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en At the Kaa border crossing, the border turns south climbing into the mountain ridge of the Anti-Lebanon
zh 在Kaa过境点,边界转向南面,进入前黎巴嫩山山脉。
en Plans are under way to undertake another large-scale project, to study the entire Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the world's largest mountain range, albeit underwater, spanning the whole Atlantic Ocean
zh 正在计划进行的另一个大型项目是研究整个大西洋中部海脊,这是世界上最大的山脉,尽管它位于水下并跨越整个大西洋。
en The Palestinian stronghold is located around the mountain ridge of Er Rouss overlooking the Békaa Valley
zh 巴勒斯坦人的堡垒位于俯瞰Békaa谷的Er Rouss山脊附近。
en It took place on a narrow road, along a mountain ridge, which could be viewed clearly from the area surrounding and opposite the crime scene
zh 袭击发生一条建造在山脊上的狭窄公路上,从四周和案发现场的对面可以清楚地看到公路。
en This is roughly one third of the size of Belgium. Kosovo is a geographical basin, situated at an altitude of about ‧ metres, surrounded by mountains, and divided by a central north/south ridge into two subregions of roughly equal size and population
zh 在地形上,科索沃是个盆地国家,海拔在 ‧ 米左右,四面群山环抱,在中心地带有一条南北走向的山脊,将其划分为面积和人口比重几乎相等的两个次区域。
en In short, life is being made increasingly difficult for residents in the Jordan Valley and neighbouring mountain ridges
zh 总之,约旦河流域和周围山区的居民的生活被搞得越来越艰难。
en Israel's plans for the Jordan Valley or Eastern Strip, comprising the territory along the Jordan Valley and the eastern slopes of the neighbouring mountain ridges, with a population of ‧ alestinians and ‧ settlers in ‧ settlements, are not clear
zh 以色列对约旦河流域或东部地带的计划涵盖沿约旦河流域以及邻近山脉东坡的领土,当地有 ‧ 巴勒斯坦人,及居住在 ‧ 个定居点的 ‧ 名定居者,但这一计划的内容不详。
en Moshe Brava, a geographer, had said that both old and new checkpoints were actually located very close to the eastern edge of the Green Line in the Latrun area, on the eastern ridge of the pre ‧ no man's land
zh 地理学家Moshe Brava说,新老检查点实际上都很靠近Latrun地区绿线东端,位于 ‧ 年前无人之地的东脊。
en The purpose may have been either to feel out the Soviet strength in the area or to seize the strategically important territory on the ridge overlooking the line of communication to Vladivostok and the Maritime Province
zh 目的可能是探听在该地区的苏军实力或夺取战略要地,以俯视通往符拉迪沃斯托克和滨海省的交通线
en Given the trans-border nature of mountainous regions, regional cooperation- along the lines of the Alpine Convention- was an important tool for sustainable development, and should be linked with relevant multilateral mechanisms
zh 根据《阿尔卑斯山公约》,鉴于山区区域的越界特性,区域合作是实现可持续发展的重要手段,应当与有关的多边机制相挂钩。
en As stated in Uganda's earlier response, customs surveillance at the border line with the DRC is difficult because of lack of effective state control on the DRC side and lack of adequate capacity by the Ugandan customs to monitor the ‧ km border dominated by rough terrain, mountains and big lakes
zh 正如乌干达在早先的答复中所指出,由于刚果民主共和国方面没有进行有效的国家管制,且乌干达海关没有足够能力对地势险峻、布满高山大湖的 ‧ 公里边境线进行监测,因此要对与刚果民主共和国接壤的边境线进行海关监测是很困难的。
en This afternoon (local time), a cadre of Hizbullah terrorists crossed the Blue Line with the apparent intention of placing explosive charges in Israeli territory near the Har Dov mountain area
zh 今天下午(当地时间),一组真主党恐怖分子越过蓝线,显然欲在多夫山区附近的以色列领土内安置爆炸物。
en But when the geology of the Green Mountains was studied, it was seen that there were geological fault lines, which meant that all the rain would wash down to the sea and there would not be enough underground water to develop the area
zh 但是,在调查绿山山区的地质情况时,发现那里有地质断层线,这意味着所有的雨水将全部流向大海,因此就没有足够的地下水来发展该地区。
en High-resolution satellite imagery shows that the fires have affected extensive areas along the about ‧ km of the line of contact that runs from the Iranian border in the south to the region of Terter in the north (thereafter it turns to the west and joins a mountainous region
zh 高清晰卫星成像显示,火灾影响到了接触线南起伊朗边境北至特特尔区约 ‧ 公里周围的大片地区(大火从特特尔区向西蔓延进入山区)。
en Cross-line land transport has been possible from Kadugli in the Nuba Mountains to Karkar and the surrounding villages in SPLA-controlled areas with a significant cost-saving
zh 从在努巴山的卡杜格利到在苏丹人民解放军控制区的卡尔卡尔和周围村庄已有联线陆运,因而节省很多费用。
en The Taliban established a new front line some ‧ kilometres north of Kabul, running from the “old Kabul road” north of Qarah Bagh, traversing Bagram airbase and the Kohi Safi Mountains, to a point in the vicinity of Nijrab
zh 塔利班在喀布尔北部约 ‧ 公里处建立了新的前线,从Qarah Bagh北部的“喀布尔旧路”穿过Bagram空军基地和Kohi Safi山岭到Nijrab附近的一个地点。
