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en Deforestation deprives women in many parts of the world of a major source of firewood (the most important source of cooking fuel in much of the developing world), fodder for animals, supplementary food items, non-timber forest products used for seasonal income, medicinal herbs and many other subsistence items (Agarwal
zh 在世界许多地区,砍伐森林剥夺了妇女的主要烧柴来源(木柴在大部分发展中国家是最重要的烹饪燃料),剥夺了她们的动物饲料、补充食品项目、可带来季节性收入的非木材森林产品、草药及其他许多生活物品的来源(Agarwal ‧ 年)。
en Talas region has all the conditions for developing tourism, creating nature preserves and exploiting its medicinal herbs and raw materials
zh 塔拉斯区具有发展旅游业、建立自然保护区和开发药材和原料的所有条件。
en To qualify agro-nourishment education multipliers and increase communitarian vegetable garden projects, that allow the application of foods and alternative medicine, by phytotherapy and eatable herbs
zh 认可农业营养教育推广人员并增加公共菜园项目,以便能够推广有关食品和替代药品,利用植物疗法和可食用草本植物。
en The same story recurs in the case of cotton-growers in Burkina Faso and again in the case of indigenous cultivators of medicinal herbs in Brazil
zh 同样的事情发生在布基纳法索的棉花种植者和巴西本地的草药种植者身上。
en These services include not only the use of wood and non-wood resources, such as rubber, nuts, oils and essences, medicinal herbs, but also the conservation of such biodiversity through carbon storage in trees and by the balance of weather conditions and water cycles locally, regionally, and globally
zh 这些服务不仅包括木材和非木材资源的使用,例如橡胶、果仁、油和香料、药材,也包括通过树木碳素储存以及地方、区域和全球的天气情况和水循环平衡来养护这类生物多样性。
en Activities include producing dried fruits, raising medicinal herbs as a cash crop and making jewellery
zh 包括生产干果、种植药材作为经济作物,制作首饰等。
en Some of the markets and products being pursued include organic produce, medicinal plants and herbs, new types of juices, boxed and canned goods, spices, oils, crafts, music and rum
zh 开发的一些市场和产品包括有机农作物、药用植物和药、新型饮料、盒装和罐装产品、调味品、油、手工艺品、音乐和朗姆酒。
en A suggestion in this respect could be for developing countries to embark on an inventory of available unique products such as natural or fresh foods, teas, herbs and medicines which they could register as property and subsequently propose to large distributors
zh 在这方面,为发展中国家提出的一项建议是,着手盘点现有各项土特产品,如它们可以登记为财产并随后向大型销售商提议的天然或新鲜食品、茶、草本植物和药类。
en According to ancient traditional medicines all it is mind, the Yoga, the massages and the ayurvedic manual techniques, the use of medical herbs (lacking in collateral effects), act mostly on the equilibrium that it maintains and it restores the total health
zh 依照古老传统医学看,一切在于内心。 瑜伽、推拿和ayurvedic手工操作技术、利用医用药草(不会产生连带的副作用)都是主要通过维持身心平衡发挥作用,从而恢复整体健康。
en This complex includes a health-care clinic, two workshops preparing medicinal herbs and a store that sells them, a school with six classrooms, a community recreation area and canteen, offices and bathrooms, which were designed with the participation of the community itself
zh 该综合体包括一个保健诊所、两个配药作坊和一个药店、一所有六个教室的学校、一个社区娱乐场所和小卖部、办公室和浴室,这些都是在社区本身的参与下设计建造的。
en In Africa, cannabis herb production in ‧ was estimated at ‧ tons, of which ‧ tons were produced in South Africa
