专题上的工作方向表示关注,还指出特别报告员没有充分考虑各国政府所作的建设性批评。
en The Vice-President identified two significant contributions of IFAD to the Summit: (a) direct investments in sustainable agriculture and rural development, taking into account IFAD's unique comparative advantage in terms of working in partnership with the rural poor in developing solutions to environmental and poverty issues and its capacity for mobilizing resources; and (b) serving as a catalyst for broader progress beyond the scope of IFAD projects and programmes, through the effective dissemination of its knowledge and lessons learned to other development partners; advocacy on issues critical to the rural poor; support for capacity-building of rural poor organizations to advocate on their behalf; and continuing vibrant partnerships with civil society, Governments and intergovernmental institutions
zh 副总裁指出,农业发展基金对首脑会议作出了两大贡献:(a) 对可持续农业和农村发展进行直接投资,考虑到农业发展基金在与农村贫穷人口一起努力、解决环境和贫穷问题的相对特殊优势和调动资源的能力;(b) 发挥促进作用,通过以下手段,在农业发展基金项目和方案范围之外取得更广泛的进展:将本基金的知识和经验有效地传播给其他发展伙伴;针对农村贫穷人口的重大问题进行宣传;支持农村贫穷人口组织的能力建设,为农村贫穷人口代言;继续与民间社会、政府和政府间组织保持充满生机的伙伴关系。
en In order to resolve the problems that exist, especially at this critical moment, nothing is more important than direct talks between the parties at the highest level
zh 尤其在此关键时刻,为解决存在的问题,没有比各方之间举行最高级别直接会谈更重要的事了。
en The Centre provided direct support to parliamentarians, contributed to increasing the participation of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in critical democratic processes and supported the strengthening of credible NGOs
zh 中心为议员们提供直接支助,使弱势群体和处于社会边缘的群体更多地参与重要的民主进程,支持和加强信誉可靠的非政府组织。
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