en Thus, it is now possible to state that a review and analysis of recent evidence can provide the basis for a provisional definition of the geographical extent of the Shab'a Farms area as follows: starting from the turning point of the ‧ rench line located just south of the village of El Majidiye; from there continuing south-east along the ‧ oughr Shab'a-Shab'a boundary until reaching the thalweg of the Wadi al-Aasal; thence following the thalweg of the wadi north-east until reaching the crest of the mountain north of the former hamlet Mazraat Barakhta and reconnecting with the ‧ line
zh 因此,根据对最新证据所做的审查与分析,现可以将沙巴阿农场的地理范围初步确定为:以El Majidiye村正南的 ‧ 年法国线(French line)的转折点为起点,从此处沿着 ‧ 年的Moughr Shab'a村和沙巴阿村村界向东南方向划线,直至到达al Aassal山谷谷底;之后沿谷底向东北方向划线,直至到达前Mazraat Barakhta村以北的山顶,与 ‧ 年线重新连接起来。
en Interaction among members on the development of this topic is under way on the collaborative workspace “Discussion on-line”, on the Mountain Partnership website
zh 各成员正在山区伙伴关系网站上的协作工作区“在线讨论”就这一专题的发展进行互动。
en The request indicates the following as impeding circumstances: (a) the size of the initial mine problem and need for State funds for general reconstruction of Croatia's infrastructure after the war; (b) Croatia's minefields were not planted in accordance with principles and standard procedures (marking system and keeping minefield records); (c) Croatian minefields are uneven and cluttered with obstacles due to the nature of the terrain (mountains, rocky terrains, river banks were used as confrontation lines during the war operations); (d) There is heavy vegetation in many suspected areas; and, (e) UXO destruction is an integral part of the effort to address the problems caused by the totality of explosive remnants of war and thus mine situation and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) also requires funding and capacities
zh 请求中指出以下阻碍因素:(a) 最初的地雷问题过于严重以及国家资金需要用于克罗地亚战后基础设施的重建;(b) 克罗地亚雷场未按照原则和标准程序布设(标示系统以及保持雷区记录);(c) 由于地形特点(在战争期间,山地、岩石地带和河岸被用作对抗前线),克罗地亚的雷场分布不均,且有种种障碍;(d) 在许多怀疑埋有地雷的地区,植被茂密;(e) 销毁未爆炸弹药是解决所有战争遗留爆炸物所造成问题的努力的一个组成部分,因此地雷问题以及爆炸性弹药处理也需要资金和能力。
en Despite increased recognition of mountain issues and tangible results, significant constraints remain to alleviating poverty, averting environmental degradation and attaining sustainable development in mountain regions in line with the Millennium Development Goals
zh 虽然人们对山区问题的认识有了提高,并取得了可见成果,但在按照《千年发展目标》实现减贫、防止环境退化和实现山区可持续发展方面,目前仍面临重大制约。
en Telegraph lines were cut; roads through strategic mountain passes were seized; hundreds of Ottoman officials were attacked, particularly recruiting officers, throughout the east; outlying villages were assaulted
zh 电话线被切断;通往山区战略性通道的公路被占据;数百名奥托曼官员受到攻击,特别是整个东部的募兵官;外围的村庄被攻击。
en [Adaptation should encompass only action to respond to the adverse effects of climate change [in all developing countries, particularly low-lying and other small island countries, countries with low-lying coastal, arid and semi-arid areas or areas liable to floods, drought and desertification, and developing countries with fragile mountainous ecosystems that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change] [Priority should be given to vulnerable groups and vulnerable sectors based on national circumstances in developing countries as informed by the best available science, and based on scientific and traditional knowledge, as appropriate, and environmentally sound, economically efficient, and socially acceptable development, and that promotes on-the-ground results in line with environmentally, economically and socially sound development]. ]
zh [[适应应当只包括应对气候变化不利影响的行动][在所有发展中国家,特别是地势低洼国家和其他小岛屿国家、拥有低洼沿海地区、干旱和半干旱地区或易受洪水、干旱和荒漠化影响地区的国家以及具有脆弱的山区生态系统特别容易受到气候变化不利影响的发展中国家。] [应当给予脆弱群体和脆弱部门优先地位,依据最佳可得科学信息所表明的发展中国家的国情,酌情根据科学和传统知识,并依据无害环境、经济高效和社会可接受的发展,而且促进符合环境、经济和社会健康发展的实际效果]。]
en The assessment, which considers mountain ecosystems from the upper tree line upwards, will enhance the knowledge base and identify gaps for future research
zh 这项评估工作将讨论上层森林线以上的山区生态系统,将能够提高知识水平和确定供将来研究的知识缺口。
en Some ‧ per cent of mountain people live below the poverty line
zh 约 ‧ %的山民生活在贫困线以下。
en In ‧ the Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources brought together member organizations and experts to analyse successful case studies and discuss priority lines of work for the conservation and sustainable development of Mediterranean mountains
zh 年,国际自然及自然资源保护联盟地中海合作中心汇集各成员组织和专家,分析成功的个案和讨论地中海山区的养护和可持续发展的优先工作领域。
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