zh 非洲 ‧ 年的大麻药草产量估计为 ‧ 吨,其中 ‧ 吨产于南非。
en Cannabis herb: seizure trends in Africa and the Americas
zh 大麻药草 ‧ 年非洲和美洲的缉获趋势
en South Africa, which reported seizing the most cannabis herb than any country in Africa in ‧ and ‧ registered a sharp drop, from ‧ tons in ‧ to ‧ tons in
zh 南非报告的 ‧ 年和 ‧ 年大麻药草缉获量比非洲任何国家都多 ‧ 年从 ‧ 吨锐减至 ‧ 年的 ‧ 吨。
en The Mission was able to monitor the fresh growth of post-fire grass, herb and shrub vegetation
zh 评估团对火灾后重新生长的各种草本植物和灌木植被进行了观察。
en Cannabis resin production was far more geographically concentrated than cannabis herb production
zh 大麻脂生产的地理集中程度远远超过大麻药草生产。
en The latest estimates of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) indicate that approximately ‧ tons of cannabis herb were produced in ‧ which suggests a stabilization of cannabis production (see figure V
zh 联合国毒品和犯罪问题办事处(毒品和犯罪问题办事处)最近的估计显示 ‧ 年生产了约 ‧ 吨大麻药草,表明大麻产量保持稳定(见图五)。
en I don' t know any Herb.- You don' t, I do
zh 我 不?? 识 什 么 赫 卜- 你 不?? 识 , 我?? 识 啊
en The Americas have accounted for about ‧ per cent of global seizures of cannabis herb in recent years
zh 近年来美洲占全球大麻药缉获总量的约 ‧ %。
en Cannabis herb interdiction in Africa peaked at ‧ tons in ‧ driving the increase in the world total, but in ‧ and ‧ fell back to levels comparable to those before ‧ (see figure II
zh 受世界总量增长的推动 ‧ 年在非洲阻截的大麻药草达到 ‧ 吨的高峰,但 ‧ 年和 ‧ 年回落到 ‧ 年以前的水平(见图二)。
en In Morocco, a country traditionally associated with cannabis resin, seizures of cannabis herb more than quadrupled, from ‧ tons in ‧ to ‧ tons in
zh 摩洛哥在传统上是一个与大麻脂有关的国家,其大麻药草缉获量翻了两番,从 ‧ 年的 ‧ 吨增加到 ‧ 年的 ‧ 吨。
en Exceptions to this are cannabis herb exports: from Africa (mainly West and Southern Africa) to Western and Central Europe; from South-East Asia (mainly Thailand) and South-West Asia (mainly Pakistan) to Europe (mainly the Netherlands); from Central Asia to Eastern Europe (notably the Russian Federation); and from South America (mostly Colombia) to North America (mainly the United States
zh 大麻药草出口则属于例外:从非洲(主要是西非和南部非洲)到中西欧; 从东南亚(主要是泰国)和西南亚(主要是巴基斯坦)到欧洲(主要是荷兰); 从中亚到东欧(显著的是俄罗斯联邦);以及从南美(主要是哥伦比亚)到北美(主要是美国)。
en In ‧ the Americas accounted for ‧ per cent of global cannabis herb production, followed by Africa ( ‧ per cent), Asia ( ‧ per cent) and Europe ( ‧ per cent
zh 年,美洲占全球大麻药产量的 ‧ %,紧随其后的是非洲( ‧ %)、亚洲( ‧ %)和欧洲( ‧ %)。
en • Strengthening of traditional indigenous production, conservation and supply system of herbs, earths and waters with healing properties, linking with government policies on biodiversity and forestry
zh a 根据现代国际法,对于影响土著民族和部落人民的土地、领土、资源或权利的活动,一般必须获得自由的允许,在执行这些行动之前事先获得,并且是根据对受到该活动或决定是影响的全部问题的充分理解;因此称为:事先自由地、知情地同意。
en As for cannabis, seizures of cannabis herb had greatly increased in ‧ while seizures of cannabis resin had continued to be stable
zh 至于大麻 ‧ 年大麻草药缉获量有大幅度增加,而大麻树脂的缉量则继续保持稳定。
en Cocaine continued to be one of the most trafficked drugs in the world (second only to cannabis herb and cannabis resin), accounting for ‧ per cent of global drug seizures in
zh 可卡因继续是世界上贩运最多的药物之一(仅次于大麻药和大麻脂),占到 ‧ 年全球药物缉获量的 ‧ %。
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